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Group Discussion Topics | Current GD Topics with Answers, MBA/Engineering

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Group Discussion Topics

These days, almost companies and departments prefer to have Group Discussion for recruitment process. Read below, some latest Group Discussion Topics on below that you can easily expect to be asked in recruiting process.  Here for your convenience we have discussed few Current GD Topics with Answers and we assure that this page will be helpful for MBA/Engineering students and for those who’re preparing for banking.

Group Discussion Topics
Group Discussion (GD) is an important part of selection process in every firm or departments to choose up deserving candidate, which he / she must have to qualify at any cost. Most of us faced complications in interview and after successful completion of an interview, there’s comes a Group Discussion.

Group Discussion Topics

Especially it is conducted in the public sector jobs, like students preparing for SSC, UPSC, CAT and other Civil services have to clear this session. So, many candidates fail to crack this phase of recruitment just because of leas awareness, lack of knowledge about the topics that can be put in front of candidates for discussion. If you are facing the same problem or you are going for any GD session then you must check this out.
Must Know This: How To Prepare For GD 

We are providing you a list of commonly asked GD topics list. Be prepared with such topics for a good performance in the GD sessions and grab target job. Point out some important points to the general topics.
Current GD Topics with Answers

Check out here is the list of several topic with different that are asked to different Stream person.

Common GD Topics –
  • Business and ethics cannot go together
  • The state authority and freedom of expression
  • Is China better than India in software?
  • Should there be limits on artistic freedom
  • Should India sign the CTBT?
  • Is there any Point in having a Business Strategy?
  • Women make good managers
  • Love marriage versus Arrange marriage
  • Junk food or homemade food
  • Position of women in India better to other nation

GD Topics for MBA students
  • Environment Management
  • Is India moving towards people management?
  • Education in India – burden or opportunity?
  • Globalization how real is it?
  • Education vs. literacy
  • History spoils us or built us?
  • Unique identification number
  • Is rural India strength for India?
  • Indian agriculture system
  • Reality shows.
  • Machine over man or man over machine?
  • Movies made in Bollywood for Hollywood

GD Topics for Engineering Students
  • Is China a threat to the Indian software industry?
  • Environment Management
  • Is China better than India in software?
  • Govt. contribution to IT
  • is china a threat to Indian industry
  • India or west , which is the land of opportunities
  • water resources should be nationalized
  • Role of UN in peacekeeping
  • Position of Women in India compared to other nations.
  • Effect of cinema on Youth
  • Education in India compared to Foreign nations
  • What is the effect of movies on youth. is it good or bad)
  • Nothing Succeeds Like Success
  • The Malthusian Economic Prophecy Is No Longer Relevant
  • Secessionist In The North-East: Who’s To Blame?
  • Should India Break Diplomatic Ties With Pakistan?
  • Age and Youth: Experience And Young Talent
  • East Is East & West Is Where All The Action Is’: Mark Twain
  • Freedom Of _Expression And the State Authority

