IIT JAM Previous Year Question Paper (Physics/Chemistry/Maths) Download


IIT JAM Previous Year Question Paper

Candidates who are going to appear in Joint Admission Test they may get the IIT JAM Previous Year Question Paper with solution on this page. Candidates can easily download question papers for Physics, Chemistry, Maths etc in pdf form by clicking on links below. Applicants you can easily find solved questions of old Model/Sample Paper of IIT JAM from here.

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IIT JAM Previous Years Question Paper with Solution

Year / subject
Biological Sciences (BL)
Biotechnology (BT)
Chemistry (CY)
Geology (GG)
Mathematics (MA)
Mathematical Statistics  (MS)
Physics (PH)

  • QP – Question Paper
  • AK – Answer key

IIT JAM Question Paper with Solution

Ques. 1: Which of following statements are TRUE for Ramachandran plot?

(A) It can be used to describe the backbone conformation of any polypeptide residue
(B) It can be used to describe simple secondary structures of proteins
(C) It is plotted with coordinates of φ and ψ of a polypeptide chain
(D) It is used to describe side chain conformation of the amino acid residues in a polypeptide chain polymerase chain reaction

Answer:  A, B, C

Ques. 2: In a large wild flower population, assume that no new mutations occur and that no natural selection operates. What factor(s) will affect frequency of a genotype in this population?

(A) Non-random mating
(B) Gene flow
(C) Out-breeding within the population
(D) Invasion of a new pathogen that kills a large number of individuals in population

Answer:  A, B, C, D

Ques. 3: Suppose is a normal subgroup of a group G. Which one of following is true?

(A) If G is an infinite group then G/N is an infinite group
(B) If G is a nonabelian group then G/N is a nonabelian group
(C) If G is a cyclic group then G/N is an abelian group
(D) If G is an abelian group then G/N is a cyclic group

Answer:  C

Ques. 4: If a sequence {xn} is monotone and bounded, then

(A) There exists a subsequence of {xn} that diverges
(B) There may exist a subsequence of {xn} that is not monotone
(C) All subsequences of {xn} converge to the same limit
(D) There exist at least two subsequences of {xn} which converge to distinct limits

Answer:  B

Ques. 5:  A molecular technique in which DNA sequences between two oligo nucleotide primers can be amplified is known as

(A) Southern blotting
(B) Northern blotting
(C) Polymerase chain reaction
(D) DNA replication

Answer:  C

Ques. 6: Let X be a Geom (0.4) random variable. Then P (X=5|X >= 2) = ________

Answer:  0.086 to 0.087

Ques. 7: An observer is located on a horizontal, circular turntable which rotates about a vertical axis passing through its center, with a uniform angular speed of 2 rad/sec. A mass of 10 grams is sliding without friction on the turntable. At an instant when the mass is at a distance of 8 cm from the axis, it is observed to move towards the center with a speed of 6 cm/sec. The net force on the mass, as seen by observer at that instant, is

(A) 0.0024 N
(B) 0.0032 N
(C) 0.004 N
(D) 0.006 N

Answer:  C

Ques. 8: How many nucleotides are there in Ss RNA molecule of picorna virus causing FMD?

(A) 1000  
(B) 5000
(C) 8000  
(D) 10000

Answer:  C

Ques. 9: White light is incident normally on a glass slab. Inside glass slab,

(A) Violet light travels faster than other colours
(B) Yellow light travels faster than other colours
(C) All colours travel with the same speed
(D) Red light travels faster than other colours

Answer:  D

Ques. 10: If A and B have n elements in common, then number of elements common to A x B and B x A is

(A) 0
(B) n
(C) 2n
(D) n2

Answer:  4

Ques. 11: Which amongst the following planets has highest number of known satellites?

(A) Mars
(B) Uranus
(C) Venus
(D) Mercury

Answer:  B

Ques. 12: The first row transition metal complexes having tetrahedral geometry are high-spin due to

(A) Δt > P
(B) Δt < P
(C) Δt = P
(D) Δt > Δo

Answer:  B

Ques. 13: Controls the way in which computer system functions and provides a means by which users can interact with the computer.

(A) The operating system
(B) The motherboard
(C) The platform
(D) Application software

Answer:  A

Ques. 14: A ____________ is approximately one billion bytes.

(A) Bit
(B) Kilobyte
(C) Gigabyte
(D) Megabyte

Answer:  3

Ques. 15: How many nucleotides are there in Ss RNA molecule of picorna virus causing FMD?

(A) 1000  
(B) 5000
(C) 8000  
(D) 10000

Answer:  C

Ques. 16: The pH of the solution obtained by mixing 100 ml of a solution of pH = 3 with 400 ml of a solution of pH = 4 is

(A) 3 – log 2.8
(B) 7 – log 2.8
(C) 4 – log 2.8
(D) 5 – log 2.8

Answer:  3

Ques. 17: The power radiated by sun is 3.8 X 1026 and its radius is 7 X 105 km. The magnitude of the Poynting vector (in W/cm2 ) at the surface of the sun is ___________.

Answer:  6165 to 6180

Ques. 18: At room temperature, the speed of sound in air is 340 m/sec. An organ pipe with both ends open has a length L= 29 cm. An extra hole is created at the position L/2. The lowest frequency of sound produced is

(A) 293 Hz
(B) 586 Hz
(C) 1172 Hz
(D) 2344 Hz

Answer:  C

Ques. 19: In binding of oxygen to hemoglobin, a plot of the fractional saturation of hemoglobin versus partial pressure of oxygen can best be described as

(A) Hyperbolic
(B) sigmoidal
(C) Linear with a negative slope
(D) Linear with a positive slope

Answer:  B

Ques. 20: Which of following is incorrect?
If a ≡ b (mod m) and x is an integer, then

(A) (a ÷ x) ≡ (b ÷ x) (mod m)
(B) (a + x) ≡ (b + x) (mod m)
(C) (a - x) ≡ (b - x) (mod m)
(D) ax ≡ bx (mod m)

Answer:  A

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