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Calligraphy As A Career | Opportunities & Future In Calligraphy, Skills


Calligraphy As A Career

Calligraphy as a Career offers a unique career path to those who are passionate about colors, drawing and figures, also artists who craft fancy scripts with craze and interest. If you are really good at Creativity, Imagination then Calligraphy is the best option as a career. It is a different field which defines the art of striking and fine script and artistic flair with an expressive medium. As certified calligraphers you have to designs artistic inscription for many means by using a variety of inks, tools and other many materials. Check below section to gain information about Opportunities & Future In Calligraphy .

Calligraphy As A Career
A calligrapher you do not required any degree for this career; proper instruction courses can practice individuals to make a better living. Mostly expert calligraphers work by themselves or as part of well paying agencies. Guys, to start a career as a calligrapher, with just two documents related to hand writing and computer you can start it.

Calligraphy As A Career

The scope of calligraphy is expanding more and more with, it is in various fields like fine arts, typeface design, sign making, manuscript design etc. person can choose field as per their interest. As per change in time with the updating technology, calligrapher use to do their work with updated designing software. And these modern tools and techniques help them to get more innovative imagination and being comfortable with this.

Career Requirements
  • Degree Level; Undergraduate degree or art courses improve professional possibilities
  • Degree Field; Art
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Key Skills Artistic ability, creativity, manual dexterity, marketing, communication skills Calligraphy is useful for those people who have so many skills to do their work perfectly and practice regularly. As it is an interesting field individual can learn easily in short time period. For better art you should have had hand practiced which comes after by lot of performances and giving time.
To be an expert in this field and being a calligrapher you are required to create beautiful ideas, images that may also includes many symbols, various beautiful letters and thus it needs lot of passion to do work with your hands. It is necessary to have creative and artistic mind to show their view and ideas through art. Imagination should be change with change in time and trend.

Here are 10 institutes that offer calligraphy courses in India:

1.    Handwriting School of India, Bangalore
2.    Rajmudra Design Institute (RDA ), Pune
3.    Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi
4.    Natraj Academy of Fine art and Animation, Pune  
5.    Akshargandh Calligraphy Institute, Thane
6.    New Learning Horizons, Nagpur
7.    Kala Ashram, Indore  
8.    Calligraphy India, Dwaraka, New Delhi
9.    Vikrant Karia Institute of Art, Mumbai
10. Achyut Palav School of Calligraphy, Mumbai

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Future prospects; Calligraphy progressively building great area into various others fields and became an important part of design, graphics and typography. Calligraphers have also been join together calligraphy with other fields such as fashion design and interior beautification.

Pay Scale;

Insurance sector is really lucrative salary paying Job Outlook and the salary for new ones is expected to be somewhere around between Rs.15, 000/- up to Rs.20, 000/- on monthly basis...  They can receive commission on each project they make and them especially expert in making writing longer pieces would require a higher price.

Calligraphy demands only an artistic mind holding colors of all unique and wow creativeness and also passion for lettering…. You can explore lot more in this field, great career ahead!

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