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NDA Sample Paper | Previous Year Questions With Solutions PDF Download


NDA Sample Paper

There are number of candidates looking for NDA Sample Paper for better preparation of UPSC NDA Entrance Exam. Here on this page we are unfolding Previous Year Questions with Solutions of NDA Exam. Union Public Service Commission conducts National Defence Academy (NDA) and Naval Academy Examination (NA) for those candidates who want to join Indian Army. You can also download NDA Sample Paper PDF format through online process.
NDA Sample Paper
Candidates who want to join Indian Army they have to give National Defence Academy (NDA) and Naval Academy Examination. So therefore we are the team members of privatejobshub.in are providing some NDA Previous Year Questions with Solutions for fascinated candidates in below section.

NDA Question paper With Solution PDF 

NDA Question Paper 2017
NDA Question Paper 2016
NDA Question Paper 2015
NDA Question Paper 2014

NDA Sample Paper

Q1- The smallest state in the world
A.    Russia
B.    Vatican
C.    Sri Lanka
D.   Cuba
Ans. B

Q2- The person who became the Chief Minister for the longest period in India:
A.    E.K.Nayanar
B.    Vasantha Sate
C.    Jyothi Basu
D.    K.Karunakaran
Ans. C

Q3- Who was the first speaker of Lok Sabha?
A.    Sivaraj Patel
B.    Jagjeevan Ram
C.    Lal Bahdur Shasthri
D.   G.V Mavlankar
Ans. D

Q4- Panchayathi Raj instructions came into effect with the amendment of the constitution
A.    70th
B.    73rd
C.    76th
D.   79th
Ans. B

Q5- What is B.O.D?
A.    Biological Oxygen Demand
B.    Biochemistry of Diseases
C.    Biophysics Oxygen Demand
D.   None of the above
Ans. A

Q6- Meenamatha disease is related with
A.    Cadmium
B.    Mercury
C.    Lead
D.   Iron
Ans. B

Q7- IMF/World Bank was formed in
A.    1942
B.    1944
C.    1946
D.   1945
Ans .D

Q8- 'World AIDS Day':
A.    April 17th
B.    June 5th
C.    December 1st
D.   February 14th
Ans. C

Q9- Erethrean Sea is:
A.    Bay of Bengal
B.    Indian Ocean
C.    Red Sea
D.   Arabian Sea
Ans. C

Q10-Temporary hardness of water is due to ------
A.    Calcium chloride
B.    Sodium carbonate
C.    Sodium chloride
D.    Magnesium bicarbonate
Ans. D

Q11- The equation of line which is parallel to the straight line 3x + 4y – 7 = 0 and passing through (1, 2) is:
A.    3x + 4y = 11
B.    3x+4y+11= 0
C.    4x-3y+2=0
D.   3x+4y+7=0
Ans. C

Q12- If f(y) = log y, then f(y) + f(1/y) is equal to :
A.    2
B.    0
C.    –1
D.   1
Ans. B

Q13- A card is drawn at random from a pack of playing cards. The probability that it is red or an ace is:
A.    1/13
B.    1/52
C.    17/52
D.   4/13
Ans. D

 Q14- If x = t2 and y = 2t, then the normal at t = 1 is
A.    x + y – 3 = 0
B.    x + y – 1 = 0
C.    x + y + 1 = 0
D.   x + y + 3 = 0
Ans. A

Q15- If f (x) = 4x3 + 3x2 + 3x + 4, then what is the value of x3f (1/x)?
A.    F(x)
B.    1/f(x)
C.    [f(1/x)]2
D.   f(-x)
Ans. A

Q16- To find out the numerical value of ∫2-2 (px2 + qx + s) dx, it is necessary to know the value / values of which of the following?
A.    p only
B.    p and s
C.    q only
D.   p, q and s
Ans. B

Q17- Look at this series: 7, 10, 8, 11, 9, 12, ... What number should come next?
A.    7
B.    10
C.    12
D.   13
Ans. B

Q18- A train running at the speed of 60 km/hr crosses a pole in 9 seconds. What is the length of the train?
A.    120 metres
B.    180 metres
C.    324 metres
D.   150 metres
Ans. D

Q19- A is thrice as good as workman as B and therefore is able to finish a job in 60 days less than B. Working together, they can do it in:
A.    20 days
B.    22 ½ days
C.    25 days
D.   30 days
Ans. B

Q20- The population of a town was 20,000 in 1944. It decreased by 10 percent during 1944 – 1954 but increased by 20 percent during 1954 –1964. What was the population like in 1964?
A.    24, 600
B.    22,000
C.    20,800
D.   21,600
Ans. D

