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UPPSC Solved Papers 2018 Model Questions Papers & Sample Papers Download


UPPSC Solved Papers

UPPSC Solved Papers 2018: Get the Easiest Solution to Crack UPPSC Exam!!! Try to Solve UPPSC Solved Papers and Download All UPPSC Sample Papers from here!!! Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission conducts many recruitment examinations such as Combined State/Upper Subordinate Services, RO/ARO Mains Exam, and Upper Personal Secretary Exam etc once in a year. Candidates who are planning to prepare for exam may get UPPSC Model Questions Papers through this page to get success in exam.

For selection to various posts in various departments, candidates need to qualify the UPPSC Exam. By practicing through sample paper you will get the idea that which type of questions will come in the exam. You may also download the UPPSC Model Papers in PDF form from official site through online mode. For acquiring more details about UPPSC Previous Year Question Papers, go through the below section of this page of www.privatejobshub.in

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UPPSC Solved Papers 2018

Model Papers
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PSC Uttar Pradesh State Subordinate Services Re-Exam Paper

Some UPPSC Model Questions Papers with solution

Q1- Ten men can finish construction of a wall in eight days. How much men are needed to finish the work in half-a-day?

(1) 80
(2) 100
(3) 120
(4) 160

Ans (4)

Q2- Find the next number in the series. 1, 2, 9, 28, 65, _________

(1) 126
(2) 182
(3) 196
(4) 245

Ans (1)

 Q3- A shop gives 10% discount on the purchase of an item. If paid for in cash immediately, a further discount of 12% is given. If the original price of the item is Rs. 250, what is the price of the article if a cash purchase is made?

(1) Rs. 200
(2) Rs. 195
(3) Rs. 198
(4) Rs. 190

Ans (3)

 Q4- It was Wednesday on July 15, 1964. What was the day on July 15, 1965?

(1) Thursday
(2) Tuesday
(3) Friday
(4) None of these

Ans (1)

Q5- The average of x1 x2 x3 and x4 is 16. Half the sum of x2 x3 x4 is 23. What is the value of x1?

(1) 18
(2) 19
(3) 20
(4) 17

Ans (1)

Q6- A sofa set carrying a sale-price ticket of Rs. 5,000 is sold at a discount of 4%, thereby the trader earns a profit of 20%. The trader’s cost price of the sofa set is:

(1) Rs. 4,200
(2) Rs. 4,000
(3) Rs. 3,600
(4) Rs. 3,800

Ans (2)

Q7- Sam said to Rita “Your mohter’s husband’s sister is my aunt”. How is Rita related to Sam?

(1) Daughter
(2) Niece
(3) Sister
(4) Mother

Ans (1)

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Q8- Unscramble the letters of words and find odd one out:

(1) ORNI
(2) ICAO

Ans (4)

Q9- Judge : Justice : Censor: ?

(1) Freedom
(2) Morality
(3) Entertainment
(4) Halls

Ans (3)

Q10- The roots of the quadratic equation ax2 + bx + c =0 will be reciprocal to each other if

(1) a = 1/c
(2) a = c
(3) b = ac
(4) a = b

Ans (2)

Q11- The line y = mx + 1 is a tangent to the parabola y2 = 4x if

(1) m = 1
(2) m = 2
(3) m = 3
(4) m = 4

Ans (1)

Q12- A lady gives a dinner party to six quests. The number of ways in which they may be selected from among ten friends, if two of the friends will not attend the party together is

(1) 112
(2) 140
(3) 164
(4) None of these

Ans (2)

Q13- The earliest evidence of agriculture in Indian sub-continent is found at—

(1) Lothal
(2) Harappa
(3) Mehrgarh
(4) Mundigak

Ans (3)

Q14- That Lumbini was the birth place of Gautama Buddha, is confirmed by an inscription of—

(1) Asoka
(2) Kanishka
(3) Harsha
(4) Dharmapala

Ans (1)

Q15- Central Institute of Subtropical Horticulture is located at—

(1) Jhansi
(2) Saharanpur
(3) Lucknow
(4) Varanasi

Ans (3)

Q16- Which one of the following is not a folk song of U.P. ?

(1) Birha
(2) Dhola Maru
(3) Kajri
(4) Rasia

Ans (2)

Q17- Which is the highest Dam in U.P. ?

(1) Mata-Tila
(2) Meja
(3) Rihand
(4) Ram-Ganga

Ans: (4)

Q18- The headquarters of World Trade Organization are at—

(1) Doha
(2) Geneva
(3) Rome
(4) New York

Ans: (2)

Q19- The headquarters of the World Bank are at—

(1) Manila
(2) Washington
(3) New York
(4) Geneva

Ans: (2)

Q20- Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

(1) Sushil Kumar—Wrestling
(2) Anand Pawar—Badminton
(3) Arjun Rao—Archery
(4) Pankaj Advani—Shooting

Examination Conducted by UPPSC:
  • Combined State/Upper Subordinate Preliminary Exam
  • Combined State/Upper Subordinate Main Exam
  • Combined State/Lower Subordinate Exam
  • O/A.R.O Preliminary Examination
  • O/A.R.O Main Exam
  • S. Exam
  • Assistant Registrar Examination
  • Combined State Engineering Exam
  • Nyayik Seva (Junior Division) Exam
  • Assistant Prosecuting Officers Exam
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