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Social Studies Quiz 2018 Free Online Practice/Mock Test Questions


Social Studies Quiz

Are you ready to solve Social Studies Quiz 2018? Then you are at right place. Here you can get Mock test of Social Studies at free of cost. Mock test is the good way to boost up your performance as well your knowledge. So, prepare yourself by solving one test on daily basis as Nowadays, online exam or test is the most popular process for exam preparation.

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Social Studies Quiz

Question 1: From the following which city is originally built on the modern site of Mexico City?

a)    Tenochtitlan
b)    Machu Pichu
c)    Mexicali City
d)    Mazatlan

Answer: a)

Question 2: India located in ______ continent.

a)    South America
b)    Asia
c)    Antarctica
d)    Europe

Answer: b)

Question 3: India has _____ states.

a)    18
b)    40
c)    10
d)    28

Answer: d)

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Question 4: What is the major religion of India?
a)    Hinduism
b)    Islam
c)    Buddhism
d)    Christianity
Answer: a)

Question 5: Birthplace of Islam?

a)    Iran
b)    Saudi Arabia
c)    Medina
d)    Mecca

Answer: d)

Question 6: Which religion is practiced by more people in the world?

a)    Hinduism
b)    Islam
c)    Judaism
d)    Christianity

Answer: d)

Question 7: "jihad" refers to -

a)    A Type Of Clothing Worn By Muslims
b)    A Spiritual Journey
c)    A War Among Four Countries
d)    A Holy War

Answer: d)

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Question 8: Africa is referred to as the "Dark Continent".

a)    True
b)    False

Answer: a)

Question 9: Geography refers to?

a)    The study of earth and the way people live on it and use it
b)    Stories that are made up from foutune tellers
c)    Stories that are fake

Answer: a)

Question 10: Political map refers to?

a)    It shows all seven continents only
b)    It shows only the oceans and the continents
c)    It shows cities, states and countries located

Answer: c)

Question 11: Physical map refers to?

a)    It shows where only rivers and forest are located
b)    It shows where feautures like mountains, rivers and forests located.
c)    It shows where only mountains and rivers are located

Answer: c)

Question 12: What is the prime meridian?

a)    An imaginary line that divides the earth into eastern and western hemisoheres
b)    A big river that divides the north pole and south pole
c)    A big river that divides the north, south, east, and west.

Answer: a)

Question 13: Climate means?

a)    The condition of the air at a certain time and place
b)    The weather of a place averaged over a long period of time
c)    Amount of rain or snow that falls

Answer: b)

Question 14: What is the use of compass on as map?

a)    To find the biggest lake
b)    To decide which direction to drive
c)    To find how many lakes there are
d)    Determine the length of a trip

Answer: b)

Question 15: Which map feature would help you find which direction to drive?

a)    Legend
b)    Compass
c)    Scale

Answer: b)

Question 16: If 75 % of a number is added to 75, the result is the number itself, then the number is:

a)    Sutlej
b)    Jhelum 
c)    Chenab 
d)    Ravi 

Answer: c)

Question 17: The Battle of Plassey was fought in?

a)    786
b)    1734
c)    1757 
d)    1731

Answer: c)

Question 18: The landmass of which of the following continents is the least?

a)    Australia 
b)    Europe 
c)    Africa 
d)    Asia 

Answer: a)

Question 19: Which of the following factors are responsible for the rapid growth of sugar production in south India as compared to north India?
  1. 1    Higher per acre field of sugarcane
  2. Higher sucrose content of sugarcane
  3. Lower labour cost
  4. Longer crushing period

 a)    I, II and IV 

b)    I, II and III 
c)    I and II 
d)    I, III and IV 

Answer: a)

Question 20: The only zone in the country that produces gold is also rich in iron is

a)    North-western zone 
b)    North-eastern zone 
c)    Southern zone 
d)    None of the above 

Answer: c)

We hope that above Social Studies Quiz will boost up your knowledge and make you feel confident. We will provide you more Free Online Practice tests soon. You can comment for any doubts and query through below given comment box our representative is available 24*7 for your help.

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