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ESIC Model Question Paper | Previous Year Question Paper For Staff Nurse

ESIC Model Question Paper

We are providing you some ESIC Model Question Paper for Staff Nurse. ESIC release the notification of recruitment in every year. Candidates will have to give written examination for the selection.

Candidates who will attempt written exam they should know which type of question paper will come in exam through ESIC Model Question Paper.

For a better preparation must study the ESIC Previous Year Question Paper for Staff Nurse Mentioned below

ESIC Question & Answers

1. The most common, preventable complication of abdominal surgery is:
  1. Atelectasis
  2. Fluid and electrolyte imbalance.
  3. Thrombophlebitis
  4. Urinary retention
Answer: 1

2. The main goal of treatment for acute glomerulonephritis is to:
  1. Encourage activity.
  2. Encourage high protein intake.
  3. Maintain fluid balance.
  4. Teach intermittent urinary catheterization
Answer: 3

3. For the evaluation feedback process to be effective, the nurse manager:
  1. Conducts weekly meetings of staff members.
  2. Considers staff members' interests and abilities when delegating tasks.
  3. Informs staff members regularly of how well they are performing their jobs.
  4. Provides goals for the staff members to meet.
Answer: 3

4. According to The Joint Commission standards, the primary influence on the quality of patient care is:
  1. Skills testing for staff
  2. Staff competency
  3. Staff educational levels
  4. Staffing ratios
Answer: 2

5. Which physiological response is often related to surgery-related stress?
  1. Bronchial constriction
  2. Decreased cortisol levels
  3. Peripheral vasodilation
  4. Sodium and water retention
Answer: 4

6. Which statement by a patient with diabetes mellitus indicates an understanding of the medication insulin glargine (Lantus)?
  1. “Lantus causes weight loss.”
  2. “Lantus is used only at night.”
  3. “The duration of Lantus is six hours.”
  4. “There is no peak time for Lantus.”
Answer: 4

7. Which action occurs primarily during the evaluation phase of the nursing process?
  1. Data collection
  2. Decision-making and judgment
  3. Priority-setting and formulating expected outcomes
  4. Reassessment and audit
Answer: 4

8. Which intention best describes the alerting of a sentinel event?
  1. To document the breakdown in communication during a shift report
  2. To indicate that a community or institution is not safe
  3. To record the harm done when a medication error occurs
  4. To signal the need for immediate investigation and response
Answer: 4

9. Which is primarily a developmental task of middle age?
  1. Learning and acquiring new skills and information
  2. Rediscovering or developing satisfaction in one's relationship with a significant other
  3. Relying strongly upon spiritual beliefs
  4. Risk-taking and its perceived consequences
Answer: 2

10. The first step in applying the quality improvement process to an activity in a clinical setting is to:
  1. Assemble a team to review and revise the activity.
  2. Collect data to measure the status of the activity.
  3. Select an activity for improvement.
  4. Set a measurable standard for the activity.
Answer: 3

11. Both strands of DNA serve as templates concurrently in
  1. replication
  2. excision repair
  3. mismatch repair
  4. none of these
Answer: 1

12. Which of the following lacks 3'-5' exonuclease activity?
  1. Short fragment of DNA polymerase I
  2. Taq DNA polymerase
  3. T4 DNA ligase
  4. All of the above
Answer: 4

13. The cooci which mostly occur in single or pairs are
  1. Streptococci
  2. Diplococci
  3. Tetracocci
  4. None of these
Answer: 2

14. The bacteria deficient in cell wall is
  1. Treponema
  2. Mycoplasma
  3. Staphylococcus
  4. Klebsiella
Answer: 2

15. Which of the following types of Clostridium perfringens produces alpha toxin most abundantly?
  1. Type A
  2. Type B
  3. Type C
  4. Type D
Answer: 1
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