Reasoning Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams 2016


Reasoning Questions and Answers

Welcome here in this section you can check out your Reasoning skills to appear for any competition test. Here we are providing you Reasoning Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams 2016 which are seems to have maximum probability in reasoning exam. So go through these 10 questions and increase your chance to clear the exam.
Reasoning Questions and Answers

Reasoning Questions and Answers

Q - 1. In a certain code HOUSE is written as FTVPI, how is CHAIR written in that code?


Ans: (D)

Q - 2. How many meaningful words can be made from the letters AEHT, using each letter only once?

A. None
B. One
C. Two
D. Three

Ans: (C)

Q - 3. In the following question one term in the number series is wrong. Find out the wrong term.
8,   14,   26,   48,   98,   194,   386

A. 14
B. 48
C. 98
D. 194

Ans: (B)

Q -4. A long rope has to be cut to make 23 small pieces. If it is double folded to start with how many times does it need to be cut?
A. 9
B. 23
C. 11
D. 12

Ans: (C)

Q - 5. Introducing a boy, a girl said, "He is the son of the daughter of the father of my uncle." How is the boy related to the girl?

A. Brother
B.  Nephew
C. Uncle
D. Son-in-law

Ans: (A)

Q - 6. If the digits of the number 5726489 are arranged in ascending order, how many digits will remain at the same position?

A. None
B. One
C. Two
D. Three

Ans: (D)

Q - 7. If blue means pink, pink means green, green means yellow, yellow means red and red means white then what is the color of turmeric?

A. green
B. yellow
C. red
D. pink

Ans: (C)

Q - 8. 120, 99, 80, 63, 48, ?

A. 35
B. 38
C. 39
D. 40

Ans: (A)

Q - 9. Mara runs faster than Gail.
Lily runs faster than Mara.
Gail runs faster than Lily.

If the first two statements are true, the third statement is

A. true
B. false
C. uncertain

Ans: (B)

Q - 10. The total of the ages of Amar, Akbar and Anthony is 80 years. What was the total of their ages three years ago?

A. 71 years
B. 72 years
C. 74 years
D. 77 years

Ans: (A)


A. arm : leg
B. stage : curtain
C. recline : chair
D. key : piano

Ans: (D)

Q-12. An institute organised a fete and 1/5 of the girls and 1/8 of the boys participated in the same. What fraction of the total number of students took part in the fete ?

A. 2/13
B. 13/40
C. Data inadequate
D. None of these

Ans: (C)

Q-13. Which of the following means that N is the maternal uncle of M?

A. N β P - L + E - M 
B. N - Y + A β M
C. M - Y * P – N
D. N β C + F * M

Ans: (A)

Q-14. JAK, KBL, LCM, MDN, _____


Ans: (B)

Q-15. 8 : 28 :: 27 : ?

A. 28
B. 8
C. 64
D. 65

Ans: (D)

Q-16. David gets on the elevator at the 11th floor of a building and rides up at the rate of 57 floors per minute. At the same time, Albert gets on an elevator at the 51st floor of the same building and rides down at the rate of 63 floors per minute. If they continue travelling at these rates, then at which floor will their paths cross ?

A. 19
B. 28
C. 30
D. 37

Ans: (C)

Q-17. Which word does NOT belong with the others?

A. aorta
B. heart
C. liver
D. stomach

Ans: (A)

Q-18. If South-East becomes North, North-East becomes West and so on. What will West become?

A. North-East
B. North-West
C. South-East
D. South-West

Ans: (C)

Q-19. Nitin's age was equal to square of some number last year and the following year it would be cube of a number. If again Nitin's age has to be equal to the cube of some number, then for how long he will have to wait?

A. 10 years
B. 38 years
C. 39 years
D. 64 years

Ans: (B)

Q-20. Here are some words translated from an artificial language.

hapllesh means cloudburst
srenchoch means pinball
resbosrench means ninepin

Which word could mean "cloud nine"?

A. leshsrench
B. ochhapl
C. haploch
D. haplresbo

Ans: (D)


  1. quetion 2 Ans is Three .......... Heat , HAt ,eat

    1. q:2 ans is two ..HEAT & HATE

    2. ya its ans is two heat nd hate not three

    3. Ques. 2 answer is two

      It makes Heat & Hate

    4. turmeric means haldi,so haldi colour yellow & yellow means red.

