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Sony India Placement Papers 2017 Questions With Answers Campus Pattern


Sony India Placement Papers

Sony India Placement Papers 2017: Dear candidates, if you are searching for Sony India Placement Papers then this page are helpful for you.
On this page you can check providing you the Sony India Solved Sample Question Papers to prepare for Sony India Recruitment Exam. Candidates must practice through Sony India Placement Papers with Answers to secure a job in this well reputated company. Aspirants can also free download Sony Campus Paper Pattern in PDF format through online process.

This Page Includes:
  • Latest Sony India Placement Papers
  • Sony India Interview Questions With Answers
  • Sony India Placement Papers with Answers
  • Sony India Question Papers with Solutions
Sony India is one of the well-known and identified consumer electronics brand in the world. Sony India invites eligible candidates for recruitment. Number of candidates wants to make bright future within Sony India and they apply for various vacancies of Sony India. Shortlisted candidate will be called for the interview and selected applicants will get the smart salary package. We have provided Sony India Placement Papers in the below part of this page that is provided for candidates easiness by the entire team of privatejobshub.in

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Sony India Placement Papers

Ques-1) A boy buys 18 sharpeners, (Brown/white) for Rs.100.  For every white sharpener, he pays one rupee more than the brown sharpener. What is the cost of white sharpener and how much did he buy?
1.       5, 13
2.       5, 10
3.       6, 10
4.       None of these
Ans: 3

Ques-2) Of a set of 30 numbers, average of 1st 10 numbers is equal to average of last 20 numbers.  The sum of last 20 numbers is?
1.    2 x sum of last 10 numbers
2.    2 x sum of 1st 10 numbers
3.    sum of 1st 10 numbers
4.    Cannot be determined
Ans: 2

Ques-3) A lady has fine gloves and hats in her closet- 18 blue- 32 red , 10 white , 25 yellow, 55 purple, 30 orange. The lights are out and it is totally dark in spite of the darkness. She can make out the difference between a hat and a glove. She takes out an item out of the closet only if she is sure that if it is a glove. How many gloves must she take out to make sure she has a pair of each color of blue, red, yellow?
1.    59
2.    8
3.    50
4.    42
Ans: 1

Ques-4)In how many ways a team of 11 must be selected a team 5 men and 11 women such that the team must comprise of not more than 3 men.
1.    1565
2.    2256
3.    2456
4.    1243
Ans: 2

Ques-5) a, b, c are non negative integers such that 28a+30b+31c = 365. a + b + c =?
1.    Greater than 14
2.    less than or equal to 11
3.    13
4.    12
Ans. 4

Ques-6) A bag contains 20 yellow balls, 10 green balls, 5 white balls, 8 black balls, and 1 red ball. How many minimum balls one should pick out so that to make sure the he gets at least 2 balls of same color?
1.    9 balls
2.    6 balls
3.    10 balls
4.    8 balls
Ans. 2

Ques-7) Find number of 3’s between 1 & 100.
1.    19
2.    22
3.    17
4.    12
Ans. 1

Ques-8) Mangoes and 4 apples costs Rs.85. 5 apples and 6 peaches costs 122.  6 mangoes and 2 peaches costs Rs.144.  What is the combined price of 1 apple, 1 peach, and 1 mango.
1.    37
2.    39
3.    35
4.    36
Ans. 1

Ques-9) 2 gears one with 12 teeth and other one with 14 teeth are engaged with each other. One teeth in smaller and one tooth in bigger are marked and initially those 2 marked teeth are in contact with each other. After how many rotations of the smaller gear with the marked teeth in the other gear will again come into contact for the first time?
1.    7
2.    12
3.    Data insufficient
4.    84
Ans. 1

Ques-10) The wages of 24 men and 16 women amount to 11600 per day. Half the number of men and 37 women has same money.   The daily wages paid to each man is
1.    375
2.    400
3.    350
4.    325

Ans: 3

Ques-11) Select the sentence or part of a sentence which is grammatically correct from the given alternatives.
  1. Either the manager or his assistance failed in their duty.
  2. Either the manager his assistants failed in his duty
  3. Either the manager or his assistants failed in his duty
  4. Either the manager nor his assistant failed in their now
Ans. 1

Ques-12) Select the sentence or part of a sentence which is grammatically correct from the given alternatives.
  1. He used to visit us every week but he is rarely coming duty.
  2. He used to visit us every week but he is rarely comes now
  3. He used to visit us every week by he has rarely come now
  4. None of these
Ans. 4

Ques-13) The police arrested him. Change the voice
  1. The Police have arrested him
  2. He is being arrested by Police
  3. He was arrested by the Police
  4. He has been arrested by the Police.
Ans. 3

Ques-14) Hedge Hog is the name of:
  1. Country
  2. City
  3. Animal
  4. Planet
Ans. 3

Ques-15) Most of the letters in the English alphabet come from:
  1. Arabic
  2. Italian
  3. Hebrew
  4. Roman
Ans. 4

Ques-16) The Albatross is an important character in the poem of:
  1. William Wordsworth
  2. Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  3. Shelley
  4. Byron
Ans. 2
Ques-17) A Marsupial is a mammal which has:
  1. Pouch
  2. Wings
  3. Camouflage
  4. Poisonous tooth
Ans. 1

Ques-18) A stitch in the time saves nine means:
  1. Do the stitching on your own
  2. A timely act will prevent further trouble
  3. Nine can be saved if you stitch properly
  4. None of these
Ans. 2

Ques-19) Zip code means:
  1. System of control traffic
  2. System of fix rates for items
  3. System of simplify mail sorting
  4. None of these
Ans. 4

Ques-20) Effluent means:
  1. Liquid waste
  2. Halo effect
  3. Wealth
  4. Flattery
Ans. 1

Ques-21) What will the function rewind() do?
  1. Reposition the file pointer to a character reverse.
  2. Reposition the file pointer stream to end of file.
  3. Reposition the file pointer to beginning of that line.
  4. Reposition the file pointer to beginning of file.
Ans. 4

Ques-22) Input/output function prototypes and macros are defined in which header file?
  1. conio.h    
  2. stdlib.h
  3. stdio.h     
  4. dos.h

Ques-23) Which standard library function will you use to find the last occurrence of a character in a string in C?
  1. strnchar ()
  2. strchar ()
  3. strrchar ()
  4. strrchr ()
Ans. 4

Ques- 24) What is stderr ?
  1. standard error   
  2. standard error types
  3. standard error streams 
  4. standard error definitions
Ans. 3

Ques-25) Does there any function exist to convert the int or float to a string?
  1. Yes         
  2. No
Ans. 1


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