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UPRTOU Exam Schedule 2018 Jan-Feb Exam UG/PG Time Table uprtou.ac.in


UPRTOU Exam Schedule

UPRTOU Exam Schedule 2018:  Jan-Feb Exam Date Sheet for UG/PG courses released!!! Ensure exam date & timings from UPRTOU Exam Schedule. Aspirants who are studying in undergraduate and post graduate courses in any discipline may note down Uttar Pradesh Rajarshi Tandon Open University Time Table.

uprtou.ac.in exam are commencing from 28.12.17 & lasts till 16.02.18. Get Uttar Pradesh Rajarshi Tandon Open University Exam Schedule 2018 in PDF form & schedule your studies for each subject.

Name of the university
Uttar Pradesh Rajarshi Tandon Open University
UPRTOU Exam Schedule

Every year UP Rajarshi Tandon Open University organizes UG/PG Exam and huge number of candidates appears in the examination. The main purpose behind conducting the under graduate and post graduate exam is to ensure the knowledge of aspirants and to promote them at higher level.

Appearing candidates are advised to begin their preparation accordingly UP Rajarshi Tandon Open University Exam schedule to score good marks in exam. Fetch more information regarding UPRTOU Exam Schedule 2018 from the beneath section of this page well created by the team of www.privatejobshub.in!!

UPRTOU Exam Schedule

FIRST SESSION (9:00 AM – 12:00 NOON)
CPHT&VA-01 - Post harvest Process: Introduction and Significance.
CCMAP-01 - Medicinal Plants: Introduction and Significance
CLPS-01 - Livestock Significance in Agriculture
CCP-01 - Application Oriented Course
CHR-01 - Human Rights : Society and Development
CDM-01 - Foundation Course in Disaster Management
CHFE-01 / MLIS-12E1 - Basics of HIV/AIDS
CWED-01 - Foundation Course in Women's Empowerment and
CCTT-01 - Basic Knowledge of Carpet
CTEIM-01 - Direct Tax Management
CFD-01/ DFD-01 - Fashion General Knowledge
CTD-01/DTD-01 - Sketching
CFS-01 - Forensic Science, Crime Scene, Management, Questioned Documents and Finger Prints
CTM-01 / PGDTM-01 - Ecology of Tourism and Tourism Impact
UGFODL - Foundation Coues in Open and Distance Learning
CES-01 – Ecology, Environment and Tourism
CPT-01 – Prepress Operation (Part One) COF-01 – Introduction to Organic Farming
CPF-01 – Introduction to Poultry Farming
CIB-01 – Introduction to Bee Keeping
CPLT-01 – Good Laboratory Practices
CCCA-01 – Fundamentals of Animation and Basic Sketching
CCWD-01 – Basics of HTML and CSS
CCLA-01 – Linux Internals
CHHM-01 – Tourism Hospitality Management Foundation
CWWT-01 – Water and Waste Water Pollution
CNSD-01 – Perspective on Natural Resources
PGDT-01 - Translation Theories and Techniques
PGDEA-01 - Introduction to Educational Administration and Management
PGD-ESD-01 - Integrated Environment Management: Rural and Urban
PGDEM&FP-01 - Media: Concepts and Principles
PGDVGCC-01 - Nature and Techiques of Guidance
PGDDE-01 - Growth and Philosophy of Distance Education
DRD-01 - Rural Development: Indian Context
DCDN-01 - Nutrition & Food Requirements
DIP-01 - Fundamental of Photography
DIC-01 - Personal Computer and PC Software
DCOM-01 - Office Environment and Data Processing
CASC-01/DASC-01/UGSTAT-01(N/O) / UGBY-11(N) / UGZY-11(N)/UGBCH-09 (O/N)/UGCHE-13(N) /UGCS-16(N) - Statistical Methods
DWT-01 – Fundamental of Information Technology & Operation System
DHHM-01 – Tourism Hospitality Management Foundation
DDT-01 – Mini Production and Quality of Milk
DVAPFV-01 – Food Fundamentals
PGDAE-01 –Fundamentals Course in Agricultural Extension

