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Mahadiscom Vidyut Sahayak Sample Question Paper 2012

Mahadiscom Vidyut Sahayak Sample Question Paper 2012 - Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MAHADISCOM) invites the applications from the eligible candidates for the 6,974 posts as Vidyut Sahayak jobs. The aspirants for these above mentioned jobs can apply also through online mode on or before the date 30.06.2012. The interested candidates can check Sample Question Paper 2012 for preparing for Sahayak post Exam 2012.

For further more Details on Mahadiscom Vidyut Sahayak Sample Question Paper 2012 candidates can look below -

Mahadiscom Vidyut Sahayak Sample Question Paper 2012 - Details


1. Carbon dioxide is an example of a fire extinguishing agent that _______________.
1. must be pressurised externally
2. cannot be pressurised
3. creates its own pressure
4. requires the addition of a pressurising agent

Ans: 3

2. Fires are classified according to their:
1. products of combustion
2. heat release
3. size
4. fuel

Ans: 4

3. Fire extinguishers shall be inspected at a minimum of ________________.
1. 7-day intervals
2. 30-day intervals
3. 6-month intervals
4. 1-year intervals

Ans: 1

4. A major difference between fire-resistive construction and non-combustible construction is:
1. In fire-resistive construction, the structural steel must be protected from the fire’s heat.
2. The overall floor plan design
3. The building dimensions
4. The type of building materials

Ans: 1

5. To be effective and safe, the extinguishers being used must match the ______________ to be extinguished.
1. size of the fire
2. product
3. class of fire
4. rate of heat release

Ans: 3


Logical Reasoning

1. Find the next word in the series: A, E, I, M, ___
1. Q
2. S
3. P
4. R

Ans: 1

2. In a certain code, if PING is written as QJOH, then how is GATE written in that code as?

Ans: 3

3. Find the odd one among the following letters.
1. W
2. M
3. C
4. J

Ans: 4

4. In a certain code, if 56928 denotes WORTH, and 69459 denotes ORDER, then what will 1991575 denote?

Ans: 3

Quantitative Ability

5. Twenty years hence, Kumar will be thrice as old as he was ten years ago. How old will Kumar be ten years from now?

1. 30 years
2. 35 years
3. 25 years
4. 50 years

Ans: 2

6. The present ages of Tony and Binu are in the ratio 8:9. After four years the ratio of their ages will be 9:10. What is the present age of Binu?

1. 36 years
2. 24 years
3. 42 years
4. 28 years

Ans: 1

Verbal Ability

7. In the following question a pair of words in capitals is given followed by four pairs of words. Select from the choices the pair which exhibits the same relationship as the capitalized pair of words as your answer.


1. Poetry : Rhyme
2. Clothes : Paper
3. Chair : Table
4. Shakespeare : Drama

Ans: 1

8. Fill in the blank in the following sentence by selecting the most appropriate alternative from amongst the four alternatives given under the sentence.

Nalini failed in the examination because none of her answers were ____________ to the questions asked.

1. Close-fitting
2. Relevant
3. Faultless
4. Unrelated

Ans: 2

General Knowledge

9. Who wrote the book "A Train to Pakistan"?
1. Shoba De
2. Kushwant Singh
3. Vikram Seth
4. Arundhati Roy

Ans: 2

10. Green Revolution relates to:-

1. Planting more trees
2. Creation of green-lands
3. Enhanced agricultural productivity per hectare
4. None of the above

Ans: 3

About Sample Paper: The candidate must have to know the syllabus of the Mahadiscom Exam for the Vidyut Sahayak posts. The candidates can go through MAHADISCOM Syllabus 2012.

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