AFCAT Sample Papers with Answers, Previous Question Papers Download Online

AFCAT Sample Papers with Answers

AFCAT Sample Papers with Answers helps the students who want to make their career in IAF. For those career oriented candidates, here we are providing AFCAT Previous Question Papers and you can also download it through Online.

AFCAT (Air Force Common admission Test) is conducted by the Indian Air Force for the various posts recruitment and offering them a good career opportunity in the Air Force in Flying Branch, Technical branch and Ground Duty Branch, etc.

The AFCAT having various phases of selection and the written Exam includes General Awareness, Verbal English Test, Numerical Ability Test, and Reasoning and Military Ability topic questioning.

AFCAT Sample Papers Questions

General Awareness

Que-1: The total valley area covered by Damodar Valley Corporation is approximately 24,235 sq. km. In which among the following states this area is spread?

A. Jharkhand only
B. Jharkhand & West Bengal
C. Jharkhand & Bihar
D. Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal

Ans. B

Que-2: Which among the following is a correct order of the dynasties of Delhi Sultanate?

A. Tughlaq Khilji SlaveLodhi
B. Slave Lodhi Khilji Tughlaq
C. Slave Khilji Tughlaq Lodhi
D. Slave Tughlaq Khilji Lodhi

Ans. C

Que-3: The "Empire of Saatvahanas" is coterminous with which among the following states of India?

A. Maharashtra
B. Andhra Pradesh
C. Karnataka
D. Tamil Nadu

Ans. B

Que-4: The Chauri Chaura Incident paved the way for end of which among the following movements?

A. Civil Disobedience Movement
B. Non-Cooperation Movement
C. Quit India Movement
D. Kheda Satyagraha

Ans. B

Que-5: Who among the following were the last belligerents against whom Mohammad Ghori had led a campaign?

A. Khokhars
B. Gohils
C. Baghelas
D. Bhattis

Ans. A


Que-6: If FRAGRANCE is written as SBHSBODFG, how can IMPOSING be written?


Ans. D

Que-7: Choose the word which is least like the others word in a group?

A. Parrot
B. Vulture
C. Swan
D. Sparrow

Ans. C

Que-8: If the day before yesterday was Saturday, What day will fall on the day after tomorrow?

A. Friday
B. Tuesday
C. Thursday
D. Wednesday

Ans. D

Que-9: Evaporation: Cloud: Rain 

A. Sneezing: Cough: Cold
B. Accident: Injury: Pain
C. Tanning: Leather: Purse
D. Bud: Flower: Fragrance

Ans. B

Que-10: Car: Garage:: Aeroplane : ? 

A. Hangar
B. Depot
C. Port
D. Harbour

Ans.  A

Numerical Ability

Que-11: A farmer built a fence around his square plot. He used 27 fence poles on each side of the square. How many poles did he need altogether?

A. 54
B. 84
C. 104
D. 108

Ans. C

Que-12: A bus starts from city X. The number of women in the bus is half of the number of men. In city Y, 10 men leave the bus and five women enter. Now number of men and women is equal. In the beginning, how many passengers entered the bus?

A. 25
B. 35
C. 45
D. 55

Ans. C

Que-13: A group of 1200 persons consisting of captains and soldiers is travelling in a train. For every 15 soldiers there is one captain. The number of captains in the group is

A. 70
B. 75
C. 80
D. 85

Ans. B

Que-14: Five bells begin to toll together and toll respectively at intervals of 6, 5, 7, 10 and 12 seconds. How many times will they toll together in one hour excluding the one at the start?

A. 5 times
B. 6 times
C. 7 times
D. 8 times

Ans. D

Que-15: A car dealer sells a SUV for $39,000, which represents a 25% profit over the cost. What was the cost of the SUV to the dealer?

A. $29,250
B. $31,200
C. $32,500
D. $33,800

Ans. B


Que-16: She is a healthy girl, she always uses to go for morning walk.

A. Using to go
B. Is going
C. Has gone
D. Goes

Ans. D

Que-17: We left the place only after we were promised that we would be brought to that place again.

A. Promised that
B. Were promised to
C. Had promised that
D. No correction required

Ans. D

Que-18: Economic development and education have________ women more assertive

A. Made
B. Prepared
C. Marked
D. Resulted

Ans. A

Que-19: Suddenly Rani heard the sound of water trickling.

A. Dripping
B. Crawling
C. Gushing
D. Pouring

Ans. A

Que-20: He taught the students to cultivate their minds.

A. develop
B. change
C. trained
D. teach

Ans. A

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