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HR Quiz Questions and Answers (Online Test For Managers HR Executive)

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HR Quiz Questions and Answers

HR Quiz Questions and Answers
HR Quiz Questions and Answers: HR executive jobs are much rewarded and more demanding jobs. Candidates those who have a graduate degree in human resources, and are going to attend any recruitment exam then they must have practice with HR Quiz Questions and Answers. Candidates can take an Online Test for Managers HR Executive through this page for better preparations.

Here we the team of privatejobshub are providing you HR executive online test. Candidates can to do the practice before appearing in HR executive exam by given below solved paper.

1.The approach which was instilled in the principles of mass production, organization of work, simple work skills and supervisory managerial skills is termed as.
  • Field  
  • Object  
  • The scientific management approach  
  • Comment  

  • 2. To secure a representation election, a union must obtain support from what percentage of employees in an appropriate unit?
  • At Least 51%  
  • At Least 60%  
  • At Least 75%  
  • At Least 30%  

  • 3. The HR planning at the National Level is generally done by __________ .
  • Consultants 
  • Council  
  • Government  
  • Managers  

  • 4. In seeking to represent a unit of 100 employees, what is the least possible number of votes the union could receive and still win an election conducted by the National Labor Relations Board?
  • 30  
  • 1  
  • 31  
  • 51  

  • 5. Which of the following is Not an external source of Recruitment?
  • Advertisement  
  • Employment Agencies  
  • Promotion  
  • Employee Referrals  

  • 6. A union may only represent employees in a bargaining unit that is appropriate under federal labor law. Whether a bargaining unit sought by a union is appropriate is based on:
  • Whether the employees in the unit share a community of interest  
  • Whether the employees all have the same job title  
  • Which employees want to be represented by the union  
  • Whether the employees work at the same plant  

  • 7. Organizational growth needs to be meshed with the _____________growth.A method of moving items on a slide
  • lndividuals  
  • A method of advancing slides  
  • A method of creating slides  

  • 8. To prove it has sufficient employee support to secure an NLRB-conducted election, a union must:
  • Convince employees to file unfair labor practice charges with the NLRB  
  • Submit an affidavit saying it represents most of the company’s employees  
  • Set up a picket line outside the company’s facility  
  • Obtain authorization cards from employees  

  • 9. The human relations’ is an outcome of the famous study. The study is known as:
  • The Hawthorne study  
  • The management study  
  • Scientific study  
  • Organizational study  

  • 10. "Salting" refers to the process where:A union dispatches a paid union organizer to work for an employer that the union has targeted for an organizing drive.
  • The NLRB sends out a "tester," an employee of the NLRB, to apply for employment with an employer suspected of committing unfair labor practices.  
  • The EEOC submits a number of applications to an employer suspected of unlawful employment discrimination.  
  • Employees who are union supporters secretly distribute pro-union handbills to other employees.  

  • 11. ‘The process by which a management determines how an organization should move from its current manpower position to its desired manpower position’ is:
  • Human resource management  
  • Perlormance appraisal  
  • Human resource planning  
  • Selection  

  • 12. The best medium to reach a ‘large audience’ for the process of recruitment is :
  • Advertising  
  • Casual applicants  
  • Employee referrals  
  • Employment agencies  

  • 13. Which method is best suited to adjust short term fluctuations?
  • Voluntary Organisation  
  • Contractual staffing  
  • Casual applications  
  • Employment agencies  

  • 14. These theories often portray great leaders as heroic, mythical, and destined to rise to leadership when needed.
  • Relationship Theories  
  • Management Theories  
  • Participative Theories  
  • Great Man Theories  

  • 15. This method depends upon recognition that there are differences in the levels of duties, responsibilities and skills required for the performance of different jobs.What method is being talked about here?
  • Point Method  
  • Time Span Method  
  • Grade Description Method  
  • Ranking Method  

  • 16. Need Hierarchy Theory is propounded by:
  • Maslow  
  • Herzberg  
  • Alderfer  
  • Lewin  

  • 17. In India, wages are classified as 3 types, identify the non-applicable one from the list given below.
  • Minimum wage  
  • Collective Wage  
  • Fair wage  
  • Living wage  

  • 18. The word ‘dynamics’, is derived from a Greek word which means:
  • Strength  
  • Unique  
  • Power  
  • Force  

  • 19. Companies are designing ________ programs to increase employee productivity, control attrition, prevent job burnout and obsolescence, and improve the quality of employees’ work lives.
  • Employee growth  
  • Recruitment  
  • Selection  
  • Appraisal  

  • 20. The process by which the aptitudes, skills and abilities of employees to perform specific jobs are increased is termed as:
  • Induction  
  • Orientation  
  • Training  
  • Performance  

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