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TNPSC Group 2 Online Test | Quiz, Mock Test In Tamil/English For Practice

TNPSC Group 2 Online Test

TNPSC Group 2 Online Test

TNPSC Group 2 Online Test: Contenders, who are going to appear for TNPSC Group 2 exam, must start practicing for the same via online mock test. It’s important for every contender to attempt online mock test to mesure their performance and speed. Here we provide you the most frequently asked questions. These quizzes are also helpful for preparing any other competitive exams.

TNPSC Group 2 Online Test include Indian history questions, English questions for Practice Indian history questions, Basic GK questions, Indian constitution questions and general science questions with their answers key. Each question is multiple choice objectives (MCQ) type question four option is provided for each question you have to select right answer from them. You can get your score board after completion of test.

TNPSC Group 2 Online Test

Question 1 Find out the Adjective

a)    seasoned
b)    seasonable
c)    seasoning
d)    seasonal

Answer: a)

Question 2 Find the odd one:

a)    Cabbage
b)    Carrot
c)    Capsicum
d)    Cauliflower
e)    Bilberry

Answer: e)

Question 3 Parliament

a)    parleyed
b)    parliamentary
c)    parliamentarian
d)    parliamentarian

Answer: b)

Question 4 The king died -----

a)    airless
b)    hairless
c)    heirless
d)    hareless

Answer: c)

Identify the Errors:

Question 5 My friend / and myself / and myself / together now.

a)    and myself  
b)    my friend  
c)    together now
d)    and me

Answer: a)

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Question 6 Micro towers / are principles / carriers / of telephone.     
a)    are principles
b)    carriers
c)    micro towers  
d)    carriers

Answer: a)

Question 7 Surface area of a cuboid is 22 cm2 and the sum of the lengths of all its edges is 24 cm. Length of each diagonal of the cuboid (in cm) is :

a)    11
b)    12
c)    13
d)    14        
Answer: d)

Question 8 AIADMK in Tamil Nadu the first year in power 

a)    1972
b)    1977
c)    1982
d)    1984

Answer: b)

Question 9 Veto power is not possessed by

a)    U.S.A.
b)    U.K.
c)    U.S.S.R
d)    West Germany

Answer: d)

Question 10 cost price of 15 pen is equal to selling price of 12 pen . find profit or loss percent?

a)    15%          
b)    18%    
c)    22%                
d)    25%

Answer: d)

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Question 11 The study of flowers is called

a)    Anthology
b)    Phynolog
c)    Polinology
d)    Agrestology

Answer:  a)

Question 12 The largest living animals belong to the group of

a)    reptiles
b)    mammal
c)    birds
d)    fishes

Answer: b)

Question 13 Hitler party which came into power in 1933 is known as

a)    Nazi Party 
b)    Labour Party 
c)    Ku-Klux-Klan 
d)    Democratic Party

Answer: a)

Question 14 If raju can complete a work in 60 days and suman can complete a work in 40 days. Than raju and suman together can complete a work in:

a)    20
b)    22
c)    24
d)    26

Answer: C)

Question 15 The currency of Indonesia is

a)    Dinar
b)    Rangit
c)    Riyal
d)    Rupiah

Answer: d)

Question 16 Indian constitution is

a)    Unitary
b)    Presidential
c)    Federal
d)    Quasi–federal

Answer: c)

Question 17 How many articles are there in the Indian constitution?

a)    392
b)    395
c)    396
d)    398

Answer: b)

Question 18 If MADRAS can be written as ARSARS, how can ARKONAM be written in that code?


Answer: a)

Question 19 123.89+35.98−32.874−12.969−9.123

a)    104.904
b)    103.254
c)    101.325
d)    104.123

Answer: a)

Question 20 Choose the word which is least like the others word in a group?

a)    Calendar
b)    Date
c)    Day
d)    Month
e)    Year

Answer: a)

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