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KBC Registration - Online Process, Question Answer, Official Website

KBC Registration
  • Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) fans who want to apply in the show there is a Good News for them. 
  • Wait is over because KBC is going to start expected in the coming months. 
  • Interested applicants can do their registration through online process and also get the question answer from the official site.
  • KBC Season 8 Registration 2014 starts and telephone lines will open soon. 
  • Interested people who want to check their fate can apply through online process. 
  • In this KBC Season 8 Registrations 2014, Amitabh Bachchan will ask one question on Sony TV on the respective dates onwards. You have to give the correct answer by telephone.
  • Amitabh Bachchan will be asked 10 questions from the general telephone users and 5 questions from IDEA subscribers. 
  • You have to reply with right answer by Choosing Option A) B) C) D) and send it through SMS. 
  • No need to worry about the charges because normal charges will be applicable on sending SMS. 
  • Privatejobshub is providing you some questions with answer for the registration.

Process of applying in KBC
  • Check out the KBC website kbc.sonyliv.com/kbc/participateNow
  • First register yourself on the website and then asked to choose a username and a password to be able to register for the Show.
  • Enter their mobile number by which Company will be able to get in touch with the registrants
  • Registrants shall enter the circle (select one of the City/State from the options provided in the Application) that the telephone number belongs to. 
  • Please note that online registrations are chargeable at Rs. 50 for upto 10 registrations
  • Payments can be made by any of the payment modes provided by the third party from time to time.
  • After filling all details submit it

Question & Answer

Question 1: Whose birthday is celebrated as ‘Engineers’ Day’ in India?

A. A P J Abdul Kalam B. John C. Gammon C. M Visvesvaraya D. Soren Krisitian Toubro

Answer: M Visvesvaraya

Question 2: Which of these vegetables is also called ‘Vilaayati Baingan’?

A. Apple Gourd B. Onion C. Drumstick D. Tomato

Answer: Tomato

Question 3: Which of these roles does Salman Khan play in the film ‘Partner’?

A. Tech Guru B. Palmist C. Love Guru D. Career Counsellor

Answer: Love Guru

Question 4: Where was Lord Rama and Lakshman’s sasural?

A. Hastinapur B. Mithila C. Ayodhya D. Mathur

Answer: C. Mithila

Question 5: Other than ‘King’, what word is common to the names of the two IPL teams?

A.Knight B. Rider C. Royal D. Challenger

Confidence- The Key to Success

Answer: C. Royal

Question 6: What is the colour of octopus blood?

A.Blue B. White C. Red D. Yellow

Answer: Blue

Question 7: According to the Mahabharata, who crowned Karna, Kunti’s son, the King of Anga?

A.Dhritarashtra B. Pandu C. Yudhishtira D. Duryodhana

Answer: Duryodhana

Question 8: What is the middle name of Sachin Tendulkar?

A.Ravi B. Ramesh C. Rajesh D. Ramakant

Answer: Ramesh

Question 9: Which of these nursery rhyme characters is usually portrayed as an egg?

A.Jill B. Jack C. Humpty Dumpty D. Incy-Wincy Makda

Answer: Humpty Dumpty

Question 10: According to a popular Hindi film song, “Pappu can’t …….. Saala

A. Sing B. Love C. Think D. Dance

Answer: Dance

Note: Check more details through the official site

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