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SSC Multitasking Previous Year Papers | SSC MTS Sample Model Papers pdf

SSC Multitasking Previous Year Papers

SSC Multitasking Previous Year Papers

You can download SSC Multitasking Previous Year Papers at free of cost now!!!! It is one of the easiest ways to prepare for SSC Multitasking Exam with the help of SSC MTS Sample Papers. To get SSC MTS Model Papers in the form of PDF, you may go through this page. SSC Multitasking Solved Questions Papers contains questions that are asked in previous few years. SSC Multitasking Previous Year Papers of General English, Quantitative Aptitude, General Awareness and General Intelligence & Reasoning are well stated here.

Some time we get confuse because we don’t know what kind if questions will be asked in examination. So here is the solution of your problem. You may get the pattern of Staff Selection Commission MTS Questions along with answers. You may check this page that is designed by the team of www.privatejobshub.in, to get complete information about SSC MTS Sample Question Paper. Below links of SSC Multitasking Previous Year Papers is given in the table. Download it or save it and do preparation of examination properly.

SSC MTS Sample Papers PDF

SSC MTS Question Paper
SSC Multitasking Sample Papers
SSC Multitasking Questions and Answer
SSC MTS Question and Answer

SSC Multitasking Previous Year Questions Papers

Subject wise SSC Multitasking Sample Papers are well stated below. Before reading the question, must check its direction. Without reading direction completely, you can’t solve these questions properly. After getting answer, must match it with the answer given here. If you answer is matching with the given answer, then you answer is right.

Part – A: General English:

Directions: In Questions some parts of the sentences have errors and some are correct. Find out which part of a sentence has an error.

1. The green plants in your private (1) collection will dry up (2) before therains (3) will fall in this region. (4)

a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Answer: d

2. People live in these houses themselves and yet they are mostly (2) unaware of the chinks (3) in the painted wooden ceilings. (4)

a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Answer: a

3. The woman (1) is the ornament of the home (2) this is commonly (3)accepted in Indian society. (4)

a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Answer: a

Preparation Tips

Directions: In each of the following questions, some parts have been jumbled up. You are required to re-arrange in a proper sequence.

4. By the Time
Known to everyone (P)
we appeared on the Scene (Q
he had already become as institution (R)
who had ever stayed at Anand Bhawan (S)

The proper sequence should be


Answer: c

5. I am
If someone rings the bell (P)
very hesitant(Q)
to open the door (R)
at mid night(S)

The proper sequence should be


Answer: a

6. I can guarantee
As a medical representative (P)
without any doubt (Q)
for the post for which he has applied (R)
that this candidate will be successful (S)

The proper sequence should be


Answer: c

Go Through It: SSC MTS Preparation Tips

Directions: choose the word which is most nearly the SAME in meaning


a) Mingle
b) Frustrate
c) Taken
d) Cross

Answer: d

Directions: choose the word which is most opposite in meaning


a) Useless
b) Irrelevant
c) Obscure
d) Unimportant

Answer: d

Take a Test

Directions: Which of the phrases (a), (b) (c) and (d) given below should replace the phrase underlined.

9. Taxes are high in this country aren’t they?

a) Doesn’t it
b) Do they?
c) Aren’t taxes
d) No correction required

Answer: d

10. The roads are wet; it must had rained last night.

a) Must have
b) Must have been
c) Might had
d) Would have been

Answer: a

Directions: In these questions out of the four alternatives choose the onewhich can be substituted for the given words/sentence.

11. “A person who eats too much.”
a) Glutton
b) Reveler
c) Sensualist
d) Omnivore

Answer: a

Part – B Quantitative Aptitude:

12. The heights of two cones are in the ratio of 1:3 and the diameters of their bases are in the ratio of 3:5 the ratio of their volumes is

a) 3:25
b) 4:25
c) 6:25
d) 7:25

Answer: a

13. Two numbers are in the ratio 5:9 after adding 9 to each number; the ratio becomes 16:27. One number out of the two will be.

a) 99
b) 77
c) 88
d) 66
Answer: a

Want help in Preparation? Get Tips: Practice Which Helps In Preparation

14. A number lies between the cubes of 15 and 16. If the number is divisible by the square of 12 as well as by 7 what is the number.

a) 3469
b) 4032
c) 4045
d) 5249

Answer: b

15. A batsman makes a score of 87 runs in the 17th inning and thus increases his average by 3. Find his average after 17th inning.

a) 30
b) 35
c) 38
d) 39

Answer: d

Preparation Links

16. The average age of five numbers of a family is 21 years. If the age of the grandfather was included, the average is increased by 9 years. The age of the grand father is.

a) 66 years
b) 72 years
c) 75 years
d) 84 years

Answer: b

17. Two pipes A and B can fill a tank in 6 hours and 4 hours respectively. If they are opened at alternate hour’s and if pipe A is opened first, in how many hours, the tank shall be fill.

a) 4
b) 5
c) 4 ½
d) 5 ½

Answer: b

18. A man barrows 12,500/- from a bank at 20% compound interest. At the end of every year he pays 2,000/- as part of repayment how much does he still owe to the bank after three such installments.