CPHT&VA-02 - Post Harvest Process : Technology
CCMAP-02 - Major Medicinal Plants : and Economy
CLPS-02 - Animal Nutrition : Feed and Fodder Management
DECE-01/CCCN-02 - Organizing Child Care Services
CNF-02 - Your Food and Its Utilization
CCP-02 - Consumer Protection Issues
CHR-02 - Human Rights in India
CDM-02 - Disaster Management Methods and Techniques
CHFE-02 - Elective on HIV/AIDS
CWED-02 - Women in Indian Society : Socio- Historical Context
CCTT-02 - Basic Knowledge of Computer
CTEIM-02 - Indirect Tax Management
CFD-02/DFD-02 - Basic Design and Sketching
CTD-02/DTD-02 - Basic Design
CFS-02 - Forensic Biology, Serology, Chemistry and Toxicology
CTM-02/PGDTM-02 - Tourism Marketing Management and Entrepreneurial
CHEQ/EA - Foundation Course in Environment Awareness
CES-02 – Human Environment
CPT-02 – Press Operation (Part Two)
COF-02 – Organic Production System
CPF-02 – Poultry Housing and Management
CIB-02 – Management of Honey Bee Colonies
CPLT-02 –Laboratory Techniques in Biology
CCCA-02 – 2D Digital Animation: Flash
CCWD-02 – Introduction to JSP
CCLA-02 – Shell Programming
CHHM-02 – Food and Beverage Operations
CWWT-02 – Water and Waste Water Technique
CNSD-02 – Sustainable Development
MASTAT-11(N)/PGSTAT-11(N)/ MSc-CS-27(N) /MCA-E10(N) - Operation Research
MASTAT-12(N)/PGSTAT-12(N) -Linear Algebra
DWT-02 – Internet & Web Technology
DHHM-02 – Food and Beverage Operations

