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Global Edge Placement Papers 2015 Software Solutions Download With Answers


Global Edge Placement Papers 

Global Edge Placement Papers 2015: Global Edge Hiring Process involves clearing both technical and aptitude tests. Candidates can get Global Edge Placement Papers from this page to prepare well for Global Edge technical and aptitude test. Candidates are required to solve Global Edge placement test questions With Answers asked by Global Edge Software Solutions Company to see where your aptitude preparation stands. You can also download previous year Placement papers of Global Edge through online mode.

Global Edge Placement Papers
Global Edge Software’s Limited, a company for providing embedded solutions along with software development, wireless related software’s. Global Edge has its placement program in various segments of the year where it recruits large number of individuals. Job seekers, who want to get placed in this well reputated company, need to practice through the previous year Placement paper questions With Answers provided on this page.

Global Edge Placement Paper Questions With Answers

1. alloca() allocates memory from
A)   Heap
B)   Reserved memory
C)   Data segment
D)   Stack
Ans.: D

2. Where is CMOS setup stored
A)   Hard Disk
C)   CMOS Ram
D)   MBR
Ans. C

3. Interrupt is serviced
A)   Immediately when it occurs
B)   After the completion of current instruction.
C)   Ignored
D)   None of the above.
Ans.: B

4. Condition for deadlock occurrence
A)   Mutual Exclusion
B)   No preemption
C)   Hold and wait
D)   Circular wait
Ans.: D

5. Real Time OS uses
A)   RISC processor
B)   CISC processor
C)   SISC processor
D)   Any of the above
Ans.: A

6. What is the scheduling algorithm used in general operating systems.
A)   FCFS algorithm
B)   Highest Priority First algorithm
C)   Round-Robin algorithm
D)   None of the above
Ans.: C

7. What is the octal equivalent of decimal (5468).
A)   12360.
B)   12560.
C)   None of these.
D)   12650.
Ans.: C

8. Recursive Descent parser is a type of
A)   Bottom up parser
B)   Top Down parser
C)   None of these.
D)   Bottom down parser
Ans.: B

9. A c source code file can be
A)   Compiled only
B)   Interpreted only
C)   Both compiled and interpreted
D)   Nothing
Ans. C

10. Resolving of external variables in a program is done at
A)   compile time
B)   Run time
C)   Link time
D)   Load time
Ans. C

11. Spooling is the acronym for
A)   simultaneous processors operation online
B)   simultaneous peripheral operation online
C)   simultaneous peripheral operation over line
D)   simultaneous processor online operation
Ans. B

12. Telnet is
A)   Application layer protocol
B)   Network Layer protocol
C)   Used by Link Layer for sending frames
D)   None of the above
Ans. A

13. DMA stands for
A)   Direct Memory Access
B)   Directional Momentary Acess
C)   Directional Major device Access
D)   Direct Minor device Access
Ans. A

14. Linux
A)   has hierarchical file system
B)   has FAT
C)   treats peripheral devices as files
D)   both (a) & (c)
Ans. D

15. Special I/O instruction r required for
A)   Memory Mapped I/O
B)   I/O Mapped I/O
C)   Both Of These
D)   None Of These
Ans. A

16. EBCDIC code stands for?
a) Extended Binary coded decimal interchange code
b) Extended Biased coding Decimal interchange code
c) External Biased coding Decimal interchange code
d) None of the above
Ans. A

17. A binary tree of height h, h > 0 has
A)   At least h and atmost 2*h-1 elements in it.
B)   At least 2^h and atmost (2^h) +1 elementz in it.
C)   At least 2^h -1 and atmost h^2 elements in it.
D)   At least h and atmost (2^h) - 1 elements in it.
Ans. D

18. Toggle state in J-K flip-flop is
A)   0 1
B)   1 0
C)   1 1
D)   0 0
Ans. C

19. What is the difference between primary & extended partion?
A)   Both are same
B)   Primary and extended are in logical partion
C)   Primary cannot be subdivided but extended can be.
D)   Extended cannot be subdivided but primary can be.
Ans. C

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20. The no. of address lines required to address 4k of memory
A)   11
B)   12
C)   14
D)   16
Ans. B
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