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Pilot Aptitude Test | Online Sample Mock Test Questions For Practice

Pilot Aptitude Test

Pilot Aptitude Test

Pilot Aptitude Test: We analyse that there is lot of students who are preparing for Pilot exams and searching for Pilot Aptitude Test papers. So, here we are providng you Pilot Aptitude Test Questions for Practice so that you can prepare well for your upcoming exam. These questions will help you to understand exam pattern and provide you the idea of how to attemp questions in exam. These questions are prepared by our expert team.

This free Online Sample Mock Test contains 20 differt questions from the various topics like: numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, Quant, Gernal Knowledge etc. we believe you can only reach your natural limit through practice.So contenders must attempt these question and boost up your prepration from today only.

Pilot Aptitude Test

Question 1 If aman can do a work in 80 days and puneet can complete a work in 120 days. Than how many days they take together to complete the same work?

a)    46
b)    48
c)    38
d)    56

Answer: b)

Question 2 Calculate −3x+2 <= −4:

a)    x≥2
b)    x≥4
c)    x≥3
d)    x≥2.5

Answer: a)

Question 3 Find odd one:

a)    121
b)    1331
c)    110
d)    134

Answer: d)

Question 4 17.978+28.008+37.984−13.969−10.003

a)    59.998
b)    58.998
c)    62.998
d)    61.998

Answer: a)

Question 5  If sumit can do a piece of work in 12 days and shashi can do a same piece of work in 6 days than how many days they take together to complete same work?

a)    6
b)    8
c)    4
d)    2

Answer: c)

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Question 6 Find the odd man out.
a)    ZW
b)    TQ
c)    SP
d)    NL
e)    PM

Answer: d)

Question 7 7777 ÷ 77 ÷ 7

a)    14.428
b)    15.625
c)    18.965
d)    13.589

Answer: a)

Question 8 22.005% of 449.999

a)    85            
b)    100              
c)    125              
d)    75                
e)    150

Answer: b)

Question 9 What is 500/0.8=?

a)    625
b)    525
c)    620
d)    685
e)    425

Answer: a)

Question 10 If an aircraft is travelling at 300 knots, how many miles will it travel in 3 hours and 40 minutes?

a)    1,260 NM 
b)    1,100 NM 
c)    990 NM 
d)    1,200 NM 

Answer: b)

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Direction (Q.11-Q15)

Eight persons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are sitting around a rectangular table. Four persons sits on each middle side of the rectangular table, while other four persons on the corner of table. All of them are facing towards the centre. They like different soft drink viz. Limca, Pepsi, Thumbs Up, Miranda, Frooti, Coca-Cola, Slice and Sprite but not necessarily in same order.

1 does not like Slice. 4 is sitting second to the right of the one who likes Sprite. 5 is sitting third to the left of the one who likes Coca-Cola. F and G are sitting opposite to each other. 3 is sitting diagonally opposite to one who likes Slice. 2 is sitting opposite the one who likes Limca. The one who likes Miranda is sitting second to the right of the one who likes Frooti and second to the left of 1 who is not sitting near the one who likes Slice. 7 is sitting on the smaller side and to the immediate right of the one who likes Slice. The persons who like Frooti and Miranda are not on the same side of the table. The one who likes Miranda is sitting third to the right of the one who likes Sprite who is not sitting opposite to the person who likes Pepsi. The one who likes Miranda is sitting third to the left of 3. 6 sits second to the left of 8. The one who likes Pepsi sits opposite to the one who likes Frooti. 

Question 11 Who is sitting third to the right of the one who likes Coca-Cola?

a)    The one who likes Frooti.
b)    1
c)    The one who likes Slice.
d)    None of these
e)    Can’t determine

Answer: c)

Question 12 Who is sitting diagonally opposite to one who likes Slice?

a)    1
b)    3
c)    The one who likes Sprite.
d)    The one who likes Pepsi.
e)    Can't be determined

Answer: b)

Question 13 Who among following is sitting third to left of H? 

a)    5
b)    4
c)    3
d)    2
e)    1

Answer: c)

Question 14 A likes which of the following soft drinks?

a)    Thumbs Up
b)    Pepsi
c)    Limca
d)    Miranda
e)    Frooti

Answer: b)

Question 15 Coca-Cola is like by which of the following one? 

a)    2
b)    3
c)    4
d)    5
e)    6

Answer: e)

Question 16 How many minutes is 5 days 18 hours and 36 minutes? 

a)    8316
b)    8231
c)    8016
d)    7564

Answer: a)

Question 17 199.58−28.85−12.86

a)    157.87
b)    147.87
c)    167.87
d)    156.45

Answer: a)

Question 18 26, 34,?, 50, -6, 66

a)    12
b)    10
c)    22
d)    8
e)    9

Answer: b)

Question 19 Light travels at the fastest speed in

a)    Glass
b)    Water
c)    Hydrogen
d)    Vacuum

Answer: c)

Question 20 What is part of a database that holds only one type of information?

a)    Report
b)    Field
c)    Record
d)    File

Answer: b)

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So, start your prepration from today only and share your experience with us! You can write us, comment us. You are free to ask any of your doubts or query our hepling team will there for you 24*7. Stay connected and bookmarks our page for latest questions.


  1. Hello sir I want in Hindi questions papes's pilot

  2. Dubai is plus 4 so the answer is 05:00

  3. How to solve question 18? Does it use 1:60 rule?
    And also can someone please explain why method is wrong for question 20. My answer is 1.25 as a result of 25/20. Help!!!

    1. Change to seconds n devide. U will get 75 seconds. So it is 1m 15min

  4. what is the site for pilot aptiude test


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