CPHT&VA-03 - Value Addition : Processes Techniques and By-products
CCMAP-03 - Other Medicinal and Aromatic Plants : Product Manufacture and Marketing
CLPS-03 - Animal Husbandry: Management and Reproduction
CNF-03 - Economics of Food
CCP-03 - Marketing
CHR-03 - Human Rights in Everyday Life: What can we do?
CHFE-03 - Basics of Family Education
CWED-03 - Constitutional and Legislative Foundation For Gender Equality
CCTT-03 - Designing and Coloring
CTEIM-03-Export-Import Management
CFD-03/DFD-03 - Design Ideas
CTD-03/DTD-03 - Design Ideas
CFS-03 - Forensic Physics, Ballistics Digital Forensic and Special Topics
CTM-03/PGDTM-03 -MIS in Tourism
UGZY-01(O/N) - Animal Diversity I
SWM/CES-03 – Solid Waste Management
CPT-03 – Post Press Operation
COF-03 – Inspection of Certification of Organic Produce
CPF-03 – Poultry Feeds and Feeding
CIB-03 – Hive Products and Economics of Bee Keeping
CPLT-03 –Laboratory Techniques in Chemistry
CCCA-03 – Graphic Design (Adobe Illustrator Coral Draw (Adobe Photoshop)
CCWD-03 – Introduction to PHP
CHHM-03 - Food and Beverage Operations Lab
CWWT-03 – Theory Paper on ETP or STP
CNSD-03 – Policies Related to Environmental Sustainability
PGDFM-01 - Capital Investment and Financial
PGDMM-01 - Marketing and Sales Management
DHA-01 - Home Croft
DJD-01 - Brief History of Jewelry and
Finding Jewelry Artifacts
DPC-01 - Paper Marking Techniques,
Handmade/Machine Made
DUR-01/UGUR-01(O/N) - Urdu Poetry 1
DUJMC-01 - Basic Principles of Mass
Communication in Urdu
DUNRA-01 - News : Importance and Kind of News
AOCED - Export Procedure and Documentation
PGDPM-01 - Operation Research for Managerial Application
DHHM-03 - Food and Beverage Operations Lab
DDT-03 – Milk Processing and Packing
DVAPFV-03 – Food Chemistry and Physiology
PGDAE-03 –Agricultural Extension Management
CHFE-04 - Elective on Family Education CHFE-05 - Alcohol, Drugs and HIV
CHFE-06/ MLIS-12E2 - Communication and Counselling in
HIV ¼,p-vkbZ-oh- esalapkj ,oaijke'k Z½
CWED-04 Women and Economy
CCTT-04 - Weaving
PGDTM-04 - Tourism Economics
PGDTM-05 - Tourism Impact
CASC-03/DASC-03/UGSTAT-03(O/N)/ MSc-CS-25(N) -
Correlation, Regression and Statistical Inference
UGZY-02(N/O) - Animal Diversity II MAHI-02(N)/MAHI-04
COF-04 – Economic and Marketing of Organic Produce
CPF-04 – Poultry Health Care and Bio-Security Measures
CPLT-04 –Laboratory Techniques in Physics
CCWD-04 – Introduction to BDMS and MySQL
MCA-1.5/PGDCA-1.5/MCA-10(N) - Data
Communication and Computer Networks
UGCHE-14(N)/UGBCH-03(N/O) - Bio Analytical
DDT-04 – Dairy Products-I
DVAPFV-04 – Food Processing and Engineering-I
CCTT-05 - Colouring and Tools
CASC-05/DASC-07/DIHT-01 - Fundamental of Computer and
CCC-01 - Microsoft Office and Internet
MCA-3.1(O) - Advance Discrete Mathematics
UGZY-05(O/N) - Cell Biology
CNF-You and Your Food
UGMM-08(O/N) - Differential Equations
PGSTAT-17(N)/MASTAT-17(N)/PGSTAT-13(O) /MASTAT-13(O) - Demography
UGFHS - Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Science
CCC-02 Fox-pro
UGFEG - Foundation Course in English
CASC-04/DASC-06/UGSTAT-06(O) - Applied Statistics
MBA-1.1 - Management Functions and Behavior
PGDT-02 - Linguistic and Social Aspects of
PGDEA-02 - Institutional Climate and Leadership
PGD-ESD-02 - Towards a Participatory Management
PGDEM&FP-02 - Film : Introduction, Principles and History
PGDVGCC-02 - Vocational Guidance
PGDDE-02 - Design and Development of Self
Learning Materials
DHEN-02 - Public Health and Hygiene
DRD-02 - Rural Development: Programme
DCDN-02 - Food Science and Experimental Cookery
DECE-02 - Child Health and Nutrition
DIHT-02 - Basic Electronic Devises & PC Software
DIP-02 - Principles of Photography
DIC-02 - Information Technology
DCOM-02 - Information Processing in Office
CCC-03 - The Technology
UGFHD - Foundation Course in
DASC-04/UGSTAT-04(O/N) - Sampling Theory and Design
of Experiments
MCA-3.2(O) - Principles of Management, Information System and Communication skills.
UGZY-07 - Genetic
PGDJMC-02 /MJ-02(O/N) - Media and Society
DHA-02 - Textile Crafts
DJD-02 - Methods and Materials
DPC-02 - Embossing the Paper with Blocks and Molds
DUR-02/UGUR-05(O/N) - Urdu Prose II (Novel &Drama)
DUJMC-02 - Film and T.V.
DUNRA-02 - News Channels
PGDMM-03 - Strategic Marketing Management CASC-02/DASC-02/UGSTAT-02(N/O)/Msc-CS-15
(N) - Probability and Distribution
UGEN-01(N/O) - Language through Literature
B.COM-01(O/N) - Business Organization
BA (Tourism)-01 (N/O)/CTS-01/DTS-01 - Foundation Course
in Tourism
BBA-1.1(N/O) - Principles of Management
BCA-01(O) - Foundation Course in English for Computing
UGSTAT-05(O/N)/DASC-05 - Numerical Methods and Basic
MBA-1.2/PGDHRD-01 - Managing Men
UGZY-08 - Animal Physiology
MASTAT-01(O)/ MSc-CS-26(N) – Mathematical Analysis
MJ-10(O/N) - Public Relation & Advertising II
MJ-11(O/N) - Film & Electronic Media
UGUR-02(O/N) - Urdu Prose I
MBA-4.1/PGDIMB-02 - International Business
UGEN-04(N/O) - Under Standing Prose
B.COM-02(O/N) - Accountancy-1 BA (Tourism)-02(O/N)/CTS-02/DTS-02 - Tourism
Development: Products, Operation and Case Studies
BBA-1.2 (N/O) - Financial Accounting
BCA-02(O)/BCA-1.1(N) - Computer Fundamentals and PC
MCA-3.3(O) - Data and File Structures
UGZY-09(O/N) - Developmental Biology
PGDJMC-03/MJ-03(O/N)/CRJMC-02/PGDRJMC02 /PGDFH-04 - News Reporting Writing and Editing
PGDIMB-03 - E-Business
DHA-03 - Printing
DJD-03 - Collection the Earthen Materials, Stones and Jade different types of Beads and Metals
DPC-03 - Casting Objects of Paper Mashie Coloring and Designing
DUR-03/UGUR-03 - Urdu Ghazal
DUJMC-03 Radio and Stage
DUNRA-03 News Anchoring
AOCMK- Marketing
UGPS-01(N/O) - Introduction of Political Theory and
B.COM-03(N)/B.COM-05(O) - Economic Theory
BA (Tourism)-03(O/N)/DTS-03 - Management in Tourism
BBA-1.3(O)/BBA-1.4(E1)(N) - Business Law
BCA-03(O)/UGCS-02(O) - PC Software Application Skills
MBA-1.3 - Economic and Social Environment
UGZY-10(O/N) - Taxonomy and Evolution
UGEC-02(O/N) - Indian Economics Development since Independence
MBA-3.13/PGDHRD-04 - Union Management
MBA-3.23/PGDFM-04 - International Financial Management
MBA-3.33 - Management Information System
MBA-3.43/PGDIMB-01- International Marketing
B.Ed-12/B.Ed(SE)-12 - Teaching of Mathematics

