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Present Education System in India | How can we Improve Our Education System?

Present Education System in India

The recent education system in India is fairly a well-built. We have inherited our education system from Britishers and have made important changes in it in the past 60 years.

India is promising as a global power now though there are insufficiencies in the system that needs to be worked on. But, we have made considerable impact at the global level.  

There was a time when a notebook and pencil were plenty tools for study in a classroom. In the present day world, students need much more to practice themselves for the job market.

Technology can help the education system in balancing up through e-learning hub that can create a group of learning and sharing knowledge across boundaries.

Technology can also help to progress access to education for differently-abled children, a priority for the government under the 12th Five-Year Plan. 

Current system of education requires a renovation if we have to help our children to stay ahead in such as we owe them the best quality ICT education, the best insurance etc

How can we improve Our Education System?

Central government should spend more assets in teacher education and development, principal training, ICT in education and assessments.

The administration must reduce school teaching and pleasure government and private institute as the same partners in resolving India's education crisis.

It is important not only to invest more in education but to do so more intentionally for each and every student.

Improve superiority principles through nationwide assessments. Assessments need to be at the core of any scheduling exercise for improving India's education system.

 The government should commence statewide learning review that is undertaken at regular periods all through a child's school expedition, which can also supply to remediation and development in teaching.

The National Achievement Survey (NAS) should be restored such that it becomes a indicator for student learning and the de facto level for state presentation.

Equip school principals to become well-organized school leaders. Great leaders make great institutions, in every area.

Improve teacher excellence for better education outcomes. It is unfortunate that teaching today does not drag towards you the best talent. We need public attentiveness movement in India that is able to efficiently project teaching as a pleasing and meaningful profession.


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