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Download – CAT Previous Year Papers | 10 Years Old Papers with Solutions


CAT Previous Year Papers With Solutions

CAT Previous Year Papers: Common Entrance Test (CAT) will be conducted by IIM Lucknow as it is most popular management entrance exam between all MBA aspirants. For the ease of candidates, All CAT Previous Year Papers With Solutions PDF Available Here!!! So, candidates can download CAT 10 Years Old Papers with Solutions from this single web page.

Indian Institutes of Management conducts Common admission Test (CAT) every year for the students who want to get admission to MBA programs in IIMs. Students who are going to prepare for the CAT Exam they may get CAT Model Paper from this page for better preparation of exam. You can download the CAT Solved Papers in PDF file through online mode. After solving CAT Previous Year Papers you can easily crack the CAT Entrance Exam and get admission in MBA.

In addition to solving this CAT last year's question paper, practicing sample papers is also equally important, so, all the participants are suggested to solve sample question papers . Here on this page of www.privatejobshub.in we are representing some Questions from Sample Paper with their answers/ Solution. These CAT previous question papers are essential for every student to score maximum marks in exam. Every student must require practice with CAT Sample Papers with Solutions to check their preparation and improving the speed of problem solving.

CAT Previous Year Papers With Solutions

Get Official PDF OF CAT Previous Year Papers:

Download CAT Previous Year Papers PDF

CAT Sample Questions Answers

Q1- Vincent has a paper route. Each morning, he delivers 37 newspapers to customers in his neighborhood. It takes Vincent 50 minutes to deliver all the papers. If Vincent is sick or has other plans, his friend Thomas, who lives on the same street, will sometimes deliver the papers for him.

A.    Vincent and Thomas live in the same neighborhood.
B.    It takes Thomas more than 50 minutes to deliver the papers.
C.    It is dark outside when Vincent begins his deliveries.
D.   Thomas would like to have his own paper route

Answer: A

Q2- The Pacific yew is an evergreen tree that grows in the Pacific Northwest. The Pacific yew has a fleshy, poisonous fruit. Recently, taxol, a substance found in the bark of the Pacific yew, was discovered to be a promising new anticancer drug.

A.    Taxol is poisonous when taken by healthy people.
B.    Taxol has cured people from various diseases.
C.    People should not eat the fruit of the Pacific yew.
D.   The Pacific yew was considered worthless until taxol was discovered.

Answer: C

Q3- Erin is twelve years old. For three years, she has been asking her parents for a dog. Her parents have told her that they believe a dog would not be happy in an apartment, but they have given her permission to have a bird. Erin has not yet decided what kind of bird she would like to have.
A.    Erin's parents like birds better than they like dogs.

B.    Erin does not like birds.
C.    Erin and her parents live in an apartment.
D.   Erin and her parents would like to move.

Answer: C

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Q4- Tim's commute never bothered him because there were always seats available on the train and he was able to spend his 40 minutes comfortably reading the newspaper or catching up on paperwork. Ever since the train schedule changed, the train has been extremely crowded, and by the time the doors open at his station, there isn't a seat to be found.

A.    Tim would be better off taking the bus to work.
B.    Tim's commute is less comfortable since the train schedule changed.
C.    Many commuters will complain about the new train schedule.
D.   Tim will likely look for a new job closer to home.

Answer: B

Q5-When they heard news of the hurricane, Maya and Julian decided to change their vacation plans. Instead of traveling to the island beach resort, they booked a room at a fancy new spa in the mountains. Their plans were a bit more expensive, but they'd heard wonderful things about the spa and they were relieved to find availability on such short notice.

A.    Maya and Julian take beach vacations every year.
B.    The spa is overpriced.
C.    It is usually necessary to book at least six months in advance at the spa.
D.   Maya and Julian decided to change their vacation plans because of the hurricane.

Answer: D

Q6- On weekends, Mr. Sanchez spends many hours working in his vegetable and flower gardens. Mrs. Sanchez spends her free time reading and listening to classical music. Both Mr. Sanchez and Mrs. Sanchez like to cook.

A.    Mr. Sanchez enjoys planting and growing vegetables.
B.    Mr. Sanchez does not like classical music.
C.    Mrs. Sanchez cooks the vegetables that Mr. Sanchez grows.
D.   Mrs. Sanchez enjoys reading nineteenth century novels.

Answer: A

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Q7- Georgia is older than her cousin Marsha. Marsha's brother Bart is older than Georgia. When Marsha and Bart are visiting with Georgia, all three like to play a game of Monopoly. Marsha wins more often than Georgia does.

A.    When he plays Monopoly with Marsha and Georgia, Bart often loses.
B.    Of the three, Georgia is the oldest.
C.    Georgia hates to lose at Monopoly.
D.   Of the three, Marsha is the youngest.