UGHY-01(N/O) - Modern India, 1857-1964
B.COM-09(O)/B.COM-05(N) - Elements of Costing
BA (Tourism)-05(O)/CTS-03/DTS-05 - Ecology, Environment and Tourism
BBA-2.1 (N/O) - Marketing Management
BCA-05 (O)/BCA-1.2(N) - 'C' Programming and Data Structure
MBA-1.4 - Quantitative Analysis and Managerial Application
PGDT-03/PGDFH-03 - Translation Practice : Levels and Areas
PGDEA-03 - Education Administration in India
PGD-ESD-03 - Agriculture and Environment
PGDEM&FP-03 - Film Production
PGDVGCC-03 - Information Collection
PGDDE-03 - Learner Support Services
DHEN-03 - Nutrition and Health Education
DRD-03 - Rural Development : Planning and
DCDN-03 - Diet Therapy
DECE-03 - Services and Programmes for Children
DIP-03 - Printing
DIC-03 - Business System
DCOM-03 - Office Productivity Tools
DIHT-03 - Computer Interfacing Devices
UGHY-04(O) - India:16th Century to mid-18th Century
BCOM-12(O)/B.COM-06(N) - Business Environment
BA (Tourism)-06(O) - Tourism Marketing
BBA-2.2(O)/BBA-2.4E1(N) - Managerial Economics
BCA-06 (O)/UGCS-03(O/N) - Introduction to System
UGPHS-05(O/N) - Electric Circuits and Electronics
PGDJMC-04/ MJ-04(O/N)/MLIS-11E2 - Public
Relations and Advertising
PGDMM-04 - Consumer Behavior and Marketing Research
DHA-04 - Hand Crafts
DJD-04 - Making different jewelry items with Wires and Beads
DPC-04 - Paper Objects and Origami
DUR-04/UGUR-06(O/N) - History of Urdu Language
DUJMC-04 - Journalism and Translation
DUNRA-04 - Stage Anchoring
AOCSP - Secretarial practice
DIHT-04 - Computer Network and Security
UGEC-01(N/O) - Fundamental of Economics
B.COM-10(O) - Elements of Income- Tax
BA (Tourism)-07(N/O) - Introduction to Buddhist Religion
and Description of Main Buddhist Pilgrimage place
BBA-2.2 (N)BBA-2.3(O) - Business Statistics
BCA-07(O) - Elements of System Analysis and Design
BCA-1.11(N) - System Analysis and Design
MBA-1.5/PGDHRD-02 - Organization Design, Development
and Change
UGMM-07(N/O) - Advanced Calculus
UGBY-08(O) - Plant Physiology
BBA-6.2(O) - Environmental Management
BLISF-03 - Basics of Family Education
BLISF-04 - Alcohol, Drugs and HIV
UGEC-04(N/O) - Agricultural Development in India
BCOM-11(O)/BBA-3.4(E2)(N) - Elements of Auditing
BA (Tourism)-08(N/O) - Important Religious Places of Uttar Pradesh :Introduction, Importance and Description
BBA-2.3(N)/BBA-2.4(O) - Production and Operation
BCA-1.5(N)/UGCS-06(N/O)/BCA-08(O) - Introduction to
UGMM-11(O/N) - Probability and Statistics
UGBY-10(O/N) - Taxonomy and Evolution
MBA-4.4(N)/MBA-6.2(O) - Technology Management
MCA-2.4(O)/PGDCA-2.4 - Operating System Concept and Networking Management
B.Com-13(O) - Accountancy-II (New)
MAHY-10(N)/BA (Tourism)-09(N) - Origin and Development
of Tourism
BA (Tourism) -10(N) - Cultural Tourism
BBA-3.1(O)/BBA-3.4(E1)(N) - Business Policy
BCA-09(O) - Introduction Computer Organization
MBA-1.6 - Marketing for Managers
UGPA-01(O/N) - Administrative Theory
PGDT-04/PGDFH-05 - Administrative Translation
PGDEA-04 - Tools and Techniques of Data Collection
PGD-ESD-04 - Understanding of the Environment
PGDEM&FP-04 - Film Management PGDVGCC-04 -Counselling Process and Skills
PGDDE-04 - Management of Distance Education
DRD-04 - Rural Social Development
DCDN-04 - Advance Nutrition
DFD-04 - Drafting and Pattern Layout
DTD-04 - Textile Theory I
DIP-04/MJ-13 - Digital Photography
DIC-04 - Programming and Problem Solving Using 'C' Language
DCOM-04 - Computer Application in Office
MAEN-01(N/O) - British Drama
