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UGC NET Question Papers 2014

University Grants commission has announced the UGC NET Question Papers. UGC NET Sample Papers is the best way of learning for the entrance examinations. Here on this web portal you can easily get the Sample papers with answers.

University Grants Commission conducted NET exam twice in a year, which has rights to declare exam paper and solved exam questions.

A huge number of contenders appear in this exam. Those applicants who are preparing for the NET exam they can get the sample paper for the preparation on this web page.

University Grants Commission National Entrance Test (UGC NET), conducted by the UGC. The online registration of the UGC test will be started from 10th February 2014 to 4th March 2014.

The UGC NET test is conducted for the admission in PhD Research and Jobs in university. Those aspirants who are wanted to get prepare for the exam they must download the UGC NET Sample Papers with Answers.

You may get the more relevant details like UGC NET Sample Papers with answers or Sample Model Question Paper in the below section which is being provided by our web portal that is

UGC NET exam pattern

Life Sciences

Earth atmospheric, ocean and planetary science
Mathematical sciences
Chemical sciences
Physical sciences
Engineering sciences

UGC NET Sample Papers 2014:

We are going to provide UGC NET Questions with answers and the official link through which you can download the UGC NET sample paper according the Paper such as Paper I, Paper II and Paper III.

Ques:1) The subject of Research Methodology is the outcome of the mode of formation of subject, known as?

(A) Loose Assemblage
(B) Fission
(C) Distillation
(D) Cluster

Answer: (C)

Ques:2) BSO in classification stands for?

(A) Basic Subject of Organisation
(B) Broad Subject Ordering
(C) Bibliography of Subject Ordering
(D) Bibliographic Subject Organisation

Answer: (B)

Ques:3) Among the following which has not been considered as a library of national importance?

(A) Saraswati Mahal Library
(B) Delhi Public Library
(C) Kudha Baksh Oriental Library
(D) The Rampur Raza Library

Answer: (D)

Ques:4) A Pre-print is a/an?

(C) Article to be presented in a conference
(C) Conference paper to be included in the proceedings
(C) Neither (a) nor (b)
(C) Both (a) and (b)

Answer: (D)

Ques:5) Xerographic process is categorized under?

(A) Photographic process
(B) Reflex method
(C) Silver halide process
(D) Electrostatic process

Answer: (B)

Ques:6) Of the following libraries in India, which one is the oldest library?

(A) Asiatic Society Library, Bombay
(B) Connemara Public Library, Madras
(C) Delhi Public Library, Delhi
(D) National Library of India, Calcutta.

Answer: (D)

Ques:7) Generally a reference service of a library in the conventional form is processed through the stages which are?

(A) Preparation, service, assimilation
(B) Indexing, orientation, delivery of the query's reply
(C) Orientation, user's study, photocopy supplied
(D) Preparation, orientation, delivery of the query's reply.

Answer: (A)

Ques:8) The concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) belongs to ____________________

(A) Second Generation Computers
(B) Third Generation Computers
(C) Fourth Generation Computers
(D) Fifth Generation Computers

Answer: (D)

Ques:9) ISO-9960 is related with?

(A) Standard for encoding data on CD-ROM
(B) Standard for Computer Hardware
(C) Standard for Information Processing
(D) Standard for Networking

Answer: (A)

Ques:10) In Which five year plan the INFLIBNET was established?

(A) Fourth five year plan
(B) Fifth five year plan
(C) Sixth five year plan
(D) Seventh five year plan

Answer: (D)

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