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PM Narendra Modi Independence Day Speech 2014 Main Highlights, Key Points

PM Narendra Modi Independence Day Speech 2014:

It was a First Independence Day of Narendra Modi after being a Prime Minister, you can get the Main Highlights and Key Points of PM Narendra Modi Independence Day Speech 2014 on this page.

Modi said that for India to make its presence felt on the global stage there was immediate need to channelize the talent of the youth. In his speech he said that the nation was built by the farmers, labourers, women, youth and not the leaders or governments.

The sole exception was the PM’s mention of seeking cooperation amongst SAARC nations, to eradicate poverty.

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The main key points of his speech are given below:
  • Everything is not for us. There are some things that should be for the nation. Let's think beyond 'what about me' and look at the nation.
  • Can we not wage a war and emerge victorious against poverty? Let us defeat poverty.
  • I want to tell the world: 'Come, Make In India'. Sell anywhere but come and manufacture here, we have the skills and talent
  • In a short span of time, we will start a new institution that will work in place of the Planning Commission
  • Let us think about zero defect - that our products are not defective - and zero effect - that our products have no adverse effect on the environment.
  • I tell the world - come, make in India. Sell anywhere but manufacture here. We have the skill and the talent.
  • We want to integrate the poorest of the poor with bank accounts.
  • Have seen families where one daughter served parents more than five sons.
  • Have we seen our sex ratio? Who is creating this imbalance in society? Not the Almighty. I appeal to doctors not to kill the girl child.
  • Sadly we saw instances of communal violence for long. How long this go on? No one has gained anything from this.
  • With a gun, you can make the earth red but if you have a plough, you can make the earth green.
  • After all a person raping is someone's son. As parents, have we asked our sons where he is going? Why not put same yardstick for sons too?
  • Our heads hang in shame when we hear news about rapes. Parents ask about daughters but did anyone dare ask their sons?
  •  I came from outside Delhi but I can say there is immense skill in the people who are in the government.
  • I saw that even in one government there were different governments. It was as if each had their own fiefdoms.
  • As a pradhan sevak, I convey my greetings.
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