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Indian Airforce Y Group 2013 Syllabus Group X Exam Pattern Model Question Paper


Indian airforce y group 2013 syllabus-Indian Air force release various vacancies in every year for filling up group Y and group X posts. Numbers of candidates apply for this recruitment. Candidates who apply for this recruitments they
must know which type of paper will come in exam. Therefore we are providing you detail about Indian air force Group Y and group X exam pattern & Indian Air force Model Question Paper.

Indian air force Group ‘Y’ & ‘X’ Exam Pattern & syllabus-Candidates must visit given below link for getting Indian Air force Group ‘Y’ & ‘X’ Syllabus:

Indian Air force Group ‘Y’ Syllabus-


Indian Air force Group ‘X’ Syllabus-


Indian Air force Model Question Paper- here we are mentioned some questions of Indian Air Force Group X & Y. Candidates must check the below question these all question will help you during the exam period.
Indian Air force Model Question Paper for Group ‘X’

1. Besides his parents, he _________also present at the function.
 (A) Is    (B) was   (C) has     (D) has been
Answer (B)
2. The thunder was accompanied ______a heavy rain.
(A) From   (B) by   (C) up     (D) through
Answer (B)
3. Choose the misspelt word.
 (A) Disparity (B) illusion   (C) inevitable    (D) middle
Answer (A)

4. Zener- diode is used as:
(A) An amplifier  
(B) A rectifier
(C) An oscillator 
(D) A Voltage regulator
Answer (D)
5. The magnetic flux through a 50- turn coil increase at the rate of 0.05 Wb/s.
What is the induced emf between the ends of the coil?
 (A) 2.5V     (B) 5V     (C) 3V    (D) 7V
Answer (A)

6. The vertices of a triangle are (0, 0), (3, 0) and (0, 4).  The centroid of the Triangle is
(A) (1/2, 2)      (B) (1, 4/3)     (C) (0, 0)     (D) None of these 
Answer (B)
7. How many words can be formed using the letter A thrice, the letter B twice and the letter C once?
(A) 50     (B) 60      (C) 55     (D) 40
Answer (B)

Indian Air force Model Question Paper Group ‘y’
1. Identify the correct choice
Q8. He has purchased a bag of ____________
(A) Floor   (B) flour   (C) flower   (D) flaur
Answer (B)

2. Look at this series: 2, 1, (1/2), (1/4) ... What number should come next?
A. (1/3)                   B.      (1/8)       C. (2/8)    D.       (1/16)
Answer (B)

General Awareness (GK Preparation Tips)
3. Brass gets discoloured in air because of the presence of which of the following gases in air?
A. Oxygen
B. Hydrogen sulphide
C. Carbon dioxide
D. Nitrogen
Answer (B)

Check this section:
Indian Air force Group X and Y Download Study Material

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