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How To Study At The Last Minute For Exams/Test – Tricks To Score Marks


How To Study At The Last Minute For Exams/Test

May be so many people enjoying but still you’ve to prepare for you exam. Time runs faster than you, read here How to Study at the Last Minute for Exams/Test and these Tricks To Score Marks are really effective and you must check them out. It doesn’t matter how well you’ve prepared for the exam but students desires to study more and more in the few hours before exam which can puzzle student’s mind.

How To Study At The Last Minute For Exams/Test
Exam is the time when every student faces too much stress, but if you really want to crack exams then go well with this entire page and get How to Study at the Last Minute for Exams? As steps provided below can be beneficial for the students… We are here to let you know some powerful tips and tricks about how you can study well before the last minute of exam. Let’s discuss..!!!

Tricks To Score Marks At The Last Minute For Exams/Test

One Hour Is Enough
  • Its better if you’ve few hours for study before exam but if you have at least one hour, and then it is enough for this final study.
  • You can review your notes in this period of time.
  • Be hurry but never keep your mind in hurry.
  • Be calm and relaxed while revising.
Avoid to Study Too Much
  • You don’t need to read the entire chapter, just read the summaries, because you don’t have much time.
  • But it doesn’t mean that you get stressed, be cool and think all is well.
  • Maintain you speed of revision to complete it in one hour.

Prioritize weak subjects
  • You have to aim to revise everything but give your more time on things you don't understand.
  • Because when we revise and attempt the tough things, our concentration level increases.
  • That's why you should give weak subjects most focus.
How To Study At The Last Minute For Exams/Test

Discuss What You’ve Read

After going through the summaries of chapters, discuss with your friend what you have studied.
It will help you to remember the most important portions of all the chapters for exam.

Friends and Family to Encourage You
  • Tell and discuss your plans and strategies of your preparation to your friends and family members.
  • Ask them about any kind of lack in your preparation strategy.
  • It’s not only you to encourage yourself, ask your friends and family to help you.
Quality time
  • Ask friends over for a revision session.
  • If someone else is testing you then it's always better, with things like learning and practicing dates and vocabulary.

Make It a Point
  • Note-down important points from the topics you’re studying, this will let you remember all.
  • When you are prepared already and have much less time, then just focus on some main points.
  • Read these points carefully 3 to 5 times, so it will stay in your mind and can be asked in the exam.
Revise and Test Yourself
  • If you have some time left you can quickly revise what you studied.
  • You can use every second left before the exam.
  • Remember that you’ve studied well and it’s just a quick revision so, be cool and calm.

Previous Year Questions
  • Try to solve previous year question, you can get it from the market and also available online.
  • It can be possible that you face some questions in the exam from previous year.
Guys! Be calm, just always try harder to do your best and remember that you’ve had more opportunities, and support than anyone in your family’s history…. J Good Luck!!!

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