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How To Speak English Fluently In 10 Days - Step By Step Learning Tips


How To Speak English Fluently In 10 Days

English is becoming the important aspect of life; some may find it difficult to speak. The question that arises is How to Speak English Fluently in 10 Days?

It is not at all difficult, if you follow simple step you can learn how to speak English fluently, the guidelines are provided below, just follow step by step learning tips and you may find that speaking English is not at all a difficult job.

Yes, there are various techniques, and some are more effectual than others. For instance, a good English course must balance all fields of language (speaking, listening, words, grammar, reading, and writing). Learn English for 10 minutes a day, is better than learning for 1 hour only once a week.

How To Speak English Fluently

How To Speak English Fluently In 10 Days


They are the basic source to learn the common English spoken in day to day life. One must read English newspapers daily and practice the words.

Pocket Dictionary:

It is easy to carry a pocket dictionary to any place a person is visiting. Any word that seems difficult or unknown could be referred through dictionary.

Adopt English in Your Daily Life:

If an aspirant wants be really good in English the only way possible is to use it in daily routine no matter how broken it might seem in starting but with daily routine it will be polished and a rhythm would be created.

Listen To the English Songs:

English songs may help you to practice English try and remember the lyrics and practice them.

Watch English Movie:

One must watch Hollywood movies for the better reference and if you are unable to understand their language due to fluentness use subtitles.

Listen To the Conversation Attentively:

For being a good speaker one must be a good listener too, so be a part of the group speaking in English and listen as well as learn how they are speaking.

Think in English:

Very important step to adopt in life is that while thinking about anything in your mind try to communicate in English with yourself in your mind as thoughts would change so would the speaking power change.

Read Novel and Books:

English novels are very supportive in case of spoken language as the conversation given in them is helpful to learn the language.

Write in English:

Pick a topic and start writing in English about it and then look for the mistakes done while writing it.

Regular Practice

As there is English proverb “Practice Makes the Man Perfect” so practice it as much as possible, record your voice in English and get your mistakes corrected or you can also join an online spoken English class for the same purpose.

Check English Preparation Material

Join Online Debate / Discussion That Use English:

Joining an online Debate / Discussion / Meeting means that you can interact with national English speakers. Online Debate / Discussion / Meeting also give you an opportunity to practice your English outside the class without departure the comfort of your own home. The more you are concerned in something, the more expected you will be motivated to participate in Debate / Discussion.

Read the Texts Loud:
Reading fluency is basically the capability to read a book / newspaper or text clearly. The more you practice fluency, the more confidence you will have because it provides you a secure environment to practice in, enhance your reading speed, and to process words faster. 

How to Start:

Select a text that is about 80-250 words long. Choose something that you consider you can read simply, such as a book from one of your English classes, or even a book suggested by a friend. Just ask your teacher or someone you know with excellent English if they may read the text out loud while you record them.

Join Online Conversation Groups
There are huge numbers of language conversation groups online. These sites are a huge option because you are capable to communicate with a native or near-native English narrator right in relieve of your own home. All you want to do is set up a profile, the hours you are presented, and how someone can contact you.

Just Remember Why You Want to Learn English:

It is normal to feel frustrated if you are not confident that you are succeeding. Whenever you feel this way, it is significant to repeat yourself why you started learning English. However, don’t rely on an exterior objective to encourage yourself. Somewhat, you require to search out why you need to learn English for yourself.

Following Tips to be considered while Speaking English:
  • Make your environment normal and controlled where it becomes essential to you to speak in English.
  • Create self-restriction to use simple sentences in English until you increase confidence.
  • Always listen and examine how foreigners speak in English and optimize them on you.
  • Evaluate your pronunciation and induce them with online techniques that how to correct it now.
  • Regular Practice is must and for that read one article aloud daily.
  • Be in practice of reading English newspapers / magazine and then do group debate on such topics with your friends and then examine yourselves.
  • You must have pocket dictionary and be in routine of searching synonyms and antonyms of that new words. It will enhance your efficiency of speaking fluently.
  • Just use the theory of TRY-TRY and FLY-FLY. It will definitely enhance your interest.
  • Be conscious with vocabulary of British English Vs American.
  • Use English speaking tools through online classes of IELTS and TOEFL.
  • Qualities needed for a beginner is having endurance, continuous practice and don’t hesitate from getting your mistakes done.
  • Learn the phrases and idioms.
If these steps are followed English could be spoken fluently within 10 days for sure. The more you listen to this authentic English, the better you will understand how to speak English naturally. And fluent makes it really easy to watch English videos.


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