    5. heat and hate is right i think

  2. only 2 words made using aeht this..1) heat 2)hate .."bhushan s shekokar".

  3. some one tell me correct answer 2 second question...
    i am thinking that .. ans is 2(often use).. but we can form many meaning full words like..
    eat, ate, tea, heat, hate,hat...etc

    1. no you have to use all the letters of AEHT. if that would be the case what you have done made words with three letters word, then the options would be more than 4 words! but here four is the highwst number so option @ is right .

    2. sol for 8 is 35
      sol:diff b/w 120-99=21
      diff b/w 99-80=19

    3. but question is- made meaning with this ahet not mention to use only few word make meaning with all word

  4. answer is 2 , HEAT , HATE .. they said to use every letter.

  5. ANyone help me to understand Que1.

    1. house ko ulta kardo...e s u o h....ab iss me 1+ krdo..+ karne se e ke baad f aa jata hai s ke baad t aa jata hai u ke baad v aa jata hai o ke baad p aa jata hai,h ke baad i aa jata hai..aise apka pehla answer ftvpi nikla jo already diya gaya hai...\
      aise hee word CHAIR ko pehle utla karo fir +1 add karte jao..apka answer aa jayega...thnks

    2. Que 1 - HOUSE ans is FTVPI.
      To get the ans FTVPI, Written back the word HOUSE like ESUOH then see the next letter of each the letter of ESUOH that is "for E is F, for S is T, for U is V, for O is P, and for H is I". then u can get the ans. Similar that to do the word CHAIR. "RIAHC = R-S, I-J, A-B, H-I and C-D. So the ans for CHAIR is SJBID.

    3. HOUSE written back ESUOH then see the next word of each letter E-F, S-T, U-V, O-P and H-I. So ans for HOUSE is FTVPI. Similarly for CHAIR - RIAHC = R-S, I-J, A-B, H-I and C-D So the ans for CHAIR is SJBID.

  6. if this is how q r gonna b then merit will b 100%

  7. sir tell me the answer q:no: 1

  8. Q - 1. In a certain code HOUSE is written as FTVPI, how is CHAIR written in that code?

    answer- HOUSE = FTVPI
    here the next letter to each letter present in "HOUSE" and written in reverse sequence in the code.

    SO, C H A I R = D(next to C) I(next to H)B(next to A)J(next to I)S(next to R)

    now reverse the sequence
    this is the answer.

  9. 3 rd que explain the ans anybody

  10. can somebody help and how it come ans 3

    1. Take the given num in series and reduce one from it, then double it

  11. @Devesh answer for q 1:
    H O U S E
    The next alphabet after H is I like wise the correspionding letter to 'O' is P, for U is V, S is T & E is F. Now putting all the corresponding alphabets together, it becomes I P V T F and according to the code if u reverse them it becomes F T V P I. Do the same thing with CHAIR C=D, H=I, A=B, I=J & R=S. Together they become D I B J S read them in reverse they become S J B I D

  12. can explain for 4th and 10th ques

    1. 4- here is a rope when we fold it 2 times & cut such
      ----------- count
      10- we'll reduce 3 years from age of each amar akbar anthony respectivily

  13. explain 3rd question

    1. double the every term & subtract 2 from each

    2. answer is 48, just check the difference between the two consecutive numbers as it should be 2 less than the first number example 8,14 : diff is 6 and if we add 2 we get first number as 8 and so on.....

  14. can any one explain 5th and 8th ques.....???


      because he will be your uncle child......go on your relations.....then u get the answer..


      because in this series 120-21, 99-19, 80-17 63-15,
      48-13, 35

    2. Uncle's child means he is our cousin not our brother.. right..

    3. yes it had to be cousin and not brother .. but then again .. the daughter mentioned could be the mother of the person which makes him brother ..

      and for 8th question :
      11^2 - 1 = 120
      10^2 - 1 = 99
      9^2 - 1 = 80
      8^2 - 1 = 63
      7^2 - 1 = 48
      6^2 - 1 = 35


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