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UDC Online Test | Upper Division Clerk Free Practice/Mock Test, Online Quiz


UDC Online Test

UDC Online Test: For the better preparation of Upper Division Clerk Exam, UDC Online Test is a best way to increase the speed of solving the questions.  UDC Online Practice Test helps the applicants to update their subject-wise knowledge, ability, to find out their confidence level etc. 

UDC Online Mock Test needs only focused and planned study, updating GK every day, reading English news and furnishing to write many essays in General Topics. Self-confidence and continuous preparation are quite enough to qualify the UDC Online Test.

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UDC Online Test

Structure of UDC Exam:

The UDC Exam is divided into four sessions. Each session contains 50 marks and duration of exam is of 120 minutes. The areas of questions are:
Free Online Test for UDC:

Question 1: Which of the following cities is known as Electronic City of India ?

1.    Mumbai
2.    Hyderabad
3.    Bangalore
4.    Gurgaon

Answer: 3

Question 2: Where is the National Remote Sensing Agency situated ?

1.    Bangalore
2.    Dehradun
3.    Shadnagar
4.    Chennai

Answer: 3

Question 3: Ashok Pandit is known for his outstanding performance in which of the following?

1.    Swimming
2.    Wrestling
3.    Shooting
4.    Kabaddi

Answer: 3

Question 4: Indian School of Mines is located in which of the following cities ?

1.    Ranchi
2.    Rourkela
3.    Asansol
4.    Tatanagar

Answer: 4

Question 5: Greto Garbo is a name associated with

1.    Journalism
2.    Literature
3.    Acting
4.    Classical dance

Answer: 3

Question 6: Uttarakhand : Dehradun : : Mizoram : ?

1.    Aizawal
2.    Kohima
3.    Shillong
4.    Darjeeling

Answer: 1

Question 7: YQXP: JBIA : : OVNU : ?

1.    FAGZ
2.    HRIS
3.    DKCJ
4.    DNEO

Answer: 3

Question 8: Which one is the same as Mumbai, Kolkata and Cochin?

1.    Delhi
2.    Kanpur
3.    Chennai
4.    Sholapur

Answer: 3

Question 9: Who is to the immediate left of S?

1.    V
2.    T
3.    Q
4.    W
5.    None of these

Answer: 4

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Question 10: Crime : Court : : Discase : ?

1.    Doctor
2.    Medicine
3.    Hospital
4.    Treatment

Answer: 3

UDC Online Test

Question 11: Two trains of equal length are running on parallel lines in the same direction at the rate of 46 kmph and 36 kmph. The fater train passes the slower train in 36 seconds. The length of each train is:

1.    50 metres
2.    72 metres
3.    80 metres
4.    82 metres

Answer: 1

Question 12: A man invested of his capital at 7%; at 8% and remainder at 10%. If his annual income is Rs. 561, the capital is:

1.    Rs. 5400
2.    Rs. 6000
3.    Rs. 6600
4.    Rs. 7200

Answer: 3

Question 13: A sum was put at simple interest at a certain rate for 2 years. Had it been put at 1% higher rate. It would have fetched Rs. 24 more. The sum is:

1.    Rs. 600
2.    Rs. 1200
3.    Rs. 800
4.    Rs. 480

Answer: 2

Question 14:  The surface area of a cuboid 22 cm by 12 cm by 7.5 cm, is :

1.    1980 cm2
2.    2076 cm2
3.    1038 cm2
4.    none of these

Answer: 3

Question 15: The mean proportional between 0.32 and 0.02 is:

1.    0.34
2.    0.3
3.    0.16
4.    0.08

Answer: 4

Read The Paragraph Carefully:

I felt the wall of the tunnel shiver. The master alarm squealed through my earphones. Almost simultaneously, Jack yelled down to me that there was a warning light on. Fleeting but spectacular sights snapped into ans out of view, the snow, the shower of debris, the moon, looming close and big, the dazzling sunshine for once unfiltered by layers of air. 

The last twelve hours before re-entry were particular bone-chilling. During this period, I had to go up in to command module. Even after the fiery re-entry splashing down in 81o water in south pacific, we could still see our frosty breath inside the command module.

Question 16: The word 'Command Module' used twice in the given passage indicates perhaps that it deals with

1.    an alarming journey
2.    a commanding situation
3.    a journey into outer space
4.    a frightful battle.

Answer: 3

Question 17: Which one of the following reasons would one consider as more as possible for the warning lights to be on?

1.    There was a shower of debris.
2.    Jack was yelling.
3.    A catastrophe was imminent.
4.    The moon was looming close and big

Answer: 3

Question 18: The statement that the dazzling sunshine was "for once unfiltered by layers of air" means

1.    that the sun was very hot
2.    that there was no strong wind
3.    that the air was unpolluted
4.    none of above

Answer: 4

Question 19: A boat travels upstream from B to A and downstream from A to B in 3 hours. If the speed of the boat in still water is 9 km/hr and the speed of the current is 3 km/hr, the distance between A and B is :

1.    4 km
2.    6 km
3.    8 km
4.    12 km

Answer: 4

Question 20: A man can row 9 km/hr in still water and he finds that it takes him thrice as much time to row up than as to row down the same distance in river. The speed of the current is:

1.    3 km/hr
2.    3 km/hr
3.    1 km/hr
4.    4 km/hr

Answer: 4

Final Words:

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