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IBPS Question Papers 2014

IBPS covers different topics such as aptitude, reasoning, computer, English & current affairs in IBPS Question Papers 2014 according to IBPS syllabus (Clerk/ PO post). On this page, we are providing IBPS Sample Question Paper PDF for preparation of applicants.
  • IBPS concerns for making question papers depends on logical questions, some typical aptitude questions, day to day issues of Indian community, English vocabulary, antonyms, sentences, comprehensions and famous technologies in computer.
  • In which, quantitative aptitude & reasoning are time taken subjects, but candidates get extra marks with these.
  • Mostly applicants are stressing about time management of exam. Candidates who know the shortcut techniques and updating with current news, they handle their time properly in the IBPS exam.
  • It is much needed that candidates should make a strategy for saving time & solve all questions with accuracy.
  • It is the main success key of IBPS exam.
So before 6 months preparation should be start, it is correct time for it, if you want to get success in the exam. These previous year question sample papers give a way to understand the exam pattern & level of questions.

10 most commonly asked questions in IBPS

Here, we give some examples of questions of IBPS Exam sample papers PDF below:

1) Factor which decides the climate of a place:

(A) Latitudes
(B) Distance from the sea
(C) Rotation of the earth
(D) Longitude

Ans. A

2) Ozone layer above the earth is between

(A) 10 and 15 km.
(B) 50 and 80 km
(C) 80 and 110km
(D) 15 and 50km.

Ans. D

3) Photon is the smallest molecule of

(A) Sound
(B) Atom
(C) Water
(D) Light

Ans. D

4) A gas used for artificial ripening of a given fruit:

(A) Ethane
(B) Ethylene
(C) Carbondioxide
(D) Acetylene

Ans. B

5) In our constitution Education is included in the

(A) State list
(B) Local list
(C) Central list
(D) Concurrent list

Ans. A

6) The tax the Gramapanchayats are not allowed to collect

(A) Profesion tax
(B) Entertainment tax
(C) Income tax
(D) Building tax

Ans. C

7) The smallest form of animal life:


Ans. A

8) The creature which has the shortest life - span:

(A)House -fly

Ans. B

9) The highest Science award in India

(A) Bhabha award
(B) C.V. Raman award
(C) S.S. Bhatnagar award
(D) Chanakya award

Ans. C

10) 40% of 2500 is:

(A) 1000
(B) 1250
(C) 800
(D) 1200

Ans. A

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