UGC NET Objective Type Exam Pattern 2016 Questions and Answers


UGC NET Objective Type Exam Pattern 

UCG has released a notification for UCG NET Objective Type Exam Pattern 2016 and the exam will conduct in the month of June.

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This time UCG has changed its pattern of objective type examination. No negative marking will be done. If aspirants are in need of the details related to the Objective type examination pattern then it is the right place where you can find all the latest updates.

The UCG NET exam will conduct in the month of June. Interested candidates may start their preparations to crack the paper.

Here is a quick view related to the updates of paper pattern and types of questions which would be asked in UCG NET exam.
UGC NET Exam Pattern

Number of Questions
60 out of which 50 questions are to be attempted
50x2 = 100
1¼ Hours (09.30 a.m. to 10.45 a.m.)
50 questions all of which are compulsory
50x2 = 100
1¼ Hours (10.45 a.m. to 12.00 Noon.)
75 questions all of which are compulsory
75x2 = 150
2½ Hours (01.30 p.m. to 04.00 p.m.)

Minimum Marks (%) to be obtained
Paper – I
Paper – II
Paper– III
75 (50 %)
OBC (Non-creamy layer)
67.5 (45 %) rounded off to 68
60 (40 %)

We are providing some of the questions which will help you to know about which type of paper will come in examination.  

1. Who among the following regarded Buddhism as a moral and tolerant alternative to Marxism ?

 (A) Ram Mohan Roy
 (B) Vivekananda
 (C) B.R. Ambedkar
 (D) M.N. Roy

2. Who differentiated between antagonistic and non-antagonistic contradictions ?

 (A) Marx
 (B) Lenin
 (C) Mao
 (D) M.N. Roy
Ans. B

3. What is not the advantage of SEZ ?

 (A) Improvement of infrastructure in the hinterland.
 (B) Diversion of large tracts of farm land.
 (C) Attracting foreign investment.
 (D) All of the above.
Ans. C

4. Which of the following is a WTO procedure to promote globalisation ?

 (A) Promotion of free trade.
 (B) Reduction of budgetary subsidies.
 (C) Reduction in shipping costs.
 (D) Promotion of foreign portfolio investment.
Ans. C

5. Which deities are not referred to in the Rig-veda ?

 (A) the gods of natural phenomena like Indra, Agni, Varuna and Mitra.
 (B) the goddesses like Ushas and Aditi.
 (C) the semi-divine deities such as gandharvas, apsaras and pishachas.
 (D) Ganesha and Karttikeya
Ans. A

6. The 5th pillar edict says that Ashoka made some living creatures such as parrots, fish, ants, tortoises, etc, inviolable. After which consecration year was it ordered ?

 (A) 20th year
 (B) 26th year
 (C) 30th year
 (D) 15th year
Ans. A

7. “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” was adopted by U.N.O. on

 (A) 24th Oct. 1945
 (B) 10th Dec. 1948
 (C) 25th Sept. 1951
 (D) 30 July 1970
Ans. A

8. Lakshadweep is a

 (A) Islet
 (B) Island
 (C) Continent
 (D) Capital of a state
Ans. D
9. Working memory involves which of the following ?

 (A) Storage capacity and Biographical information
 (B) Semantic information and Processing capacity
 (C) Storage capacity and Processing capacity
 (D) Biographical information and Semantic information
Ans. A

10. Out of the following, who has not explained intelligence as having more than one component at higher order level ?

 (A) Cattell
 (B) Guilford
 (C) Jensen
 (D) Thurston
Ans. C


  1. abe ye aplicaion form kyu ni mil raha hi

  2. I Qualified UGC NET Exam june 2010, and i wrote UGC NET in 2012 June for JRF... i was shocked when i saw third paper of NET... It was very very simple comparatively prescriptive type average level PG holders can easily qualified this objective mode test... It is surely that this pattern of NET exam will reduce the Quality of Higher education.... i think 50-60 percent of attended candidate will pass in this exam, if UGC follow the presently declared passing criteria... It was very cheating to other candidates those who passed through descriptive type exam... Because both are very different in the standard level of the test..... i am sure that i will get UGC JRF in this time..... SO UGC have taken an immediate action on this matter by modifying the passing criteria or any other form.....


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