B.Com.D-02(N)/B.Com-04(O) - Mercantile Law
BBA-3.3(O)/BBA-3.2(N) - Human Resource Management
BCA-11(O)/BCA-1.10(N) - Multimedia
MBA-2.1(N/O) - Information Management and Computers
UGSY-01(O/N) - The Study of Society - Computer Network
PGD-ESD-05 - Globalization and Environment
PGDVGCC-05 - Issues of Guidance and Counselling
PGDDE-05 -Communication Technology for Distance Education
DFD-05 - Costume Design and Fabrication DTD-05 - Textile Craft DCOM-05 - Modern Office MAEN-02(O/N) - British Novel
B.Com.D-03 (N)/B.Com-07(O)/BBA-1.4(E2) (N) - Company
BBA-3.4(O)/BBA-3.3(N) - Organization Behavior
BCA-13(O)BCA-1.13(N) - Computer Networking
UGSY-04 (O/N) - Social Stratification
UGMM-01(O/N) - Calculus
MCA-15(N)/MCA-4.2(O)-Operating System
UGSTAT-07(N/O)/UGCS-17(N) - Operation Research
DHA-05 - Stitching
DJD-05 - Decorative Objects
DPC-05 - A Brief History of Paper Making,
Techniques and Introduction to Contemporary Paper Making
AOCNC/CCCN-01 /DHEN-01 - Nutrition For The Community
B.Com.D-04 (N)/B.Com-08 (O)/BBA-2.4(E2)(N) - Money,
Banking and Financial Institutions
BBA-4.1(O)/BBA-4.4(E1)(N) - Mathematics for Business and
BCA-14(O)/UGCS-10(O) - TCP/IP Programming
MAED-01(O/N) - Philosophical and Sociological Foundation
of Education MBA-2.2 (O/N) - Managerial Economics
UGBY-01 (O/N) - Plant Diversity I
MCA-4.3 (O) - Advanced Database Management System
MCA-5.2(O) - Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management
UGCHE-11(N/O) - Mathematical Methods
UGBCH-08(O) - Plant Biochemistry
BBA-4.2(O)/BBA-4.1(N) - Financial Management
BCA-15(O)/BCA-1.14(N) - Operating System
MAED-02(N/O) - Educational Psychology
UGMM-04(O/N) - Elementary Algebra
UGMM-12(N/O) - Linear Programming
UGZY-06(O/N) - Animal Ecology MCA-17(N) – Unix Shell Programming
B.Com.D-01(N) /B.Com-03(O) - Management Theory
BBA-3.2 (O)/BBA-3.1(N) - Business Communication
BCA-10(O)/BCA-1.15(N) - Windows Programming
UGPA-04(O/N) - Personnel Administration
UGCS-04(O/N) - 'C' Programming
UGCS-05(O) - Data Structure Through 'C'
PGSTAT-05(N)/PGSTAT-08(O) /MASTAT-05(N) /MASTAT-08(O) - Stochastic Process
BBA-4.3(O)/BBA-4.2(N) - Advertising Fundamentals
BCA-16(O) - Computer Oriented Numerical Techniques
MAED-03(N/O) - Research Methods and Statistics
MBA-2.3 - Accounting and finance for Managers
PGD-ESD-06 Sustainable Development : Issues and Challenges
MAEN-03(N/O) - Aspect of Language
BBA-4.4(O)/BBA-4.3(N) - Entrepreneurship and Small
Business Management
BCA-1.9(N)/BCA-17(O)/UGCS-11(O) - C++ and Object
Oriented Programming
MAED-04(N)/MAED-05(O) - Educational Guidance
UGSTAT-08(O) - Advanced Statistical Inference
UGSTAT-12(N) - Official Statistics
DHA-06 - Creative Crafts
MAHY-03(N/O) - Historiography
BBA-5.1(O) - Corporate Governance BCA-18(O) - Theory of Computer Programming
MAED-04(O)/MAED-07(N) - Educational Measurement and
MBA-2.4/PGDPM-03 - Management of Machines and Material
PGSTAT-04(N)/PGSTAT-05(O) /MASTAT-04(N) /MASTAT-05(O) - Survey Samplin
MJ-09(O/N) - Development Communication
UGPH-02(O/N) - Social Philosophy
BBA-5.2(O) - Marketing Research
BCA-19(O) - Introduction to Software Engineering
UGUR-04(O/N) - Urdu Poetry II
UGMM-06(O) - Abstract Algebra B.Ed(SE)-08/PGPD-08
BLIS-10E1 - Microsoft Office and Internet
BLIS-10E2 - Basic Electronic Devises & PC Software
PGBCH-07(O)/PGBCH-10(N) -Microbiology and Immunology
MSc-CS-13(N)/MCA-5.3(O)/MCA-18(N) -
Numerical and Statistical Computing
UGPH-07(O) - Indian Epistemology
