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DCRUST Syllabus 2017 dcrustm.ac.in Murthal Exam Syllabus Semester Wise


DCRUST Syllabus

DCRUST Syllabus 2017: Candidates who are looking for DCRUST Syllabus for various courses such B.Tech/ M.Tech /M.Sc and others can get it from here. Candidates who are enrolled in any courses offered by Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science & Technology, Murthal can check or download their Semester Wise exam syllabus from here. Candidates can check their syllabus from this page for preparation of exams. Students can also access full PDF file of Syllabus through the instructions provided below.

DCRUST Syllabus

DCRUST Syllabus of M.Sc. Physics Semester-I

Computational Physics

Basic Computer organization: Input and output units, Storage unit, Arithmetic Logic unit, Control unit, Central processing unit.
Fortran Programming: Data types, Arithmetic & logical expression, Input-output statements, If statement, Do loop, Arrays and subscripted variables, functions and subroutines, Handling input and output files.
Errors: Round off errors, truncation error, machine error, random error.
Solution of algebraic equation: Bisection method, iteration method, Newton Raphson method, Muller method.
Interpolation and extrapolation: Finite difference, forward difference, backward difference, central differences, Lagrange method.
Curve Fitting: Least-square curve fitting, straight line and polynomial fits.
Differentiation: Taylor series method, numerical differention using Newton s forward difference formula, strilling formula.
Integration: Trapezoidal rule, Simpson 1/3 rule, Gaussian Quadrature, Legendre-Gauss Quadrature, Numerical double integration
Numerical solution of ordinary differential equation: Taylor series method, Eulers methods, forth order Runga Kutta method.
Second order differential equation: Initial and boundary value problem, Numerical solution of radial Schorindger for hydrogen atom using forth order Runga Kutta method (when eigen value is given).

Classical Mechanics

Lagrangian Formulation &Hamilton S Principles
Mechanics of a system of particles, constraints of motion, generalized coordinates, D Alembert s Principle and Lagrange s velocity dependent forces ( gyroscopic) and the dissipation function, Application of Lagrangian formulation. Hamilton principle, Lagrange s equation from Hamilton principle, extension to non-holonomic systems,
Rigid Body Motion
Reduction to equivalent one body problem, the equation of motion and first integrals, the equivalent one dimensional problem and the classification of orbits, the differential equation for orbits, the Kepler s problem(inverse square law), scattering(Rutherford) in central force field. The Euler s angles, rate of change of a vector, the Coriolis force and its applications,
Small Oscillations & Hamilton Equation
Euler equation of motion, Torque free motion of rigid body, motion of a symmetrical top, Eigen value equation, Free vibrations, Normal coordinates, vibration of Tri-atomic Molecule. Legendre Transformation, Hamilton s equations of motion, Hamilton s equations from variation principle, Principle of least action.
Canonical Transformation And Hamilton-Jacobi Theory
Canonical transformation and its examples, Poisson s brackets, Equation of motion, Angular momentum, Poisson s Brackets relations, infinitesimal canonical transformation, Conservation Theorems., Hamilton-Jacobi equation for Hamilton s principal function, Harmonic Oscillator problem

Syllabus for M. Tech. Electrical Engineering (Power Systems) Semester-I

Advanced Computer Power System Analysis
  • Unit- I-Introduction
  • Unit-II -Network Analysis In Power Systems
  • Unit-III-Load Flow Studies
  • Unit- IV-Symmetrical And Unsymmetrical Fault Analysis
General Aspects of Energy Management And Energy Efficiency
  • Unit- I -Energy Scenario & Environmental Concerns
  • Unit-II -Financial & Project Management
  • Unit-III-Energy Efficiency in Electrical Utilities
  • Unit- IV-Energy Efficiency in Thermal Utilities
  • Unit- I -Introduction
  • Unit-II-Series Compensation
  • Unit-III-Shunt Compensation
  • Unit- IV-HVDC Syllabus for B. Tech Semester- I
Electrical Power Quality

Introduction to Electrical Power Quality
Voltage Sags and Interruptions
Transient Over voltages
Wiring and Grounding
Power Quality Monitoring and Evaluation
Power Quality Conditioners
Distributed Generation and Power Quality

Syllabus for B. Tech Semester- I
Communicative English
  • Unit- I-Communicative Grammar
  • Unit-II -Language through Literature
  • Unit-III-Group Communication
  • Unit- IV-Communicative Creativity
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  • Unit- I -Infinite series
  • Unit-II Partial Differential & its Applications
  • Unit-III-Applications of Single & Multiple Integration
  • Unit- IV-Vector Calculus
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Engineering Physics

Unit- I
Physical Optics
Laser & Fiber Optics
Transmission of Heat and Radiation
Unit- IV
Nuclear & Elementary Idea of Particle Physics

Manufacturing Processes

Unit- I
Engineering Materials
Cold Working (Sheet Metal Work)
Unit- IV

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Engineering Chemistry

Unit- I
Thermodynamics Phase-rule
Water and its treatment Corrosion and its prevention
Polymers and Polymerization Composite Materials & their application
Unit- IV
Lubricants d fuels

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Principles of Electrical Engineering

Unit- I
D.C circuit Analysis
A.C circuits
Three Phase Circuits
Unit- IV
Transformers Rotating Machines

Introduction to Computers and Programming
  • Unit- I- An introduction of Computer System
  • Unit-II- Program in Languages and algorithms, Computer Networks
  • Unit-III Basic of ‘C’ Language
  • Unit- IV Advance Features of ‘C’ Language

Engineering Graphics and Drawing
  • Unit- I- Basic of Engineering Graphics And Drawing
  • Unit-II- Projections of Straight Lines
  • Unit-III- Projections of Planes, Projections of Polyhedral Solids An Solids Of Revolution
  • Unit- IV- Isometric Projections

Elements of Mechanical Engineering

Unit- I
Properties of Steam & Boilers
Steam Turbines and Condensers
I.C Engines and Gas Turbines
Refrigeration and air conditioning
Water Turbines ad Pumps
Simple Lifting Machines
Unit- IV
Introduction to Power transmission and Devices
Stress and Strains

How to Download DCRUST Syllabus?
  • Students need to open the official website of Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science & Technology (DCRUST), Murthal  to download Murthal Exam Syllabus Semester Wise  which is www.dcrustm.ac.in.
  • Follow “Syllabus” Link mentioned in the Quick Links option.
  • Choose the appropriate link and get Syllabus in PDF Form.
  • Download it and save for future use.

Note: You may download DCRUST Syllabus 2017 through Official Link.

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