a) 15,600/-
b) 12,864/-
c) 12,000/-
d) None

Answer: d

19. From the salary of an officer 10% is deducted as house rent, 15% of the rest he spends on children’s education and 10% of the balance spends on clothes. Then he is left with Rs.413 , the total salary is

a) 4,000/-
b) 5,000/-
c) 6,000/-
d) 7,000/-

Answer: c

Take a Test  Now

20. In an examination, 35% of the students passed and 455 failed. The total number of students who appeared for the examination was:

a) 845
b) 1300
c) 490
d) 700

Answer: d

Part - C (General Awareness):

21. Buddha died at

a) Sarnath
b) Kusinagara
c) Bodhgaya
d) None

Answer: b

22. Which temple got the name of Black Pagoda

a) Sun Temple
b) Lingaraja Temple
c) Jagannath Temple
d) Kailash Temple

Answer: a

23. In how many time zones has the world been divided into

a) 15
b) 24
c) 90
d) 180

Answer: b

24. Which one of the following is a land locked county?

a) Angola
b) Gabon
c) Tanzania
d) Zimbabwe

Answer: d

25. Where is Indian institute of Petroleum located?

a) Visakhapatnam
b) Delhi
c) Dehradun
d) Chennai

Answer: c

26. The market regulations in India were introduced by

a) Balban
b) Shershahsuri
c) Akbar
d) Allavddin khilji

Answer: d

27. The idea of the constitution of India was first of all given by

a) Mahatma Gandhi
b) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
c) J.L. Nehru
d) M.N. Roy

Answer: d

28. Which of the following comes under concurrent list?

a) Inter – state rivers
b) Trade unions
c) Citizenship
d) Local government

Answer: b

29. Contact lenses are made from

a) Polyvinyl chloride
b) Polystyrene
c) Lucite
d) Teflon

Answer: c

Part – D: General Intelligence & Reasoning:

Directions: find the odd number word/word / number pair.

30. 2, 5, 10, 50, 500, 5000

a) 10
b) 50
c) 5000
d) 500

Answer: c

a) Lakshadweep
b) Tamilnadu
c) Andhra Pradesh
d) Kerala

Answer: a

Success Tips For Reasoning

Directions: Select the related word/ letters/number from the given alternatives.

32. Smell : Flower :: Taste : (--------)

a) Water
b) Salt
c) Food
d) Sweet

Answer: c

33. Arrange the following words as per order in the English dictionary.

1) Important 2) Impart 3) Improvise 4) Improve

a) 1, 2, 3, 4
b) 2, 1, 4, 3
c) 3, 4, 1, 2
d) 2, 1, 3, 4

Answer: d

34. Barun is taller than Sanjay. Bipul is taller than Barun. Krishna is also not as tall as Bipul, but is taller than Barun. Who is the tallest?

a) Barun
b) Bipul
c) Krishna
d) Sanjay

Answer: b

35. In the following series how many “2-1-3” occur in such a way so that 1 is in the middle and both 2 and 3 are on any one side. 2 1 3 7 2 1 3 8 2 2 3 9 3 1 2 6 5 3 2 1 7 2 3 1 2

a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6
Answer: b

36. A, B and C are statements such that If both A and B are true then C is false. Further A is always true. Then.

a) B is always false
b) If C is true then B is false
c) C is always true
d) If C is false then B is true

Answer: d

37. One morning, Meena started walking towards the Sun. After walking a while she turned towards her left and again towards her left. After walking a while, she turned left. In which direction is she facing now?

a) North
b) East
c) West
d) South

Answer: d

Updated Links: SSC Syllabus

38. Sunita is the 11th from either end of a row of girls. How many girls are there in that row

a) 19
b) 20
c) 21
d) 22

Answer: c

39. Who won the men’s singles title in French open 2013?

a) David Ferrer
b) Rogar Federer
c) Rafeal Nadal
d) J. Martin Del potro

Answer: c

40. For galvanizing iron which of the following metals is used?

a) Zinc
b) Copper
c) Aluminum
d) lead

Answer: a

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SSC Multitasking Books
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Kiran’s SSC English Language Chapterwise Solved Papers 11300+ Objective Questions – English - 1920
Kiran Prakashan
Kiran’s SSC General Awareness Chapterwise & Typewise Solved Papers 1999 - April 2017 – English Get Free CD & Scratch Card - 1912 Paperback – 2017
Kiran Prakashan
Objective general English
R.S Aggarwal, Vikas Aggarwal
A modern approach to verbal and non verbal reasoning
R.S Aggarwal
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R Gupta
Disha Publications SSC Multi-Tasking MTS Staff Exam Books
Disha Publications
SSC Multi-Tasking: Recruitment exam 2014 (Non-Technical) by expert compilations
Arihant publication
Kiran’s SSC Reasoning Chapterwise & Typewise Solved Papers 8700+ Objective Questions – English
Kiran Prakashan

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Staff Selection Commission conducts SSC MTS Examination every year for recruitment on Group C & D Posts. As per performance in written examination, candidates are selected for further rounds. Recruitment of applicants will be done in various Government Departments. You may check this page to download SSC Multitasking Model Papers. By this you can test your preparation of exam. If you can simply solve SSC Multitasking Staff Previous Year Questions, it means you have good preparation but if not so, then it means you need to prepare more.

We will update this page with latest SSC Multitasking Previous Year Papers time to time. If you have any query about SSC MTS Solved Papers, then you may ask in comment box that is given below. We will try to solve your query as soon as possible. Subscribe to our freemail service for getting information in your inbox.

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