UGPH-08(O) - Western Epistemology UGPHS-08(O/N) - Modern Physics
UGED-01(O/N) - Philosophical and Sociological Foundation of
BCA-20(O) – Internet Administration
MBA-2.5/PGDIMB-05 - Sales Management
UGMM-02(O/N) - Linear Algebra
UGHI-02(O/N) - fgUnhdkO;
MBA-3.1 - Corporate Policies and Practices
AOCOM - Office Organization and Management
MAEN-04(N)/MAEN-05(O) - American Literature
MAEN-05(N) - Indian Literature in Translation
PGD-ESD-07 - Energy and Environment
PGD-ESD-08 - Natural Resources Management : Physical and Biotic
PGD-ESD-09 - Environment and Development
BBA-5.3(O) Sales Management
MCA-14(N)/BCA-1.6(N)/BCA-12(O) - RDBMS Lab
UGED-04(O) - Problems of Contemporary Indian Education
UGMM-09(O) - Real Analysis
/MASTAT-12(O) - Econometric
MASTAT-10(N)/ PGSTAT-10(N) - Reliability Theory
UGFD-01(N/O) - Basic Design and Fashion Illustration
UGTD-01(O)/UGTD-04(N) - Basic Designs
BBA-5.4(O) - Total Quantity Management
BCA-1.7(N) - Basic Electronic
MBA-2.6/PGDFM-02 - Management Control System
DHA-07 - Hand Knitting
MAHY-04(N) /MAHY-07(O) - Religious Thought
UGFD-04(O)/UGFD-02(N) - Drafting and Pattern Making
UGTD-04(O)/UGTD-05(N) - Indian Traditional Textile &
Indian Crafts
BBA-6.1(O) - Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills
BCA-E3(N) - Data Mining
BCA-E4(N) - E-Comers
UGPHS-11(N) - Quantum Mechanics : Approximation
Methods & Perturbation Theory
PGSTAT-03(N)/PGSTAT-04(O)/MASTAT-03(N) /MASTAT-04(O) - Linear Models and Design of Experiments
MSc-CS-09(O)/MSc-CS-08(N) /MCA-05(N) - Object
Oriented Programming through 'C++'
UGPH-03(O) - Philosophy of Religion
UGMM-10(O/N) - Numerical Analysis
UGBY-09(O/N) - Development Biology
BBA-6.3(O) - Leadership
PGFGS - Gandhiyan Thoughts And Peace Studies
PGFHR - Human Right And Duties
BLISS-04 - Office Environment and Data Processing
BLISS-03 - Computer Network and Security Maintenance
UGEN-03(O) - Communication Skill in English
MAHY-05(N)/MAHY-08(O) - History of Ecology and Environment : India
MAED-06(O)/MAED-08(N) - Educational
UGEN-05(N/O) - Understanding Poetry
UGPHS-01(O/N) - Elementary Mechanics DHA-08 – Embroidery
MAHY-04(O)/MAHY-06(N) - Political Structures in India
MAEN-04(O)/MAEN-06(N) - Literary Criticism and Theory
UGPH-05(O/N) - Indian Philosophy
UGPH-06(O/N) - Modern Western Philosophy
UGCHE-10(O)/UGBCH-11(N) - Spectroscopy
UGEN-06(N/O) - Understanding Drama UGEN-07(N/O) - Reading the Novel
MAHY-05(O)/MAHY-07(N) - History of Indian Economy
UGFD-02(O) - Fashion Concept
UGTD-02(O)/UGTD-01(N) - Drawing and Sketching
PGSTAT-15(N)/MASTAT-15(N)/PGSTAT-11(O)/MASTAT-11(O) - Non-Parametric
MASTAT-09(N)/ PGSTAT-09(N) - Survival Analysis
UGBY-03(O) - Plant Diversity Laboratory Work
UGEN-02(O/N) - The Structure of Modern English
MBA-3.2/PGDPM-04 - Management of new and small Enterprises
MAEN-06(O)/MAEN-07(N) - Indian English Literature
MSc-CS-01(O/N) - Discrete Mathematical Structure
DM - Foundation Course in Disaster Management
/MASTAT-03(O) - Statistical Inference
MJ-08 (O/N) - Hindi Journalism
MCA-4.4 (O) - Advanced Internet Technologies
UGBY-02(O/N) - Plant Diversity II
UGPS-05(O)/UGPS-06(N) - Government and Politics in South
UGPHS-03(O/N) - Oscillation and Waves
M.COM-10(O)/M.COM-06(N) - MAHY-06(O)/MAHY-08(N) - Evolution of Social Structures
in India through Ages
MSc-CS-11(O)/MSc-CS-20(N)/MCA-E9(N) – Computer Graphics
PGBCH-08 (N) - Bio-Statistics
PGBCH-09 (N) - Bio-Informatics
UGBY-07(O) - Genetics

