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UPSC IES Interview Questions And Answers – Must Read Newly Updated !!


UPSC IES Interview Questions

It hardly matters that you are a learner or an expert in the field of Civil Services preparation, but you must Read these Newly Updated UPSC IES Interview Questions And Answers. IES ‘Indian Engineering Services’ is a type of Engineering Services Examination which is conducted by UPSC to evaluate aspirant’s skills and abilities. They execute examinations so that these candidates may get employed at various posts in Engineering Services Sector, under government of India.
UPSC IES Interview Questions

For guiding you we have listed and discussed few UPSC IES Interview Questions and Answers, please read them carefully so that you may get an idea about what types of questions are expected to come. So, go further;

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UPSC IES Interview Questions And Answers

Ques: Tell me briefly about yourself?
Ans. The first and main question that gives startup to your interview is the one question that is asked by an interview to make you feel free. Figure out all your background and educational qualification, skills, etc.

Ques: Why you want to become ESE?
Ans. Sir, three reasons why I want to be an ES officer.
  • Firstly, it presents me with a wonderful opportunity to work in the best way I can and also concurs with my long-term goals.
  • Secondly, career prospects are bright. Growth is good and the work itself is multi-faceted encompassing techno-managerial aspects as well.
  • Last but not the least; it will give me pride to be a part of the nation building process.
Ques: Who should look for career in Govt. /PSU sector?

Ans. Anyone who want a good family life, leisure time for himself, and who can crack PSU/ES exams, may go for govt. job. Your attitude for working should be clear. Anyone who wants to serve the Nation should join Govt. job rather going for any Pvt. Jobs.

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Ques: What are your weak and strong points?
Ans. Must keep in mind you can make a negative to positive point by using the correct word and response. Try to tell those weaknesses that not affect your job.

Ques: What should be the strategy to prepare for the technical exams like Indian Engineering Services?
Ans. I believe in self study. I have gone through all textbooks which I had referred during my graduation. We should study each and everything at least once, because it helps at the time of examination.

Ques: Why should we hire you?
Ans. – List out all those elements in you that becoming a perfect suit to the job. Don’t try to compare yourself with anyone else job-seeker. Try to mention all those abilities that are required by the organization.

Ques: Were you also preparing for GATE in parallel?
Ans. Self study, I used to study for 12 hrs each day on average. I don't believe in any type of coaching. Just sit for long time, it will work.

Ques: Some of the best-engineered ideas are born out of an individual’s ability to challenge, others’ ways of thinking. Tell me about a time when you were successful in doing this.
Ans. Be optimistic and confident in your answer. Prepare a good answer for such questions that are related to you achievements.


Ques: How did you prepared for GK portion of Engg. Services / PSUs?
Ans. For GK, I studied NCERT text books of 9th and 10th standards. After that I referred LUCENT GK book, followed by CSR.

Ques: Please also describe what all services are included in Indian Engineering Service examination like IOFS, IRSE etc?
Ans. There are about ten other services we can get through IES exam. Including Railways, Defense, Power, Telecom & Supply etc ministries

Ques: What is your overall career objective? And where do you see yourself in the next five years?
Ans. – Mention your vision and goals. Answer it honestly and clarify your objectives.

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Things to be avoided at the UPSC Interview:
  1. Avoid the expression, 'I am sorry.'
  2. Avoid conversational clichés, like: 'as you know', 'that's correct', 'of course', 'indeed', 'obviously', etc.
  3. Maintain a cheerful disposition. Now and then you can appear serious; but most of the time keep smiling or look cheerful and composed. One caution here: if the board laughs, you should only smile.
  4.  It is only when you maintain some amount of distance that the board begins to wonder about the depth of your personality.
  5. Do not give long introductions. Come straight to the heart of the matter.
  6. Show human concern whenever possible in your answers.
  7. You should be logically consistent and analyze things rationally while talking. You are supposed to defend what you say, but with due respect to the views of the board. Stop trying to defend an answer if it becomes difficult to do so logically and fairly.
  8. Do not make hasty or sweeping generalizations.
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