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Computer Exam Preparation Tips, Strategies & Tricks For Written Exam


Computer Exam Preparation Tips

Now a day’s many of the exams are there which are taken on computer and thus they are called computer based exams here in this article we will guide you with computer exam preparation tips, hence those exams can be named as online exams or is being taken at some college or in the computer rooms where number of computers are available.
Computer Exam Preparation Tips
Here in this article, we will be guiding you with the Strategies & Tricks for Written Exam also and this will make you learn how to take computer based exam before taking the computer based exam especially if you have little knowledge about operating computer.

Computer Exam Preparation Tips 

Whenever any student or any candidate is going to appear for Written Exams  then for that they require a tactics  means a proper planning with a right strategy  and when with the strategy if efforts get added then they can get and grab a high score and ranking too.

Strategies & Tricks For Written Exam & Computer Exam Preparation

 Now every exam is being taken through computer like as MCQs and it is seen in every level and if there is any essay question in English subject then the box is being mentioned below where we can write essay by the help of keyboard.

Time Management

When you are doing any preparation then the amount of time you are spending on it with all your strategies which are being used in computer based exam is must. Make sure when you are doing any practicing of solved papers then you should allot your time accordingly and thus this is essential for a successful study. And while studying, make sure that you are giving a proper allotment and time to your every subject as in this way you will get a good result in your hands at the end.

Computer Based Testing

It is very important to go for new type of testing and that is computer based testing, hence this is important because in this way you will get the testing format, also candidates need to stay tech savvy for giving the online papers, and every year it is seen the new change & new exam pattern which results in the new technique of technology.

Preparation Plan

Students doing preparation for any exam, we suggest them to divide sections of paper pattern like bas English language, reasoning, computer knowledge, general awareness etc. divide the time to all the subjects and make preparation plan so that each section gets complete within the time frame before the exam date.

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Sectional Weightage

When we go for different exam papers then there are many subjects to get appear and thus we get struck in few subjects as everybody is not perfect in all subjects of study.  We might be good few subjects and might be weak in few so to get stronger and to get good hands in all of the subject6s you need to go for a good strategy by analyzing all points which pulls and push us down and thus it will result in improving our knowledge and a perfect plus solid base in the end.

Daily Mock Test

If you want to acquire good marks in all subjects then we will suggest you to go for mock test classes or you can do it by yourself if you have good confidence. As for the accuracy and speed in mathematics and reasoning, you need to practice mock test as on a daily note and in this way you will result in your clear concepts.

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Go Digital, Be Tech-Savvy:

In this tech savvy world, you need to stay up to date with all the technology which is being used in work, and we are suggesting you not because you would be going to appear for exam but because you have to work in that latest digital technology atmosphere. In past few exams we have seen that many talent people get flunk just because of no knowledge about online test format.

Divide Time 

Students who will be appearing or has appeared it is little advice to them that they should divide the time as per the section vise as per their weaknesses and strengths and on which section you think that you need to give priority or which section is most important to do first.

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Students who will be appearing any exam need to have a good concentration in order to maintain accuracy at the time of exam. And for this you need a good revision and the good techniques for the calculation and reasoning answers.


Leaving paper because of less time is very painful for one who has done very good preparation for the exam, but when it comes to speed then nobody is ready to compromise because paper get left just because of less speed so in order to stay speedy, you need to maintain your speed in the starting from the start of paper itself.

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Spare some time for revision on the topics which you feel that they are most needed for you and are very important to you. And there would be some answers which you think that you will forget. So revision is the best advice in this case, as it is seen and also you must have observed in your college days that thorough revision brings a new learning in any of your subject.

Subject wise preparation

Make a revision and a schedule for every subject to prepare it. And in this we would suggest you to go for those subjects where you see or find yourself very weak, prepare a timetable accordingly or either you can go for a coaching for those subjects.

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By all the guidance discussed above you will be able to give computer based online exams. Also by making proper time table and  schedule you will be get through the paper and with no difficulty.

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