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How To Prepare For Maths Exam | ALL Steps To make Easy Mathematics


How To Prepare For Maths Exam

Maths is not a Dull and Dry subject, so why don’t you prefer to give it a try?? No Worry! Read here How To Prepare For Maths Exam, just by going well through this page you’ll get ALL Steps To make Easy Mathematics. Basically on below section we made available few effective tricks and tips for you to Prepare well For Maths Exam. To study Maths one requires concentration most importantly, then understanding and analytical skills.  Few amongst many have are god gifted that they are so good in mathematics, but we have concern for those who are not good at all in maths, including me….

How To Prepare For Maths Exam
Guys! Practice is a key required to pass mathematic examination, and you can improve your skill to solve math problem by hard working, daily practice and good understanding.  Our expert team Privatejobshub.in tried well to provide you some tips and tricks to solve maths problem and prepare for maths exam.

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How To Prepare For Maths Exam

  • Basically this paper requires good concentration power that everyone must have to develop.
  • As we know mathematics is based on basic concepts, so everyone’s basic concepts should be clear.
  • It is the subject of calculation so first of all you must have to strong your calculation which includes addition, division, subtraction, percentage, multiplication, tables etc.
  • Table plays a very important role to solve math problems quickly so you must have learnt tables as much as you can (2 to 20).
  • It is practice base paper, as much you practice it as soon you will be comfortable with this subject.
  • Make a time table & follow it sincerely.
  • You need to give more time to mathematics then others (in case of weak).
  • Just remember maths question provide full marks as per steps so try to solve step by step.
  • Every question has some trick or base on any formula just you need to understand that.

As we know mathematics has huge number of formulas and it is not easy to remember it. So you can remember them by practicing questions based on them. Just solve few ques. per day and then revise the used formulas on next.  

We all know that it is the only subject that provides full marks so your target should be achieved full marks (100%).
ALL Steps To make Easy Mathematics

How To Prepare For Maths Exam
# Adding large numbers

Adding large numbers just in your head can be difficult. This method shows how to simplify this process by making all the numbers a multiple of 10. Here is an example:
644 + 238
  • While these numbers are hard to contend with, rounding them up will make them more manageable. So, 644 becomes 650 and 238 becomes 240.
  • Now, add 650 and 240 together. The total is 890. To find the answer to the original equation, it must be determined how much we added to the numbers to round them up.
650 – 644 = 6 and 240 – 238 = 2
Now, add 6 and 2 together for a total of 8
  • To find the answer to the original equation, 8 must be subtracted from the 890.
890 – 8 = 882
So the answer to 644 +238 is 882.

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# Multiplying 5 times any number

When multiplying the number 5 by an even number, there is a quick way to find the answer.
For example, 5 x 4 =
  • Step 1: Take the number being multiplied by 5 and cut it in half, this makes the number 4 become the number 2.
  • Step 2: Add a zero to the number to find the answer. In this case, the answer is 20.
5 x 4 = 20
When multiplying an odd number times 5, the formula is a bit different.
For instance, consider 5 x 3.
  • Step 1: Subtract one from the number being multiplied by 5, in this instance the number 3 becomes the number 2.
  • Step 2: Now halve the number 2, which makes it the number 1. Make 5 the last digit. The number produced is 15, which is the answer.
5 x 3 = 15
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# Division tricks

Here’s a quick way to know when a number can be evenly divided by these certain numbers:
  • 10 if the number ends in 0
  • 9 when the digits are added together and the total is evenly divisible by 9
  • 8 if the last three digits are evenly divisible by 8 or are 000
  • 6 if it is an even number and when the digits are added together the answer is evenly divisible by 3
  • 5 if it ends in a 0 or 5
  • 4 if it ends in 00 or a two digit number that is evenly divisible by 4
  • 3 when the digits are added together and the result is evenly divisible by the number 3
  • 2 if it ends in 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8
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#10 and 11 times tricks
  • The trick to multiplying any number by 10 is to add a zero to the end of the number. For example,  62 x 10 = 620.
  • There is also an easy trick for multiplying any two-digit number by 11. Here it is:
  • 11 x 25
  • Take the original two-digit number and put a space between the digits. In this example, that number is 25.
  • 2_5
  • Now add those two numbers together and put the result in the center:
         2_(2 + 5)_5
         The answer to 11 x 25 is 275.
  • If the numbers in the center add up to a number with two digits, insert the second number and add 1 to the first one. Here is an example for the equation 11 x 88
        8_(8 +8)_8
         (8 + 1)_6_8
There is the answer to 11 x 88: 968

# Percentage

Finding a percentage of a number can be somewhat tricky, but thinking about it in the right terms makes it much easier to understand. For instance, to find out what 5% of 235 is, follow this method:
  • Step 1: Move the decimal point over by one place, 235 becomes 23.5.
  • Step 2: Divide 23.5 by the number 2, the answer is 11.75. That is also the answer to the original equation.
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# Quickly square a two-digit number that ends in 5

Let’s use the number 35 as an example.
  • Step 1: Multiply the first digit by itself plus 1.
  • Step 2: Put a 25 at the end.
35 squared = [3 x (3 + 1)] & 25
[3 x (3 + 1)] = 12
12 & 25 = 1225
35 squared = 1225

#Tough multiplication

When multiplying large numbers, if one of the numbers is even, divide the first number in half, and then double the second number. This method will solve the problem quickly. For instance, consider
20 x 120
  • Step 1: Divide the 20 by 2, which equals 10. Double 120, which equals 240
  • Then multiply your two answers together.
10 x 240 = 2400
The answer to 20 x 120 is 2,400.

# Multiplying numbers that end in zero

Multiplying numbers that end in zero is actually quite simple. It involves multiplying the other numbers together and then adding the zeros at the end. For instance, consider:
200 x 400
  • Step 1: Multiply the 2 times the 4
  • 2 x 4 = 8
  • Step 2: Put all four of the zeros after the 8
200 x 400= 80,000

Tips and tricks for mathematics
  • Carefully read the question, hints will be there for you to solve it.
  • Make sure that you got what is asked in question.
  • Solve the ques. step by step which provides full marks and easy to recheck.
  • Make the presentation of your solution as clear & comprehensible as possible.
  • It is good prove your answer which provides extra benefit to you.
  • You must check your answer especially calculation entries.
  • If you get stuck on a problem than move to the next and come again later.
  • Your calculation must be strong it saves you time.
  • Give time to the question according to marks.
We all know… “Practice Makes a Man Perfect” So Why we don’t stop wasting our time and start now practicing this paper as much as you can which help you to remember formulas and will increase interest in Mathematics…

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