GD Topics For Bank Preparation
  • Decentralization leads to lack of control and centralization leads lack of responsibility.
  • What should an organization do to bring effectiveness?
  • Do you support financial penalties for breaking organizational rules and regulations?
  • How internet technologies can help governments in better governance.
  • Pros and cons of Social networking websites
  • Is India ready for e-commerce revolution?
  • Unemployment rate is very high in India. How it can be minimized?
  • What steps should Prime Minister of India take to improve growth rate. 
  • How to improve employability of educated youth in India. Various vocational training programs failed to improve the situation in past. 
  • Why NPA rate in PSU banks is higher than private sectored banks
  • Women empowerment in India
  • Do you think liberalized foreign investment policies are in favour in Indian economy in ling run
  • What should be the optimal level of interest in India considering its growth levels
  • What changed internet can bring the life of rural population 
  • Do you think starting a business is easy in India
  • Do you think Indian cultural and traditional values are barriers in its growth?
  • Do you think Indians are hypocrites when it comes to women rights?
  • How would you justify freedom of thoughts in media?
  • Is paid news good or bad for society?
  • Is India ready for e-commerce?
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List Of Latest & General Topics For Group Discussion
  • Should land in India be nationalized?
  • Should students take part in politics?
  • Should women be allowed in the army?
  • Should we have a common civil code?
  • Should mobile use be banned in colleges?
  • Should the media be censored for programmes?
  • What helps a soldier most brain, brawn or faith?
  • Should we abolish the JCO rank from our army?
  • Should politics have a minimum qualification?
  • What is desirable love marriage or arranged marriage?
  • Should our policies be aimed at improving the quality of life?
  • Should sex education be imparted in our colleges or not?
  • How Samsung moved Nokia’s Cheese?
  • A free press safeguards democracy
  • Academic dishonesty: the first step in corruption
  • Are communal riots engineered by politicians?
  • Are film festivals the only means to enjoy good cinema?
  • Are Naxals and Maoists a serious threat to national security?
  • Are reservations in jobs justified?
  • Boarding or day school which is more beneficial for a student?
  • Can disarmament stop wars and promote peace
  • Can we wipe out corruption and bribery from our country?
  • Do films cause social evils?
  • Do intelligence tests serve any useful purpose?
  • Do our planners lack foresight?
  • Do trade unions have relevance in the current corporate world?
  • Do we need to rewrite Indian history?
  • Does India’s degenerative democracy call for dictatorship?
  • Does man work for bread alone?
  • Does marketing with a social cause give brands a human face
  • Does our territorial army deserve a better deal?
  • Has democracy succeeded as a form of government?
  • Indian states: should they be given more autonomy?
  • Is a national infrastructure budget key in promoting industrial growth?
  • Is agricultural output dependent on the vagaries of the monsoon?
  • Is censorship needed in the entertainment industry?
  • Is common mess for both officers and Jawans in the army advisable?
  • Is history a valid tool to plan the future?
  • Is it time for reforms to be implemented in the Indian judiciary
  • Is our population an asset for growth?
  • Is prohibition desirable in India?
  • Is reform necessary in judicial nominations?
  • Is science
  • Is science a curse or a boon?
  • Is should we ensure workers’ participation in management?
  • Is suicide a crime?
  • Is telecom connectivity the symbol of an emerging modern, global power?
  • Is the media sensationalism of the 26/11 attacks justified?
  • Is the reorganization of states in India on a linguistic basis justified?
  • Is the review of our constitution justified?
  • Is war inevitable?
  • Kashmir problem: is it a creation of our unwise policies?
  • Man is born free but he is in chains everywhere
  • Reasons of failure of Tata Nano
  • Rural development is the right answer to our unemployment problem.
  • Seniority, not merit, must be the criterion for promotions
  • Should capital punishment be abolished?
  • Should copyright violations by students be penalized
  • Should corporal punishment be allowed in schools or not?
  • Should individuals with criminal cases be allowed to stand for elections?

Current GD Topics with Answers, MBA/Engineering

#JOB opportunities are high in India or foreign. Why?
  • Job opportunities are high in India because now India is developed, with so many MNCs, they invest low price then get high profit. Many foreign companies are Opening their branches in India in the name of BPO's and Call Centers.
  • The main reason why these foreign companies are opting India is due to the simple fact that India has many graduates and unemployed youth who are ready to accept a job with less pay then their foreign counter parts. Due to which they will gain more profits.
  • As India is a developing country, the Job opportunities in India are more and our country has large number of graduates and postgraduates in each and every field such as science and technology, IT sector, arts, etc.

#No one studies for an MBA. Everyone studies for a job!

Totally agree with the above statement that nobody study for MBA but for today’s’ world competition has increased to a great height that almost everyone is going for acquiring higher education so that they can be given preference among the common ones..So the need to be extra talented is increasing day by day because the persons are getting conscious towards their career the only possible way for this is to achieve higher education. For instance in company for a job if their two persons one is simply b. tech and another is MBA then definitely the later one is going to get a higher position in as compare to the former...

#Effect of media…

Standing in the 21st century even a pin drop can be heard and viewed a thousand miles away, thanks to the media… Media like the internet or the TV are also helpful for studies Thus over all we find it helpful. In short our hunger for knowledge is to a large extent doused by media, we can’t think of life without it!

Media serves us with the latest news... what’s going around us- good or bad. Which one is latest news? Whatever happens in world we get to know in just few minutes…? It gets us updated about each and every sector. If any calamity happens in country or in any part of world... we are well aware of it.

But some news channels are just running for their own profits... If they don't have any good news then they start showing fake news or irrelevant topics just to increase their TRP. They should keep it in mind that any fake news can create a big chaos and also can derail our youth and we should only watch good news channels like BBC, AAJ TAK and CNBC.

Remember While Appearing For Group Discussion

What Is Expected Of You?
  • Above topics not only expect you to be good at communication skills, but also expect you to be aware of the happenings around you, expect you to know a lot beyond your textbooks or favorite movies.
  • Unless you read newspapers and watch news channels, you could be running short of points while speaking on the above topics.

Don't Be Too Aggressive While Speaking:
  • A GD is not a place to fight or stay in a complete denial mode of the points made out by your peers.
  • Instead you should place strong points that support your views on the topic of interest with due respect for others points as well.
  • Don't ever get into a mode of complete denial or get too aggressive in placing your points.
Just Stay Prepared

If not started yet, it’s time for you to spend at least 20 minutes daily to read quality newspapers.
Watching prime time news in popular channels can do a lot well too.

Guys! We hope best for you in your future coming selection procedure. All the very best!!!

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