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Powerful Techniques To Double Your Score | In Exam, Get First Rank Tips


Powerful Techniques To Double Your Score

Being honest, there’s no such Powerful Techniques To Double Your Score, but if you’ll try out these tips then it will be surely easy for you to Get First Rank In Exam. You’ve to believe and be strict for that hard work along with interest and dedication is required for a great success.  Let’s look below tips that will prove to be most Powerful Techniques to Double Your Score in your exam if you’re really serious about your future.

Powerful Techniques To Double Your Score
Well, it's good to be concerned so much about an exam or a test, but excessive worry makes dull behavior of a student. Power Technique means the technique using brain and to improve the efficiency and speed of learning and grasping. Usually what happened during the time of exams, students get worry, hopeless, puzzle and forget all that they have learnt. So what steps should be considered to score high in examination in less time with the way to increase brain efficiency of learning? Insecurity

Simply relax and read here exclusive tips on Techniques To Double Your Score;

Powerful Techniques To Double Your Score

Present answers with subheadings (very important)
  • If certain answers cannot be divided into subheadings, it’s perfectly fine.
  • But ensure that you break your answers into relevant paragraphs.

Use Pencils & Highlighters liberally
  • Highlight subheadings (for this you can use highlighters, colored pen sketch pens if allowed), do a neat work and at the end of every answer or solution try to make a good use of scale.
  • Draw your own diagrams/ flow charts if the textbook does not have one, these explain your answer in a visual and catchy way.
  • Thus you find more interesting and easy way to represent your answer well.
The first few questions you answer should be done carefully
  • Well, when you start an exam we suggest you to go with easy ones first, but we also advise you to spend a considerable time writing the first few questions.
  • Please, don’t take everything or few things in exam just casual….

Ensure neat hand writing

Ensure that your paper is neat. Change your handwriting style if required.

Fill as many pages as possible
  • Leave as many lines between paragraphs and subheadings etc. for instance, write 5/6 lines to complete a paragraph, but more or less in next paragraph as in comparison without giving the impression of the same
  • Spacing is must in a line, between all words and space should be increased.
  • If you are out of content for a particular question, then start talking on topics related to the topic you are writing. Yes! This will be useful….

In Exam, Get First Rank ‘Follow These Preparation Tips’

Here, we have emerged as your solution with best tips to double your score in an examination.
  • Be regular on exercise or sleep:
When you will exercise the body means you exercise the brain .This increases oxygen to your brain and protect brain cells. Likewise, Creativity, problem solving skills are compromised at the time of sleeping .However, Research shows that sleep is necessary for memory-enhancing activity.
  • Spend time for friends and funs:
Research has shown that healthy relationships are a medicine for the ultimate memory booster. Interaction with others, laughing, spending time with fun and listening jokes activates our brain for learning and creativity.

  • Be away from stress:
To keep away yourselves from depression, get in practice of meditation to increase memory sharpness and memory ability. This works as magic to focus on studies, concentration, and leading creativity, imaginary power, learning & reasoning skills.
  • Nutritional tips for brain-diet:
To boost your brain power, Eat fruits, vegetables, Omega3s and Drink green tea and red wine in moderation to boost blood-flow and get limit your calories and saturated fat. For mental ability, choose complex carbohydrates.

Exercise that will boost up your Brain: Yoga for Students
  • Our Brain demands work-out:
Our brain demands something new if we work daily on the same criteria our brain muscles also get bored as human’s nature needs dynamic environment to bring in new ideas and getting update with technology. So students get engaged themselves always in learning new and challenging work.
  • Points to Remember:
So, guys! These were the tips to enhance efficiency of your brain to make your preparation well before examination.

Now, you have Powerful Techniques to Double Your Score in Exam, so start using these tricks and get good score.

“Work, Play and enjoy but Just try to do all these with their own perfect timings,”

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