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SSC CGL Interview Tips - Frequently Asked Interview Questions and Answers


SSC CGL Interview Tips

SSC CGL Interview Tips: This page is especially for the contenders who are looking for the SSC CGL Interview Tips and the frequently asked questions and answers at the time of interview. Candidates who have cleared/pass out the written examinations have to face the final step/phase and that is the face to face interview process, in interview all that matters are your performance and your confidence. Here on this page we are going to tell you that how can you make your interview more impressive and how can you impress the interviewers.

SSC CGL Interview Tips

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 SSC CGL Interview Tips

Some Basic Points That A Candidate Has To Take Care At The Time Of Interview:
  • The first thing that the candidate has to remember is to be properly dressed; the clothes should be neat and clean.
  • At the time when you enter the interviewer’s cabin, greet everyone according to the time.
  • Don’t get nervous, shake hands with the interviewers
  • Ask before taking the seat
  • Thank them
  • Sit straight
  • Feel confident; don’t show that you are nervous.
  • Don’t move your hands or shake your legs unnecessarily
  • Speak clearly, do not mummer
  • Listen the whole whatever the interviewer says
  • Do not answers in brief, give good explanation
  • Be confident but don’t be overconfident
  • Maintain a good flow while speaking
  • Do not speak too loudly or too slowly
  • Use a polite pitch at the time of answering
  • Do not show them unnecessary attitude / negative attitude
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Questions That Are Mostly Asked By The Interviewer At The Time Of Interview:

Now we are going to provide a list of questions that the interviewers asked mostly while taking the interview, these questions are:

Introduce yourself? Or what do you call yourself?

Tell them about your name, your family, you qualification etc. in a brief manner

What are your qualities or disqualities?

Say about you qualities that what are you good at and the disqualities that what are the things that you can’t do

What is your weakness?

Tell them about you fear or the things that make you weak

Have you done anything to overcome it?

If you did anything regarding that then tells them but in brief, don’t get hyper at the time of discussing your weakness

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Why do we hire you?

Show them your confidence and the ideas that you have regarding growth

Why you have interest in government sector jobs?

Yes, and tell them the brief reason

Why do you want to go for this job since there are many jobs in public sector?

Tell them the benefits that you see in that job except financial terms

Do you have a leader quality in you?

If you have then say yes And if you don’t then say sir, I will try to be a good leader

If you have a situation that on one point you a chance to earn too much money and on second point you have to be a good leader and handle your team without any profit that what will you choose?

Tell them that you will choose you team don’t show them that you are greedy

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What do you think about the private sector or privatization?

Tell them about the drawbacks of private sector and your thinking regarding the private sector

Questions related to your education?

Then they will ask you some basic questions regarding your studies or the subjects that you studied in your graduation or any other qualification

Some tricky questions to check your common sense like:

If we say that jump from the window then only we will hire you than what will you do?

There is a glass full of water and covered with a plate and you have to drink the water without replacing the plate?

How many buttons are there in your shirt?

How many steps you walk from the auditorium to our cabin?  And many more...

Use your common sense, don’t get confused just understand their point and answer in a calm and a smiling gesture

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“The most important thing is your confidence and your first impression


Your first impression will always decide that how your interview is will be?”

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