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KEAM Answer Key 2012 ( Paper 1 & 2 cut off marks, Solutions 2012 )


KEAM Answer Key 2012 :-KEAM is an Entrance exam that is to be conducts for admission to MEDICAL, AGRICULTURE, VETERINARY, ENGINEERING and ARCHITECTURE DEGREE COURSES in Kerala. The KEAM entrance exam 2012 will be held from 23rd April 2012 to 26th April 2012. The KEAM Answer Key 2012 is likely to be published after the examination at Kerala Entrance examination commissioner online website www.cee-kerala.org

The KEAM answer key 2012 for Paper 1 & 2 also will be published at Kerala Entrance examination commissioner online website or lots of coaching centers websites. The KEAM 2012 cut off marks and solutions 2012 also will be published at Kerala Entrance examination commissioner online website after the examination. The candidates can download their KEAM answer key 2012 at given below link here soon as the answer key will be published.

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Download Answer Key - KEAM Answer key 2012
Keam Medical Answer Key 2012
Keam Math Answer Key 2012

Keam Biology Answer Key 2012

KEAM Results 2012 ( Medical & Engineering CEE Kerala Result 2012 )

Kerala CEE 2012 Results | KEAM 2012 Result @www.cee-kerala.org

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  1. Kerala Engineering entrance exam2012 Paper1 answer key

    1. itmay publish after all exam

      Qn. No. A1 A2 A3 A4 Qn. No. A1 A2 A3 A4
      1 B B B C 61 A A NA B
      2 C A A D 62 A B B A
      3 A D E B 63 E D C E
      4 D D C A 64 C A E C
      5 B E D B 65 D E D D
      6 A C B D 66 C B B B
      7 C A E E 67 E C NA E
      8 A B A A 68 D A E A
      9 B D D A 69 B E C D
      10 D D B E 70 B D E B
      11 A NA A C 71 E E B A
      12 E B E D 72 C C A E
      13 B C C C 73 E E C B
      14 C E D E 74 B D D A
      15 A D B D 75 C C B D
      16 E B A B 76 C D C A
      17 D NA B B 77 E B E D
      18 E E D E 78 E A C C
      19 C C E C 79 A A A D
      20 B E A B 80 E E E A
      21 A B A C 81 D A C B
      22 D A E A 82 C B D C
      23 D B C D 83 D C B D
      24 E A D B 84 B E A E
      25 C E C A 85 A C D A
      26 A C E C 86 A D A B
      27 B D D A 87 E B D C
      28 D B B B 88 A C C B
      29 D E B D 89 B E D E
      30 NA A E A 90 C C A A
      31 B D C E 91 E A B D
      32 C B B B 92 C E C E
      33 E A C C 93 D C D B
      34 D E A A 94 B D E C
      35 B C D E 95 C B A C
      36 NA D B D 96 E A B E
      37 E B A E 97 C D C E
      38 C A C C 98 A A B A
      39 E B A B 99 E D E E
      40 B D B A 100 C C A D
      41 A E D D 101 D D D C
      42 B A A D 102 B A E D
      43 A A E E 103 A B B B
      44 E E B C 104 D C C A
      45 C C C A 105 A D C A
      46 D D A B 106 D E E E
      47 B C E D 107 C A E A
      48 E E D D 108 D B A B
      49 A D E NA 109 A C E C
      50 D B C B 110 B B D E
      51 B B B C 111 C E C C
      52 A E A E 112 D A D D
      53 E C D D 113 E D B B
      54 C B D B 114 A E A C
      55 D C E NA 115 B B A E
      56 B A C E 116 C C E C
      57 A D A C 117 B C A A
      58 B B B E 118 E E B E
      59 D A D B 119 A E C C
      60 E C D A 120 D A E D

  2. answer key of Keam egineering paper1

    1. it is already published

  3. search in "brilliant pala"

  4. where is keam paper 2 answer key?

  5. where is the answer key for medical paper1

  6. where is medical answer key for paper1

  7. i want medical answers for paper 1

  8. where is med answer key for paper 1?

  9. where is medical paper 1 answer key?

  10. i want answer key of entrance engineering paper 1 &paper2


  12. where can i get key for medical papper 2

  13. I want answer key of medical

  14. what will be my rank for a score of 305 for engg.

  15. can everyone post their scores it will help us to understand the rank we will be getting.
    i am getting 800 in engineeering

  16. In the chemistry question paper (version 2) of the KEAM 2012 Question number 104 has three correct answers:
    A thermoplastic among the following is:
    A. Bakelite
    B. Polystyrene
    C. Terylene
    D. Urea formaldehyde resin
    E. Nylon
    Options B,C, and E are correct answers to the question. which one should I have answered?

  17. In paper 1 (Physics and Chemistry) version A4 of kerala engg entrance exam, the answer to question 14 is given officially as B. But the correct answer is D. All agencies other than CEE gave D as answer to the question 14. Home come that CEE, Kerala went wrong here? Will they consider this well finalizing the key?

  18. Medical answer key please....

  19. Sir, I got 119 marks in KEAM engineering 2012 and 216 marks in KEAM medical entrance 2012. What will be the courses that I will get to study? Please reply.

    1. It will be difficult for you to get any course unless you have some reservation. I were better if you just concentrate on one rather than writing both of them.

    2. i got 185 marks in kerala engineering entrance exam 2012 and have 84% marks in +2 qualifying exam(state syllabus) ......can somebody predict my rank???

  20. Hi I scored 162.3109 in my kerala engineering entrance 2012. I just wants to know the cut off marks and suppose if i am eligible, what all courses am I supposed to get? I just need a detailed information regarding all this but firstly i need to know the cut off marks...
    please do comment for my query...my email_id is style.star12@gmail.com

  21. i hv 210 marks in keam(engineering) 2012. will i get a nice college.pls comment.

  22. I got 162.3109 marks in Kerala engineering entrance examination. I just wants to know whether I'll get admission in any of the top colleges in kerala? and wants to know in which colleges i can get admission? please provide me with detailed information..
    please sir, help me, will I get admission in good college in kerala..
    Please email me at my id: style.star12@gmail.com or


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