How to Make Resume for Freshers Engineers/Graduate Sample

How to Make Resume for Freshers

Completed your graduation, looking out for a job, but still wondering How to make a good resume to impress the recruiters; this section will help you in determining important points of making a good resume for freshers engineers/ graduates. You can also make a sample resume while reading this article before making a proper one.

A resume is considered to be the first step in applying for a job, and all important group discussions and interviews are faced only if your resume has left a certain impression on employers mind.

For freshers, who don’t have that added advantage of good work experience, resume becomes much more important.

Important Point for A Resume

Here are some valuable points you need to remember before sending out your resume for a job.


Try to write an objective which makes you suitable for that particular job. Your objective should be well suited into the general requirements a company looks for.

Educational Qualifications

Always put your educational qualifications in a reverse order mentioning all the details clearly such as your course, grades obtained and name of the institution etc. If you have done any extra course except the academics, also mention it in a proper manner after your academic qualification.


Give relevant achievements as desired by the post you are applying for, don’t give childish achievements. Add your extra-curricular achievements (If any), it will reflect your additional qualities and surely attracts the employer.

Modify Truth

A truth that can make your resume look weak but still necessary to mention should be modified enough to ensure no hurdles.

Design / Layout

Follow a simple and effective design and layout that makes your information comfortable to read. You can use bullets, small headings etc. rather than make it an endless paragraph.


Don’t forget to customize your resume according to the job again and again as different positions require different skills.

Complete Details

Mention you complete personal details at the end of the resume. Give these details in brief that covers all the essential particulars about you.

The most important thing which you should kept in mind that you must use the professional and effective language throughout the resume because it is a professional document that reflects your attitude and behavior about your career.


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