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Online Practice Test for Head Constable | Latest Quiz, Mock Test

Online Practice Test for Head Constable

Online Practice Test for Head Constable

Applicants who are going to start preparation for Head Constable Posts they must Check the Latest Online Practice Test for Head Constable to crack Head Constable exam. From our past experience we have analyzed that many candidates are looking for Head Constable Mock Test. Without having past year question understanding we cannot expect success in the test easily. So we are providing some important question and answer which will help you in scoring good marks in exam. So start practicing latest online quiz to get good marks In Head Constable exam.

Things To Remember To Appear For Head Constable Exam:-

1)    Do First What You Know Better
2)    If You Have Confusion In Question Don’t Waste Time On That
3)    Remember That There Will Be A Negative Marking For Every Wrong Answer

Online Practice Test for Head Constable

Question: 1 Choose the correct alternative and complete the sentence.

He must apologise _____________.

a)    Or he will be punished
b)    So that he may be punished
c)    Yet he will be punished
d)    Unless he will be punished

Answer – a

Question: 2 ICAO stands for

a)    International Civil Aviation Organization
b)    Indian Corporation of Agriculture Organization
c)    Institute of Company of Accounts Organization
d)    None of the above
Answer – a

Question: 3 The missing number in the series :

0, 6, 24, 60, 120, ?, 336, is

a)    210
b)    220
c)    230
d)    240

Answer- b

Question: 4 In a computer most processing takes place in _______

a)    CPU
b)    ALU
c)    Mother board
d)    Memory
e)    RAM

Answer – a

Direction for question 5th and 6th  Seven workerd 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ,6 and 7 are sitting in a straight line facing north.4 sits fifth to the right of 1. 4 does not sit at any extreme ends. Two people sit between 7 and 5. 6 sits third to the left of 2. 6 sits exactly in the middle. 7 is not immediate neighbour of 6.
Question: 5 Who is second to the left of 2 ?

a)    4
b)    4
c)    5
d)    7
e)    None of these

Answer – c

Question:  6 Who is third to the right of 1 ?

a)    5
b)    6
c)    3
d)    2
e)    None of these

Answer – b

Question: 7  There is group of 7 students in a class having a majority of male students is to be formed out of 6 male and 4 female. The numbers of ways the group can be formed is

a)    100
b)    110
c)    95
d)    90

Answer - a

Question: 8 You organize files by storing them in _____

a)    Lists
b)    Archives
c)    Folders
d)    None of these

   Answer - c

Question: 9 The simple interest accrued on an amount of Rs. 22,500 at the end of four years is Rs. 10,800. What would be the compound interest accrued on the same amount at the same rate of interest at the end of two years?

a)    Rs. 11,689
b)    Rs. 6,123
c)    Rs. 22,235
d)    Rs. 5,724
e)    None of these

Answer - b

Question: 10  43931.03 ÷ 2111.02 X 401.04 = ?

a)    8600
b)    8300
c)    7100
d)    7900

Answer – b

Question: 11 How many meaningful English words can be made with the second, the fourth, the sixth and the seventh letters of the word STUMBLE using each letter only once in each word?

a)    One
b)    Two
c)    Three
d)    Four
e)    More than four

Answer - a

Question: 12 "Foot" is related to "Man" in the same way as "Hoof" is related to __________

a)    Leg
b)    Horse
c)    Dog
d)    Boy
e)    Shoe

Answer –b

Question: 13  34.4% of 250 + 62.6% of 540 - 107.24 = ?

a)    321
b)    424
c)    298
d)    364
e)    316

Answer - e

Question: 14 The odd numbers from 1 to 45 which are exactly divisible by 3 are arranged in an ascending order. The number at 6th position is

a)    27
b)    33
c)    24
d)    36

Answer - b

Question: 15 choose the correct alternative to complete the sentence.

Children _________ not eat chocolates.

a)    Shall
b)    Should
c)    Will
d)    Would

Answer - b

Question: 16  Fill the blank spaces with the right pair of words :

The bank functions __________ 10.00 a.m. __________ 5.00 p.m.

a)    between, and
b)    between, to
c)    from, to
d)    at, and

Answer – c

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Question: 17  Cost of 8 books and 4 pen is Rs. 176 and the cost of 2 books and pen is Rs. 48. What is the cost of one book?

a)    Rs. 12
b)    Rs. 13
c)    Rs. 16
d)    Rs. 18
e)    None of these

Answer - e

Question: 18 I could not use his car because it ____________.

a)    was having repaired
b)    was being repaired
c)    had been repaired
d)    was repairing

Answer - b

Question: 19 Rewrite the sentence given below with the right punctuation marks :
What a tall boy you have become she said

a)    "What a tall boy you have become!" she said.
b)    "What a tall boy you have become ?" she said.
c)    "What a tall boy you have become!" she said.
d)    "What ? A tall boy you have become!" she said.

Answer – a

Question: 20 How many Lok Sabha seats belong to Rajasthan?

a)    31
b)    30
c)    17
d)    25

Answer – d

We hope that above given question and answer will be useful in preparation for Head Constable Exam. Visit our page regularly or bookmark to get latest information about Online Practice Test for Head Constable. If you have any confusion about anything comments us by Comment Box Given Blow.  Best of Luck for Your Exam!!!!! 

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