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Group Discussion For MBA Entrance | GD Topics For CAT, MAT Interview


Group Discussion For MBA Entrance

Candidates who all are preparing to attend Group Discussion For MBA Entrance may check here GD Topics For CAT, MAT Interview. Basically, Group Discussion is both a technique and an art which intends to know that how well you behave, contributes by participating in a group. This shows how much importance you give to the group objectives, shows quality of listening skills. The term Group Discussion executes discussion on a particular top among many persons in a group including from 8 to 12 members who will express their views freely, frankly in a friendly manner, on a topic of current issue within a limited time slot

Group Discussion For MBA Entrance
With the ever increasing number of aspirants at the MBA entrance examination as well as other competitive examinations, it is both useful and necessary to focus our attention on the most important and widely used screening device called – Group Discussions. Having observed thousands of candidates trying to prove their best in the group discussion and dozens of experts on the selection panel who finds the task of rejection rather difficult, Dr. Anjali Ghanekar felt there was need to enhance the quality of the screening process.

Must Know This: How To Prepare For GD 

Group Discussion For MBA Entrance

  1. Even a clock that does not work is right twice a day
  2. Bharat & India - 2 different strokes?
  3. Women Empowerment is limited to debates
  4. TV debates have become TRP booster shows?
  5. Is the youth of India confident or confused?
  6. Are women good managers?
  7. Cricket looks more as an event than a game
  8. 6 Tips to stop feeling overworked
  9. FDI in multi-brand retail will hurt domestic sector
  10. 8 gestures that win you great job offers
  11. One India One Election - Pros and Cons
  12. Strong criticism of government isn’t defamatory or seditious
  13. How to find a good internship?
  14. Surrogacy or Adoption: What should a married couple prefer?
  15. Gender neutral parental leave - Pros and Cons
  16. While selecting the future executives, it would be worthwhile to look for the following specific skills in the candidates, personal skills, group skills and leadership skills.
Current GD Topics with Answers: Group Discussion Topics

Personal Skills
  • “In this category the panel members look for initiative displayed by the candidate, his extent of elf-confidence, his depth of knowledge, group and level of understanding of the subject. Another important criterion would be the candidate’s consistency in thinking and presentation of facts. The candidate must have his facts right.
  • It is very important to see whether the candidate reiterates wrong facts, whether he bombards others with data and confuse the issues at hand, whether he shows shallow understanding carefully, may make the task or rejection easier.
  • While selecting the right candidate, the ability in coherent organization and logical development of thought is looked for. Moreover, it is extremely important to look for the vital skill of assertiveness in the right candidate.

Group Skills
  • “In this category the panel members look for the candidate’s extent of value addition to the group, his ability to communicate ideas fluently and efficiently, his ability to listen attentively as well as his willingness to listen to logic and reason. His ability for sustained interest...
  • Again the panel members focus their attention on the candidate’s ability to enhance the quality of discussion; especially, his ability to contribute original points. Another major group skill would be the candidate’s ability to discuss different dimensions. His ability to steer the group into discussing other angles is also looked for.
  • Furthermore, it is observed whether the candidate has the ability to make consistent efforts to relate with others in the group. Last, but not the least important point is the candidate’s ability to build on valid points.

Leadership Skills
  • “In this category, the candidate’s ability to influence and persuade others, his ability to encourage and also to compromise is looked for.
  • Observe his ability to co-ordinate and summarise. Another important aspect would be useful to look for his ability to encourage silent members into discussion.
Group Discussion For MBA Entrance

Guidelines for the Candidates
  • “First and foremost, besides communicating ideas fluently and effectively, the candidate must be able to listen attentively. It is also important t encourage the participation from all members.
  • Remember to keep discussion on the subject, or to bring it back to the subject.
  • Do not take the discussion on a tangent by adding irrelevant points.
  • Do not harp on small points thereby obscuring the critical issues. In this connection, you will have to deal tactfully with irrelevant contributions.
  • Similarly, you must remember to control the talkative member. Do not allow one or two members to monopolise the discussion.
  • It would be useful to develop your ability to make original points that steer the group into discussing other angles to the topic.
  • You must focus your efforts on consistently making points that will enhance the quality of the discussion.
  • Avoid personal arguments.
  • Similarly, avoid sub-grouping tendencies. Candidates lacking self-confidence, tend to converse with other members instead of addressing the group directly.
  • For effective leadership in group discussions conclude each argument at the right time and in the right manner. 

GD Topics For CAT, MAT Interview
  1. The steps proposed above can go a long way in enhancing the quality and effectiveness of this technique if followed in the right spirit.
  2. FDI in higher education: a boon or bane?
  3. Is Wikileaks release of US diplomatic cables good for democracy and transparency?
  4. Does India need a super regulatory body for higher education?
  5. Role of government in monitoring the economy in relation to recession
  6. Will a caste census help in bringing better development of depressed classes?
  7. Is a little corruption acceptable in developing countries?
  8. Your opinion on Women reservation bill
  9. Weather developing countries should control the emission of carbon?
  10. 7 reasons why India should not release the footage of surgical strikes.
  11. Cricket matches with DRS technology - Pros & Cons
  12. 9 things you shouldn’t do during your notice period!
  13. Should Pakistani artists be thrown out of India?
  14. Will Donald Trump’s presidency be a bad news for women?
  15. 6 things you can’t afford to ignore in online job hunt!
  16. Should India grant asylum to Baloch nationalists?
  17. Couldn’t get a campus placement?
  18. 7 tips to negotiate a high salary package!
  19. Is global isolation a sufficient response to Pak’s Uri attack?
  20. Should we grow GM mustard?
  21. Simple ways to beat stress and anxiety naturally!
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