MBA Interview Preparation Questions and Answers

MBA Interview Questions and Answers:

This section will help you in having a brief idea about the commonly asked MBA interview preparations questions and answers that will allow you to overcome the last hurdle of Interview round for getting admission in your dream MBA College.

Having a good score in Entrance Exam like Cat, MAT etc. is still not enough if you are not able to perform well in the interview round held by many top class colleges for giving admission in MBA.

MBA Interview preparation doesn’t mean that you have to spend long hours in trying to learn something.

The questions asked in MBA Interview only test personality and attitude of candidate for which, I think, no preparations as such are required.

You just have to be focused and confident on your part to answer the questions truly in a way that Interviewee appreciates it.

MBA interview questions and answers:

You will get some idea after reading the below mentioned question and Answers

1) Tell me something about yourself?

Ans. I am a person with strong interpersonal skills and have the ability to get along well with people. I enjoy challenges and looking for creative solutions to problems.

2) Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Ans. I see myself as a _______ in your esteemed organization whereby with all my enhanced learning and skill, I shall be able to make up a valuable and meaningful contribution to your organization.

3) Is there anything else that we should know about you that would impact our decision?

Ans. I am a continuous learner and try to keep myself abreast of all developments in the field of IT. Also since I do not quit in the face of toughest challenges, I am certain that I would be able to achieve the targets that I set for myself and beyond.

4) Did you have any failures in your life?

Ans. I failed to score a good percentage in my particular class (if this happened to you). I worked hard for it but scored less than what I expected.

5) What have you learnt from your failures?

From my failures I have learnt to analyze myself and find out my shortcomings. Those shortcomings are the areas of future improvement for me and I have undertaken seriously to improve myself on those relevant areas. One more thing I learned is never to give up, never to feel rejected.

6) How do you think you conducted or performed during this interview?

Ans. I think I have conducted myself in the best possible manner by satisfying your queries through my specific answers which I feel were logical, systematic and to the point. Through my answer my true worth as a dynamic and competent professional has come out fair and square and I am happy with my performance which would ensure my selection in this esteemed organization.

7) Do you have any questions to ask us?

Ans. Sir, I would like to have my feedback, so that I can analyze and improve my strengths and rectify my shortcomings.

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