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GPAT Previous Question Papers With Answers - Sample Papers PDF Download


GPAT Previous Question Papers

GPAT Previous Question Papers 2018: To crack Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test (GPAT-2018) efficiently, one must start their preparation through GPAT Previous Question Papers with Answers. You can easily download the GPAT Sample Paper PDF, by tapping on the direct links provided on this page. With the help of GPAT Model Question Paper, you will get to know about the weightage of questions and topics asked in the GPAT Entrance Exam. To get more about GPAT Previous Question Papers, applicants are advised to go through the below segment of this page.

Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test (GPAT-2018) is a national level entrance exam which is been organized by the  All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) for those Pharmacy graduates who wants admission into the Master’s (M.Pharm) program. So those candidates, who are going to appear in the GPAT Entrance Exam 2018, are advised to begin their preparation through GPAT Previous Year Question Papers with Answers to score well in examination. Some GPAT Model Papers are framed below by the team of www.privatejobshub.in. You may go through these GPAT Question Paper to know about the latest exam format and their level of difficulty.

GPAT Previous Question Papers

Steps To Download GPAT Previous Year Question Paper:
  • To get GPAT 2018 Previous Question Papers with Answers PDF, Candidates need to log on the official website gpatindia.com.
  • Follow suitable link related to “Previous Paper” tab the mentioned in the menu bar of the homepage.
  • Now hit to the suitable link to get GPAT Previous Year Paper.
  • The GPAT question paper PDF will be opened on the screen.
  • Save the GPAT Previous Year Paper PDF and take the print out of it to solve the paper.
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GPAT Previous Question Papers PDF:


GPAT Questions With Answers:

Q: 1-Which part of the NDC number indicates the manufacturer of a drug?

1.    The last 1-2 digits.
2.    The second segment.
3.    The product code.
4.    The first 4-5 digits.

Answer: 4

Q: 2-The iPLEDGE program is designed to mitigate the risks associated with taking:

1.    Lexapro
2.    OxyContin
3.    zolpidem
4.    isotretinoin

Answer: 4

Q:3-Which of the following is NOT a medication for Parkinson’s?

1.    amlodipine
2.    ropinirole
3.    benztropine
4.    amantadine

Answer: 1

Q:4-Which of the following correctly matches brand/generic names?

1.    Paxil/pregabalin
2.    Cymbalta/duloxetine
3.    Zyrtec/diphenhydramine
4.    Ativan/levaquin

Answer: 2

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Q:5-.Which of the following gelatine concentration is used to determine the viscosity of gelatine used for the preparation of soft gelatine capsules?

1.    6 2/3 %
2.    7 2/3%
3.    5 2/3 %
4.    6 3/4%

Answer: 1

Q:6.Which of the following group is detected by using Herzig Meyer method?

1.    Alkyl group
2.    Hydroxy group
3.    Alkoxy group
4.    N-alkyl group

Answer: 4

Q:7. Which of the following drug blocks the sodium channel and dissociates slowly?

1.    Quinidine
2.    Lignocaine
3.    Flecainide
4.    Procainamide

Answer: 3

Q:8. According to Drugs and Cosmetics act, List of substances that should be sold by retail only on prescription of registered medical practitioner is given in which of the following Schedule?

1.    Schedule 'H'
2.    Schedule 'V'
3.    Schedule 'X'
4.    Schedule 'Q'

Answer: 1

Q:9. In HPLC, which pump gives a mobile phase flow rate dependent on column permeability?

1.    Constant pressure pumps
2.    Constant displacement pumps
3.    Reciprocating pumps
4.    Pneumatic pumps

Answer: 1

Q:10. Which of the following organism is the Source for amphotericin?

1.    Streptomyces immodosus
2.    Streptomyces nodosus
3.    Streptomyces griseus
4.    Streptomyces aureofaciens

Answer: 2

Q 11. Adult dose of a drug is 150 mg/kg and the drug is available as tablets of 2 mg strength. Calculate the dosed required for a boy of age 14 yrs and weight of 35 kg?

1.    74.9 mg
2.    78 mg
3.    82 mg
4.    80 mg

Answer: 1

Q 12. Which of the following method is used to measure respiratory efficiency of cells in cell culture?

1.    Fluroscein Diacetate method
2.    Reduction of tetrazolium salts
3.    Evan's blue method
4.    Calcofluor white method

Answer: 2

Q 13. Which of the following Dopaminergic agonist used in the treatment of Parkinsonism?

1.    Levodopa
2.    Carbidopa
3.    Mirtazapine
4.    Ropinirole

Answer: 4

Q 14. What is the principle involved in the VDRL test?

1.    Agglutination
2.    Precipitation
3.    Flocculation
4.    Opsonisation

Answer: 2

Q 15. Prazocine is a derivative of which of the following?

1.    Quinazoline
2.    Phthalazine
3.    Quinoline
4.    Isoquinoline

Answer: 1

Q 16. Bladder toxicity is the side effect of which of the following drug?

1.    Vincristine
2.    Cyclophosphamide
3.    5-Flouro Uracil
4.    Doxorubicin

Answer: 2

Q 17. Which of the following is a prototype of Sedative?

1.    Chloral hydrate
2.    Chloral
3.    Chloroquine
4.    Chlorpheniramie

Answer: 2

Q 18. If the half life for decomposition of a drug is 12 hrs, how long will it take for 125 mg of the drug to decompose by 30 %? Assume that the drug follows first order kinetics at constant temperature.

1.    6.1 hr
2.    8.2 hr
3.    7.9 hr
4.    5.5 hr

Answer: 1

Q 19. Which of the following is used as Cuticle Remover?

1.    Nitrocellulose
2.    Mineral oil
3.    Trisodium phosphate
4.    Acetoglyceride

Answer: 3

Q 20. Which of the following amino acid is present in Captopril?

1.    Glycine
2.    Cysteine
3.    Proline
4.    Para Amino benzoic acid

Answer: 3


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