Q21- Two, trains, one from Howrah to Patna and the other from Patna to Howrah, start simultaneously. After they meet, the trains reach their destinations after 9 hours and 16 hours respectively. The ratio of their speeds is:
A.    2 : 3
B.    4 : 3
C.    6 : 7
D.   9 : 16
Ans. B

Q22- If the sides of a triangle are 6 cm, 10 cm and 14 cm, then what is the largest angle included by the sides?
A.    900
B.    1200
C.    1350
D.   1500
Ans. B

Q23- For finding the area of a triangle ABC, which of the following entities are required?
A.    Angles A, B and side a
B.    Angles A, B and side b
C.    Angles A, B and side c
D.   Either (a) or (b) or (c)
Ans. C

Q24- Let a, y be the roots of A x2 - 4x + 1 = 0 and β, δ be the roots of Bx2 - 6x + 1 = O. If a, β, y, δ is in HP, and then what are the values of A and B respectively?
A.    3, 8   
B.    -3, -8
C.    3, -8
D.   -3, 8
Ans. D

Directions (For the 9 items which follow) : Each of the following nine items consists of a word in capital letters, followed by four words. Select the word that is most similar in meaning to the word in capital letters
A.    Distract
B.    Intrigue
C.    Perspective
D.   Baffle
Ans. D

A.    Dexterity
B.    Wonder
C.    Colourfulness
D.   Jollity
Ans. D

A.    Hardly
B.    Always
C.    Sometimes
D.   Frequently
Ans. A

Q28-Gopal Krishna Gokhale
A.    started as a maths teacher and rose to the position of the principal of Ferguson College, Pune
B.    founded the servants of India Society
C.    served as President of the Indian National Congress in 1905
D.   All of the above
Ans. D

Q29- Excessive secretion from the pituitary gland in the children results in
A.    increased height
B.    retarded growth
C.    weakening of bones
D.   None of the above
Ans. A

Q30- Fa-Hien was
A.    the first Buddhist pilgrim of China to visit India during the reign of Chandragupta Vikramaditya
B.    the discoverer of Puerto Rico and Jamaica
C.    the first Buddhist pilgrim of India to visit China
D.   None of the above
Ans. A

Q31- In which of the following industries is mica as a raw material?
A.    Cement
B.    Glass and Pottery
C.    Iron and Steel
D.   Electrical
Ans. D

Q32- Radiocarbon dating technique is used to estimate the age of
A.    rocks
B.    monuments
C.    soil
D.   fossils
Ans. D

Q33- One nanometer is equal to
A.    10-6m
B.    10-8m
C.    10-9m
D.   10-5m
Ans. D

Q34- One nanometer is equal to
A.    10-6m
B.    10-8m
C.    10-9m
D.   10-5m
Ans. 3

Q35- The organic reaction represented by equation CH3 - CH = O + H2NOH gives CH3 - CH - NH + H2O is an example of
A.    an addition reaction
B.    a condensation reaction
C.    an oxidation reaction
D.   an elimination reaction
Ans. B

Q36- he number of electrons presents in H+ is
A.    zero
B.    one
C.    two
D.   three
Ans. A

Q37- The main constituents of pearls are
A.    calcium oxide and ammonium chloride
B.    calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate
C.    aragonite and conchiolin
D.   ammonium sulphate and sodium carbonate
Ans. B

Q38- Tripitakas are sacred books of
A.    Buddhists
B.    Hindus
C.    Jains
D.   None of the above
Ans. A

Q39- The trident-shaped symbol of Buddhism does not represent
A.    Nirvana
B.    Sangha
C.    Buddha
D.   Dhamma
Ans. A

Q40- The pass located at the southern end of the Nilgiri Hills in south India is called
A.    the Palghat gap
B.    the Bhorghat pass
C.    the Thalgat pass
D.   the Bolan pass

Ans. A

Characteristic of NDA Sample Paper:
  • The Sample Paper provides the essential details of topic before giving the question sets which in a way assists the aspirants revise the syllabus before attempting the questionnaires which save the time. 
  • The National Defence Academy sample paper will assist the applicants in practice the question paper from total syllabus in specific sections. 
  • That means that separately from having a matured practice set, it will have parts for different sections like GAT, English and Mathematics etc. 
  • With the help of question paper, they do not require to learn the complete book which is a sluggish task, in its place, read only the essential points. 
  • Assists in understanding the level of question paper as well as type of the questions asked in NDA Examination.
Regular practicing with NDA Sample Paper can acquire the aspirants become more perfect with their answers of questions asked in every part in the set time duration. Using this NDA Sample Paper, aspirants also acquire more familiar with all sections, types of questions, number of questions and marking scheme, topic covered in exam for NDA I and NDA I. Finally, this improves their level of self-confidence before they enter the exam hall on the day of exam.

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