Procedure To Download UPRTOU Exam Time Table:

Aspirants who are studying in UG/PG courses into Uttar Pradesh Rajarshi Tandon Open University can download UPRTOU Jan-Feb Exam Schedule with the help of below stated some simple guidelines
  • First of all, you have to visit the official website of Uttar Pradesh Rajarshi Tandon Open University that is www.uprtou.ac.in for UPRTOU Date Sheet
  • On the home page of official site, you have to select “Examination Time table” and hit on “Read More” section given at the left side of digital screen
  • After tapping the above said link, a new page will appear on your screen and you have to hit on “Final Examination Time Table Dec-2017” link
  • UPRTOU Exam Schedule will appear on your digital screen in PDF format
  • You are advised to go through it carefully and also download the UPRTOU Time Table 
  • At last, you have to take print of the uprtou.ac.in Exam Time Table and start your exam preparation accordingly.
Download Here>>>> UPRTOU Exam Schedule

Important Guidance for the Appearing Candidates:
  • Candidates are advised to appear at the examination centre at least one hour before the examination timings.
  • Candidates have to UPRTOU bring their admit card with them in the examination center for verification purpose
  • Candidates are strictly advised not to bring any of the following documents in the examination hall such as calculator, mobile phones, pagers and other electronic gadgets.
  • Candidates have to read all the instruction carefully stated in the UPRTOU admit card.
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Uttar Pradesh Rajarshi Tandon Open University:

Uttar Pradesh Rajarshi Tandon Open University offers various programmes such First Under Graduate , Post Graduate, General Diploma, Certificate, Computer, Vocational and others. University has published UP Rajarshi Tandon Open University exam schedule for those candidates who are appearing in the UG/PG course.

Candidates who are studying in the UP Rajarshi Tandon Open University are advised to download the UPRTOU Exam Schedule by tapping the direct link stated above or by visiting the Official Website of the university with the help of above stated simple steps.


To fetch more information about UPRTOU Exam Schedule 2018, you are suggested to go through the Official Link of the Uttar Pradesh Rajarshi Tandon Open University. Apart from this you are advised to stay connected with our web portal to get all the latest updates time to time.

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