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How To Pass Compartment/Supplementary Exam – Tips to Higher Score


How To Pass Compartment/Supplementary Exam

Guys! If you got compartment this year in any of examination then be calm. Need not to worry…. Here’s something interesting on How To Pass Compartment/Supplementary Exam. So go further and get few best Tips to Higher Score, as for your guidance we have listed few tricks, read them and be confident. These compartment tests are conducted just in order to offer an chance to the student who fails to qualify a particular exam at first attempt. And truly, by following below Tips we assure you that you’ll be able to crack any Compartment Examination.

How To Pass Compartment/Supplementary Exam
Let’s start, firstly be honest and tell yourself that Do you dependent on Cramming? If yes!! Even a bit, believe that this one is a big reason for not getting good marks. Since, mostly, students cram the topics, concepts of subject as it is very easily but the truth is  that, at the time of exam you forget all ‘what you had crammed earlier’.

Let’s go through well with these tips and start your preparation with covering the unknown topics. Wake up early in the morning, as you need to work very hard from the very first day so just concentrate on your study.

Don’t feel embarrassing as you got compartment………. Simply forget this issue and only concentrate on just try to understand topic. Work on getting practical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge.

How to Pass Compartment/Supplementary Exam

Study Whole of Your Notes:

Please stop now this laziness, yes if it is two pages or twenty pages, you only require to read each and all. Cramming may create high levels of fear and is not helpful in trying to study a large amount of material. It will help to be attentive within your notes.

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Be positive and Confident:
How To Pass Compartment/Supplementary Exam
You do require to concern about your results and just focus on your upcoming exam. Forget all negative things and be ready to prepare very well for your exam. Take mind set to improve your marks and trust that Good preparation always makes positive results….

Hand Writing:
How To Pass Compartment/Supplementary Exam
Students who didn’t have accurate information but they are quite good at high-quality writing acquires the excellent marks. It plays a vital role in the test, students with the nastiest hand writing is forever the last preferable.  If you are near to the ground at hand writing, you must get better your writing for enhanced results.

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Attempt all Questions:

How To Pass Compartment/Supplementary Exam
Attempt all questions as all are compulsory and if you’ll attempt these, you may begin your study with hard work & therefore will absolutely be flourishing in your exams & acquire a high score in examination.

Try to solve previous years question & papers:
How To Pass Compartment Supplementary Exam
In which paper you got compartment, you have to learn paper of main exam of that subject. Evaluate all questions and prepare well, some of questions repeated in upcoming exam.  The Main Idea Is To move on and you can pursue this too...but make sure you do complete your 12th no matter what. 
So, Stay strong and focus, I wish you Good luck!

Few Tips to Overcome Exam Anxiety
  • Make a regular time table to study, do not study at a stretch and take a few minutes break.
  • Time management is very important in situations while practicing.
  • Writing practice should be done by solving different questions.
  • Relaxation-practice deep breathing , yoga or any other relaxation technique to improve concentration.
  • Quickest and most effective way of eliminating stress is to shut down your eyes and take deep breaths.
  • As far as possible continue with the normal routine of sleeping and eating .
  • A balanced diet will boost energy.
  • Regular and moderate exercises reduce stress by relaxing tensed muscles.
  • Take help of the teachers and parents from time to time.
  • Believe in yourself and prepare well.
  • Never fear exams, avoid panic and most important and do not worry about your results. Give your best shots and move over.
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Go well through previous years questions and See that where you are getting stuck, try to Work hard on those weaker areas. Do well; practice and more practice will lead you to sure success, Good luck.

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