Global Edge Placement Papers 2014 Software Solutions Download With Answers

Global Edge Placement Papers 2014

Global Edge Software’s Limited, a company for providing embedded solutions along with software development, wireless related software’s and other things is a dream company for many aspirants to work with. 

Global Edge has its placement program in various segments of the year where they recruit a large group of individuals.

This section gives you Global Edge placement papers 2014 with solutions. You can also download previous year papers of Global Edge to get some idea about their pattern.

Here is some sample questions with Answers of Global Edge asked in various campuses and off campus drives.

1. alloca() allocates memory from

A. Heap.
B. Reserved memory.
C. Data segment.
D. Stack.

Ans.: D

2. How many bytes are required to create a 3*3 matrix using double pointer

Ans. 12 

3. Interrupt is serviced

A) Immediately when it occurs
B) After the completion of current instruction.
C) Ignored
D) None of the above.

Ans.: B

4. Condition for deadlock occurrence

A) Mutual Exclusion
B) No preemption
C) Hold and wait
D) Circular wait
E) all of the above

Ans.: D

5. Real Time OS uses

A. RISC processor
B. CISC processor
C. SISC processor
D. Any of the above

Ans.: A

6. What is the scheduling algorithm used in general operating systems.

A) FCFS algorithm
B) Highest Priority First algorithm
C) Round-Robin algorithm
D) None of the above

Ans.: C

7. What is the octal equivalent of decimal (5468).

a. 12360.
b. 12560.
c. None of these.
d. 12650.

Ans.: C

8. Recursive Descent parser is a type of

A. Bottom up parser
B. Top Down parser
C. None of these.
D. Bottom down parser

Ans.: B

9. A c source code file can be

A) Compiled only
B) Interpreted only
C) Both compiled and interpreted
D) Nothing

Ans. C: both compiled and interpreted 

10. Resolving of external variables in a program is done at

A) compile time
B) Run time
C) Link time
D) Load time

Ans. C: link time.

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