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C Programming Interview Questions And Answers Updated For Freshers/Exp


C Programming Interview Questions And Answers

Candidates who are preparing for interviews may check here C Programming Interview Questions And Answers that Updated For Freshers/Experienced. C language is the mostly used language and also used to clear the programming concept. That’s why, company always start with C Programming Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers. Lots of aspirants every year appear for various interviews but may face complication. So, if too nervous then prepare here with such top updated C Programming Interview Questions and Answers.

C Programming Interview Questions And Answers
To qualify or successfully crack such Interviews candidates requires proper guidance. Interview session for a technical person is really hard to compete. In technical Interview the questions are based on the basic language that is required in the job… let’s explore more;

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C Programming Interview Questions And Answers

Check out largely asked C Programming Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers Online –

Ques 1:  What is C language?
Ans. – C programming language is a middle level language developed in 1970’s by Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson.  It one of the most commonly used and largely distributed.

Ques 2:  What are local variables and global variables?
Ans. – Variables declared within a local block or in a function those are called local variables, whereas Global variable scope is up to the program execution.

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Ques 3: Can you differentiate between C and C++?
Ans. – There are many differences between C and C++, some are –
  • *C is procedural language and C++ is OOPs based language.
  • *C++ program can also contain C programming concept whereas C programs not.
  • *C programming is functional / structural based whereas in C++ programs are Object oriented.
  • *C is developed by Dennis Ritchie and C++ developed by Bjarne Stoustrup.
Ques 4:  What is difference between declaration and definition?

Ans. – Declaration means either a variable or function that will use in the program is mentioned with data type (declared). Definition means assigning the value to the declared variable or defining the block of function that is declared. We can declare and define any variable or function at the same time also.

Ques 5: Is switch is better over if-else statement?
Ans. – A switch case is better only when there is multiple choice conditions occur.

Ques 6: What is hashing?
Ans. – Hashing is basically to grind-up any context. The main part of any hashing algorithm is hashing function, which takes the simple data and grinds it into random looking integer.

Ques 7: Is default case is necessary in switch case?
Ans. – Yes default case is important in switch case.

Ques 8: What is a null pointer?
Ans. – A pointer that doesn’t points anything is null pointer. We can also define the null pointer with using macro NULL. Some of the programmer prefers to use 0 instead of NULL.

Ques 9: What will be the output if we write printf (“%d”);?
Ans. – It will give us a garbage value. When we write printf (“%d”,x); then it prints the value of x but in this case there is nothing after %d so compiler will give the window garbage value as output.

Ques 10: Which standard library will you use to find the last occurrence of character in string using C?
Ans. – strrchr() function

Ques 11: What is difference between calloc() and malloc()?
Ans. –calloc() allocates a block of memory to an array of certain size. By default it is initialized with 0. Whereas malloc() allocates the bytes of memory block unlike calloc(), it takes a single parameter which is the memory required in bytes.

Ques 12:  What is stderr?
Ans. – It is Standard error stream

Ques 13: Abbreviation of stdio and conio?
Ans. – Standard Input/ Output is full form of stdio and conio is used for Console Input / Output.

Ques 14: What strcmp() function will return, if two strings are identical?
Ans. – It will return 0

Ques 15: What does static variable means?
Ans. – Static variables are initialized once and retain the value between the function they are called, i.e. their scope is within the function in which they are defined.

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Ques 16: In C if an array is passed through argument, what actually gets passed?
Ans. – Base address of array

Ques 17: Tell the keyword which is used to pass the control from the called function back to the calling block?
Ans. – return

Ques 18: In which header file is the NULL macro defined?
Ans. – It is defined in stdio.h and stddef.h

Ques 19: How can we reduce a final size of executable file?
Ans. – Size can be reduced by using dynamic linking of libraries

Ques 20: What is FILE in C?
Ans. – FILE is a defined in stdio.h header file and it is a predefined file type.

These C Programming Interview Questions And Answers are offered by our team Privatejobshub.in, for shaping up your mind sharp so that you must give your best in Interview. So, Prepare well for your entire interview phase and all the very best! Please write comments if you find anything incorrect, or you want to share more information about the topic discussed above.

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