Answer: D

Q8- Sara lives in a large city on the East Coast. Her younger cousin Marlee lives in the Mid-west in a small town with fewer than 1,000 residents. Marlee has visited Sara several times during the past five years. In the same period of time, Sara has visited Marlee only once.

A.    Marlee likes Sara better than Sara likes Marlee.
B.    Sara thinks small towns are boring.
C.    Sara is older than Marlee.
D.   Marlee wants to move to the East Coast.

Answer: C

Q9- Ten new television shows appeared during the month of September. Five of the shows were sitcoms, three were hour-long dramas, and two were news-magazine shows. By January, only seven of these new shows were still on the air. Five of the shows that remained were sitcoms.

A.    Only one of the news-magazine shows remained on the air.
B.    Only one of the hour-long dramas remained on the air.
C.    At least one of the shows that was cancelled was an hour-long drama.
D.   Television viewers prefer sitcoms over hour-long dramas.

Answer: C

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Q10- "If you don't keep quiet I shall shoot you", he said to her in a calm voice.

A.    He warned her to shoot if she didn't keep quiet calmly.
B.    He said calmly that I shall shoot you if you don't be quiet.
C.    He warned her calmly that he would shoot her if she didn't keep quiet.
D.   Calmly he warned her that be quiet or else he will have to shoot her.

Answer: C

Q11- Statements: All the windows are doors. No door is a wall.
·         Some windows are walls.
·         No wall is a door.
A.    Only (1) conclusion follows
B.    Only (2) conclusion follows
C.    Either (1) or (2) follows
D.   Neither (1) nor (2) follows
E.     (1) and (2) follow
Ans- B

Q12- A man walks 5 km toward south and then turns to the right. After walking 3 km he turns to the left and walks 5 km. Now in which direction is he from the starting place?
A.    West       
B.    South
C.    North-East         
D.   South-West
Ans- D

Q13- Choose the correct alternative that will continue the same pattern and replace the question mark in the given series.
28, 33, 31, 36, ?, 39
A.    32 
B.    34
C.    38 
D.   40
Ans- B

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Q14- In a certain code ROSE is written as #43$ and FIRST is written as 5*#37. How is STORE written in that code?
A.    473$#             
B.    473#$             
C.    374#$              
D.   347#$             
Ans- C

Q15- Navya is the only daughter of Mahesh’s sister Shalini’s brother. How is Navya related to Mahesh?
A.    Daughter      
B.    Niece              
C.    Cousin            
D.   Niece or Daughter    
E.    Data inadequate
Ans- D

Q16- Find out the choice which can correctly substitute that part of the sentence.
We must take it granted that he will not come for today's function.
A.    have it granted
B.    took it as granted
C.    taking it granted
D.   take it for granted
Ans- D

Q17- In the following questions choose the word which is the exact OPPOSITE of the given words.
A.    disciplined
B.    naive
C.    strict
D.   loose
Ans- B

Q18- In the following questions choose the word which is the exact OPPOSITE of the given words.
A.    obedient
B.    lined
C.    chatting
D.   deinite
Ans- A

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Q19- In the following the questions choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word.
1) Repudiate
A.    reject
B.    annoy
C.    appropriate
D.   besmirch
Ans- A

Q20- In the following the questions choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word.
A.    Settle
B.    Academic
C.    Expand
D.   Execute
Ans- B

Q21- Section 304 A of the Indian Penal Code is related to which among the following?
A.    Murder
B.    Culpable Homicide
C.    Death under Negligence
D.   None of them
Ans- 3

Q22- In which of the following states, the Balimela Project is located?
A.    West Bengal
B.    Bihar
C.    Madhya Pradesh
D.   Odisha
Ans- 4

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Q23- What does the Olympic Flame symbolize?
A.    Zeal to play sports
B.    Challenge
C.    Continuity
D.   Integrity
Ans- 3

Q24- A school having 270 students provides facilities for playing four games – Cricket, Football, Tennis and Badminton. There are a few students in the school who do not play any of the four games. It is known that for every student in the school who plays at least N games, there are two students who play at least (N – 1) games, for N = 2, 3 and 4. If the number of students who play all the four games is equal to the number of students who play none, then how many students in the school play exactly two of the four games?
A.    30
B.    60
C.    90
D.   120
Ans- 2

Q25- If a man cycles at 10 km/h, then he arrives at the certain place at 1 pm. If he cycles 15 km/h, he will arrive at the same place at 11 am. At what speed must he cycle to get there at noon?
A.    11 km/h
B.    12 km/h
C.    13 km/h
D.   14 km/h

Ans- 2

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