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UPPSC Previous Year Question Papers Solved Sample Papers Download PDF


UPPSC Previous Year Question Papers

UPPSC Previous Year Question Papers: Candidates, here in this segment we will provide you some UPPSC Previous Year Question Papers which will help you in preparing for your UPPSC exams much more easily. Applicants who are appearing in this year UPPSC examination and, searching for the important questions that are usually asked in the examinations can get them from this page.

UPPSC Previous Year Question Papers

Through these UPPSC Solved Sample Papers you can easily get an idea regarding the type of the questions that will come in the UPPSC Question Paper. And by solving these you can prepare yourself to face those questions on the exam day too. To know more read the whole segment maintained by privatejobshub.in

Name of the organization
 Uttar Pradesh public service commission
Name of the exam
 UPPSC exam

UPPSC Previous Year Question Papers

Now, we are going to provide you a set of important questions from previous years which will help you to understand about the types and patterns of the questions asked. With these questions you can prepare yourself in a much better way.

1) The shares in a co-operative society–

(A) Can be sold
(B) Cannot be transferred
(C) Can be transferred
(D) None of these

Ans: (C)

2) ‘Dhamma’ or ‘Law of Piety’–

(A) Had the essence of all religions
(B) Was a revolt against inefficiency in the Buddhist Sangha?
(C) Was a new religion which Asoka Founded?
(D) Laid emphasis on following a mild religious policy

Ans: (A)

3) How is the change in government in modern State carried out?

(A) Through violence and bloodshed
(B) Through compromise and electoral adjustments among the competing forces
(C) Through elections and smooth transfer of power
(D) By bringing all aspects of life to a standstill

Ans: (C)

4) The Profit and Loss of a Partnership concern is shared among the partners–

(A) Equally
(B) in agreed ratio
(C) In capital ratio
(D) none of these

Ans: (B)

5) When the goods are imported for the purpose of export, it is called–

(A) Import
(B) Export
(C) Entrepot
(D) None of these

Ans: (C)

6) In which year did the Congress Party form the Government under the British Rule?

(A) 1937
(B) 1939
(C) 1936
(D) 1938

Ans: (A)

7) Which one of the following pairs of travelers and nationalities is correctly matched?

(A) Abdur Razzaq: Arab
(B) Nicolo Conti: Dutch
(C) Nuniz: Italian
(D) Domingo Paes: Portuguese

Ans: (A)

8) The new moon–

(A) Rises at dawn and sets at sunset
(B) Rises at sunset and sets at dawn
(C) Rises at noon and sets at midnight
(D) Rises at midnight and sets at noon

Ans: (A)

9) The Dividend is declared in–

(A) Annual General Body Meeting
(B) Statutory Meeting
(C) Director’s Meeting
(D) Shareholder’s Meeting

Ans: (A)

10) What term is used to describe the position of a planet in its orbit?

(B) Anomaly
(C) Astronautics
(D) Selenology

Ans: (B)

11) Which one of the following is the main objective of teaching?

(A) To give information related to the syllabus.
(B) To develop thinking power of students.
(C) To dictate notes to students.
(D) To prepare students to pass the examination.

Ans. (B)

12) Which of the following is not characteristic of a good question paper?

(A) Subjectivity
(B) Objectivity
(C) No use of vague words
(D) Reliable.

Ans. (A)

13) An investigator studied the census date for a given area and prepared a write-up based on them. Such a write-up is called

(A) Research paper
(B) Thesis
(C) Article
(D) Research report

Ans. (C)

14) Informal communication network within the organization is knows as

(A) Interpersonal communication
(B) Grapevine Communication
(C) Mass Communication
(D) Intrapersonal Communication

Ans. (B)

15) The competerrcy of an effective communicator can be judged on the basis of:

(A) Personality of communicator
(B) Experience in the field
(C) Meeting the needs of target audience
(D) Interactivity with target audience

Ans. (C)

16) The state - "Honesty is the best policy" is

(A) A fact
(B) A value judgment
(C) An opinion
(D) A value

Ans. (B)

17) ICT stands for

(A) Information & communication technology
(B) Information common technology
(C) Information and computer technology
(D) Inter connected technology

Ans. (A)

18) A Computer is that machine which works more like a human brain. This definition of computer is

(A) Incorrect
(B) Correct
(C) Partially correct
(D) None of the above.

Ans. (B)

19) It is believed that our globe is warming progressively. This global warming will eventually result in.

(A) Increase in availability of usable land.
(B) Uniformity of climate at equator and poles.
(C) Melting of polar ice
(D) Fall in the sea level.

Ans. (C)

20) Which of the following is a Central University?

(A) Mumbai University
(B) Calcutta University
(C) Madras University
(D) Delhi University

Ans. (D)

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