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General Science Quiz | Free Practice Quizzes & Questions With Answers Online


General Science Quiz

General Science Quiz: Free Practice Quizzes with Questions Answers are available here! Candidates who are going to appearing in the competitive examination and seeking for General Science Quiz can solve General Science Practice from here!

The below provided general science practice test contains the questions of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology; these questions are taken from the various sources with the aim to provide you the best material.

General Science Quiz

The provided Basic science questions and answers will surely help you in practicing well for your upcoming examination. So we advise you to solve General science quiz online and evaluate your performance now!

Don’t feel sad if you do not get good marks in this test, as practice makes a man perfect. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down the page and start yours General Science Quiz!

We have also provided the General science Practice Quizzes PDF; you can download it from the below-provided link.

General science Quizzes with questions and answers

Question 1: Potassium Permanganate is used for purifying drinking water, because
1.    It is a sterilising agent
2.    It dissolves the impurities of water
3.    It is a reducing agent
4.    It is an oxidising agent
Answer: 4

Question 2:   Which of the following is an element?
1.    Ruby
2.    Sapphire
3.    Emerald
4.    Diamond
Answer: 4

Question 3:’Anemophily’ is pollination by :
1.    Birds
2.    Wind
3.    Ants
4.    Bats
Answer: 2

Question 4:The nutritional supplements Spirulina, Chorella and the Vitamin-C supplement, Dunaliella are actually:
1.    Algae
2.    Lichens
3.    Probiotics
4.    Bryophytes
Answer: 1
Question 5: Which of the following rays are more penetrating?
1.    Beta rays
2.    Alpha rays
3.    Gamma rays
4.    X-rays
Answer: 3

Question 6: How many colours the sunlight spectrum has?
1.    Three
2.    Seven
3.    Four
4.    Five
Answer: 2

Question 7:Which of the following is commonly called a 'polyamide'?
1.    Terylene
2.    Nylon
3.    Rayon
4.    Orlon
Answer: 2

Question 8:Epoxy resins are used as
1.    Detergents
2.    Insecticides
3.    Adhesives
4.    Moth repellents
Answer: 3

Question 9:Detergents used for cleaning clothes and utensils contain?
1.    Bicarbonates
2.    Bismuthates
3.    Sulphonates
4.    Nitrates
Answer: 3

Question 10: Sodium metal is kept under
1.    Petrol
2.    Alcohol
3.    Kerosene
4.    Water
Answer: 3

Question 11: Which of the following are the ingredients of gun metal?
1.    Iron, Zinc, Titanium
2.    Iron, tin
3.    Iron, Brass, Tin
4.    Copper, Tin
Answer: 4

Question 12: From which mineral is radium obtained?
1.    Pitchblende
2.    Rutile
3.    Haematite
4.    Limestone
Answer: 1

Question 13: The variety of coal in which the deposit contains recognizable traces of the original plant material is
1.    Bitumen 
2.    Peat 
3.    Anthracite 
4.    Lignite 
Answer: 2

Question 14: Tetraethyl lead is used as
1.    Pain killer 
2.    Fire extinguisher 
3.    Mosquito repellent 
4.    Petrol additive 
Answer: 4

Question 15: Which of the following is used as a lubricant?
1.    Graphite 
2.    Silica 
3.    Iron Oxide 
4.    Diamond 
Answer: 1

Question 16:The age of most ancient geological formations is estimated by
1.    Ra - Si method
2.    Potassium - argon method
3.    C14 method
4.    Uranium - lead method
Answer: 4

Question 17:Who suggested that most of the mass of the atom is located in the nucleus?
1.    Thompson
2.    Bohr
3.    Rutherford
4.    Einstein
Answer: 3

Question 18:One kilometre is equal to how many miles?
1.    0.84
2.    0.5
3.    1.6
4.    0.62
Answer: 4

Question 19:Kilohertz is a unit which measures
1.    Power used by a current of one ampere
2.    Electromagnetic radio wave frequencies
3.    Voltage
4.    Electric resistance
Answer: 2

Question 20:One horse power is equal to
1.    746 watts
2.    748 watts
3.    756 watts
4.    736 watts
Answer: 1

General Science Quiz

We advise you solve General Science Quiz on regular basis for the better result, as solving mock test is the best preparation method for any of the examination. This will help you to boost up your performance as well as the speed of answering the questions.

We have provided the answer along with the question so that you can analyze your performance and works on your week points. This Online General Science MCQs Test is mainly prepared with the motive to provide you quality stuff!


We really Hope the provided General Science Quiz will help you in the better preparation of the exam. We suggest you solve one mock test daily to crack the exam effectively and efficiently.

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