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Pharmacist Online Exam Demo: - Pharmacist job is a very rewarding and people interacting job. Mainly a pharmacist consist dispensing medicines and advice to people about them. A pharmacist can watch a patient closely and solved their problems through prescribing medicine. A common person needs pharmacist in his/her life on every day.

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Candidates those who want to make their career in medical pharmacist profession they can practice through our given below solved pharmacist exam online test paper.

Pharmacist Online Exam Demo

1. Which of the following is an important nursing intervention for a patient with Cushing Syndrome?

  • Left Middle Cerebral Artery  
  • Observe for hypotension  
  • Protect from infection  
  • Restrict carbohydrate intake.  

  • 2. Involvement of which of the following structures will lead to right-sided hemiplegia and aphasia?

  • Left Middle Cerebral Artery  
  • Vertebral Artery  
  • Brain stem  
  • Right Middle Cerebral Artery.  

  • 3. The wall of cork cells is mostly impregnated with -

  • Cutin  
  • Suberin  
  • Lignin  
  • Hemicellulose  

  • 4. Of the following anatomical structures, which is homologous to the wing of a bat?

  • The arm of a human  
  • The wing of a butterfly  
  • The tail of a fish  
  • The dorsal fin of a shark  

  • 5. The earliest animal to have been domesticated by man most likely the -

  • Horse  
  • Pig  
  • Dog  
  • Cow  

  • 6. Appearance of ancestral characters in the new borne, such as tail, multiple mammae, etc., are known as -

  • Homologous  
  • Analogous  
  • Atavistic  
  • Vestigial  

  • 7. Penguin is a bird that lost the use of its wings by not flying. Such a statement would express the views of -

  • Darwin  
  • Wallace  
  • Lamarck  
  • Huxley  

  • 8. Which type of tissue forms glands?

  • Epithelial  
  • Connective  
  • Nervous  
  • Muscle  

  • 9. The respiration is carried on by -

  • Kidneys  
  • Brain  
  • Intestine  
  • Lungs  

  • 10. Which collects the blood from the organs?

  • Arteries  
  • Veins  
  • Lungs  
  • Nerves  


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