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Important Technical Interview Questions And Answers | Top 16 Questions


Important Technical Interview Questions And Answers

Attending a technical interview of a company is bit tricky and tough, but with proper preparation one can easily crack it. Read here Important Technical Interview Questions And Answers, we have discussed Top 16 Questions along with their answers. For an interview, it all generally depends on the interviewer and also your appearance to an extent. This is a reason why everyone suggests having well preparation.

Important Technical Interview Questions And Answers
Applicants have to prepare thoroughly, so Read below discussed Top 16 Technical Interview Questions and Answers and know the way or type of question that can be asked. Read and explore trick to Try so that you van clarify things in a simple manner and be precise in your answers. To crack an individual interview, you must be prepared to an almost otherworldly extent, on many fronts at once…

Important Technical Interview Questions And Answers

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Top 16 Technical Interview Questions And Answers

Following are some Important Technical Interview Questions along with their Answers for Fresher / Experienced;
C Programming

Important Technical Interview Questions And Answers
#1 What is a local block?
Ans A local block is any portion of a C program that is enclosed by the left brace ({) and the right brace (}). A C function contains left and right braces, and therefore anything between the two braces is contained in a local block. If statement or a switch statement can also contain braces, so the portion of code between these two braces would be considered a local block.

#2 What is meant by "bit masking"?
Ans Bit masking means selecting only certain bits from byte(s) that might have many bits set. To examine some bits of a byte, the byte is bitwise "ANDed" with a mask that is a number consisting of only those bits of interest.

#3 What is a stream?
Ans A stream is a continuous series of bytes that flow into or out of your program. Input and output from devices such as the mouse, keyboard, disk, screen, modem, and printer are all handled with streams.

 #4 What is hashing?
Ans. – Hashing is basically to grind-up any context. The main part of any hashing algorithm is hashing function, which takes the simple data and grinds it into random looking integer.

Java Programming

Important Technical Interview Questions And Answers
#5 What is the difference between a constructor and a method?
Ans A constructor is a member function of a class that is used to create objects of that class. It has the same name as the class itself, has no return type, and is invoked using the new operator. A method is an ordinary member function of a class. It has its own name, a return type (which may be void), and is invoked using the dot operator.

#6 What is the purpose of garbage collection in Java, and when is it used?
Ans The purpose of garbage collection is to identify and discard objects that are no longer needed by a program so that their resources can be reclaimed and reused. A Java object is subject to garbage collection when it becomes unreachable to the program in which it is used.

#7 What is an abstract class?
Ans Abstract class must be extended /subclassed (to be useful). It serves as a template. A class that is abstract may not be instantiated (i.e. you may not call its constructor), abstract class may contain static data. Any class with an abstract method is automatically abstract itself, and must be declared as such. A class may be declared abstract even if it has no abstract methods. This prevents it from being instantiated.

#8 Why java doesn’t support multiple inheritances?
Ans There is a basic reason behind this – first is ambiguity around Diamond problem and second reason is it complicates the design and creates problem while casting, constructor chain etc.

Important Technical Interview Questions And Answers
#9 What is .NET Framework?
Ans .NET Framework is a complete environment that allows developers to develop, run, and deploy the following applications:
  • Console applications
  • Windows Forms applications
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications
  • Web applications (ASP.NET applications)
  • Web services
  • Windows services
  • Service-oriented applications using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
  • Workflow-enabled applications using Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)
#10 What is ASP.NET?
Ans ASP.NET is a specification developed by Microsoft to create dynamic Web applications, Web sites, and Web services. It is a part of .NET Framework. You can create ASP.NET applications in most of the .NET compatible languages, such as Visual Basic, C#, and J#.

#11 What is the basic difference between ASP and ASP.NET?
Ans The basic difference between ASP and ASP.NET is that ASP is interpreted; whereas, ASP.NET is compiled. This implies that since ASP uses VBScript; therefore, when an ASP page is executed, it is interpreted. On the other hand, ASP.NET uses .NET languages, such as C# and VB.NET, which are compiled to Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL).

#12 What is Common Type System?
Ans The common type system is a rich type system, built into the common language runtime, which supports the types and operations found in most programming languages.


Important Technical Interview Questions And Answers
#13 what is Full form of PHP? Who is the father or inventor of PHP?
Ans The full form of PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor and the father of PHP was Asmus Lerdorf.

#14 what is PHP?
Ans The PHP Hypertext Preprocessor is a programming language that allows web developers to create dynamic content that interacts with databases. PHP is basically used for developing web based software applications.

#15 What Is a Persistent Cookie? 
Ans A persistent cookie is a cookie which is stored in a cookie file permanently on the browser's computer.

#16 How to set cookies in PHP?
Ans Setcookie ("sample", "ram", time ()+3600);
These were top most asked Important Technical Interview Questions and Answers, hope this page will be helpful for you!!! All the best…

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