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HCL Placement Papers for Freshers 2016 Pattern Download With Answers


HCL Placement Papers for Freshers

This section provides you latest HCL Placements papers 2016 with answers and HCL Paper pattern 2016 for freshers. Aspirants can also download the previous year papers for their reference.
HCL Placement Papers for Freshers
HCL, Hindustan Computers Limited, is one of the few IT companies in India that offers jobs to a large no. of aspirants while doing recruitment. The coming while visiting campuses for placement take certain test for determining aptitude, reasoning and judgment skills of a candidate besides testing some basic skills regarding the position they are offering.

Here are some of the questions to give you a brief idea regarding the paper pattern of HCL.

1) There are two towers A and B. Their heights are 200ft and 150ft respectively and the foot of the towers are 250ft apart. Two birds on top of each tower fly down with the same speed and meet at the same instant on the ground to pick a grain. What is the distance between the foot of tower A and the grain?

Ans: 90ft

2. A is an integer, Dividing 89 &125 gives remainder 4 & 6 respectively. Find a?

Ans: 17

3. If taxi fares were Rs 1.00 for the first 1/5 mile and Rs 0.20 for each 1/5 miles thereafter. The taxi fare for a 3-mile ride was

A) Rs 1.56
B) Rs 2.40
C) Rs 3.00
D) Rs 3.80
E) Rs 4.20

Answer :D) Rs 3.80

4. How many integers n greater than and less than 100 are there such that, if the digits of n are reversed, the resulting integer is n+9?

A) 5
B) 6
C) 7
D) 8
E) 9

Ans: D) 8

5. int i =10
int i =20,n;
int i=10
printf("%d", i);

Ans. I=20

6. Mr. Rathinasabapathy buys Rs.20 shares paying 9% dividend. He wants to have an interest of 12% on his investment. What should be the market value of each share he is buying?

A) Rs.12
B) Rs.15
C) Rs.21
D) Rs.18

Answer: B) Rs. 15

7. Sunil entered a shopping center and spent one half of the money that he had. When he finished his purchase he found that he had as many paise as he had rupees and half as many rupees as he had paise when he went. How much money did he have when he entered?

A) Rs.75.50
B) Rs.98.98
C) Rs.99.98
D) None of these

Answer: C) Rs.99.98

8. There is a circular garden in Mattuthavani, Madurai and is being maintained by a private transport company for many years. The radius of the ground is 1554 m. Gunaseelan and Munusamy started running from a point at the circumference in opposite directions. Gunaseelan ran at an average speed of 60 metres per minute and met Munusamy after running for 44 minutes. How much distance Munusamy would have covered before meeting Gunaseelan?

A) 7128 m
B) 6128 m
C) 5456 m
D) None of these

Answer: A) 7128 m

9. Two friends namely Rahul and Ravi are participating in a dice throwing competition involving two dice. Each would be allowed to throw the dice for 100 times. When Rahul throws his 100 turns, whenever the numbers on faces of dice add up to 4, he will score a point. Similarly when Ravi throws his 100 turns, whenever the numbers on faces add up to 7, he will score a point. When things are unbiased, who has better chance of winning?

A). Rahul
B). Ravi.
C). anyone can be
D). can’t be determined

10. Saravana Kumar Drinks shop has a jar filled with wine fully. In order to satisfy the customers the following procedure was adopted. 12 litres of wine is removed from the jar and filled with water. This process is repeated two more times. The ratio of left out wine after operations to the original quantity of wine present is 27/64. How much wine was there in the jar originally?

A) 48
B) 27
C) 81
D) 40

Answer: A) 48 litres

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