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NMAT Previous Year Papers With Solutions, Download Practice Question Paper PDF


NMAT Previous Year Papers

NMAT Entrance exams are near and students are facing pressure to qualify in entrance exam, to accomplish from this task we have provided proper study material. Here, NMAT Previous Year Papers are being presented which will help the students to prepare well for entrance exams and can score good marks. NMIMS Management Aptitude Test Previous Year Question Paper with their solutions are provided at free of cost. You need to do is just practice more and more which ultimately reflects a confidence in you and you will be able to score more than qualified marks in examination. Now students can download NMAT Question Paper in PDF and start their revision by solving NMAT Sample Papers.

Conducting Body
Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC)
Exam Name
NMIMS Management Aptitude Test
Previous Year Papers

Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) is responsible in conducting NMIMS Management Aptitude Test 2018. NMIMS Management Aptitude Test 2018 is organized for admission to the management programmes such as MBA or other management courses in India. These management programmes are provided by the 23 B-Schools and various institutions such as NMIMS, Xavier School of Rural Management, MISB Bocconi & others. While you are preparing for NMIMS Management Aptitude Test, NMAT Guess papers will be very beneficial and fruitful for all the students. To download all the guess papers of NMAT 2018 and question papers in PDF format go through below prepared page which is well maintained by the expert team members of www.privatejobshub.in

NMAT Previous Year Papers

Graduate Management Admission Council has made it easy for students who are interested to pursue further studies because by following below provided NMAT 2018 previous years’ papers for your practice will help you in qualifying good marks. By solving NMAT last year sample papers you will get an idea how much percent you have prepared for exams and also you will able to know which sections is important. Here, links for previous year’s paper are provided below, hit on the link and start your practice accordingly.

NMAT Sample Paper
NMAT Previous Papers
NMAT Previous Year Papers
NMAT Question Paper
NMAT Practice Papers
NMAT Last Year Papers

NMAT Questions and Answers

Question 1: Vincent has a paper route. Each morning, he delivers 37 newspapers to customers in his neighborhood. It takes Vincent 50 minutes to deliver all the papers. If Vincent is sick or has other plans, his friend Thomas, who lives on the same street, will sometimes deliver the papers for him.

A.    Vincent and Thomas live in the same neighborhood.
B.    It takes Thomas more than 50 minutes to deliver the papers.
C.    It is dark outside when Vincent begins his deliveries.
D.   Thomas would like to have his own paper route.

Answer: A

Question 2: The Pacific yew is an evergreen tree that grows in the Pacific Northwest. The Pacific yew has a fleshy, poisonous fruit. Recently, taxol, a substance found in the bark of the Pacific yew, was discovered to be a promising new anticancer drug.

A.    Taxol is poisonous when taken by healthy people.
B.    Taxol has cured people from various diseases.
C.    People should not eat the fruit of the Pacific yew.
D.   The Pacific yew was considered worthless until taxol was discovered.

Answer: C

Question 3: Erin is twelve years old For three years, she has been asking her parents for a dog. Her parents have told her that they believe a dog would not be happy in an apartment, but they have given her permission to have a bird. Erin has not yet decided what kind of bird she would like to have.

A.    Erin's parents like birds better than they like dogs.
B.    Erin does not like birds.
C.    Erin and her parents live in an apartment.
D.   Erin and her parents would like to move

Answer: C

Question 4: Tim's commute never bothered him because there were always seats available on the train and he was able to spend his 40 minutes comfortably reading the newspaper or catching up on paperwork. Ever since the train schedule changed, the train has been extremely crowded, and by the time the doors open at his station, there isn't a seat to be found.

A.    Tim would be better off taking the bus to work.
B.    Tim's commute is less comfortable since the train schedule changed.
C.    Many commuters will complain about the new train schedule.
D.   Tim will likely look for a new job closer to home.

Answer: B

Question 5: When they heard news of the hurricane, Maya and Julian decided to change their vacation plans. Instead of traveling to the island beach resort, they booked a room at a fancy new spa in the mountains. Their plans were a bit more expensive, but they'd heard wonderful things about the spa and they were relieved to find availability on such short notice.

A.    Maya and Julian take beach vacations every year.
B.    The spa is overpriced.
C.    It is usually necessary to book at least six months in advance at the spa.
D.   Maya and Julian decided to change their vacation plans because of the hurricane.

Answer: D

Question 6: Which one of the following is not a prime number?

A.    31
B.    61
C.    71
D.   91

Answer: D

Question 7: (112 x 54) = ?

A.    67000
B.    70000
C.    76500
D.   77200

Answer: B

Question 8: It is being given that (232 + 1) is completely divisible by a whole number. Which of the following numbers is completely divisible by this number?

A.    (216 + 1)
B.    (216 - 1)
C.    (7 x 223)
D.   (296 + 1)

Answer: D

Question 9: What least number must be added to 1056, so that the sum is completely divisible by 23?

A.    2
B.    3
C.    18
D.   21

E.    None of these

Answer: A

Question 10: 1397 x 1397 =?

A.    1951609
B.    1981709
C.    18362619
D.   2031719
E.    None of these

Answer: A

Question 11: A pineapple costs Rs. 7 each. A watermelon costs Rs. 5 each. Z spends Rs. 38 on these fruits. The number of pieapples purchased is

A.    2
B.    3
C.    4
D.   Can’t say

Answer: D

Question 12: For a college debating team, 5 gents and 3 lady students were available. It is desired to select 2 gents and 2 ladies to form the team. In how many ways, the team can be selected?

A.    30
B.    60
C.    15
D.   12

Answer: B

Question 13: A rectangle has width a and length b. If the width is decreased by 20% and the length is increased by 10%, what is the new area of the rectangle?

A.    0.9 ab
B.    0.92 ab
C.    0.74 ab
D.   None of the above

Answer: None of the above

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Question 14: The sale recorded by a dealer in a week from Monday to Saturday is as follows:
  • Rs. 210000 per day for the first three days
  • Rs. 81000 on Thursday
  • Rs. 45000on Friday
  • Rs. 156000 on Saturday
Find his average sales per day during that week.

A.    152000
B.    125000
C.    135000
D.   132000

Answer: A

Question 15: Two men, Mohit and Neerej started walking towards each other, simultaneously from places P and Q respectively, which are 72 miles apart. They met after 6 hours. After their meeting, Mohit reduced his speed by 1 mile/h and Neerej increased by 1 mile/h. They arrived at Q and P respectively at the same time. Find their initial speeds :

A.    6 ½ miles/h and 7½ miles/h
B.    6 miles/h and 7 miles/h
C.    6.5 miles/h and 5.5 miles/h
D.   15 ½ miles/h and 9 miles/h

Answer: C

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Question 16: What would be the serial number of the word MOTHER in a dictionary consisting of words formed by letters in MOTHER arranged in an alphabetical order?

A.    307
B.    308
C.    309
D.   312

Answer: C

Question 17: Select the alternative which will come in place of (?)

 Computer: fqprxvht : : Language : ?

A.    ocqixcjg
B.    ocqicyig
C.    oxpixdig
D.   ocqixcig

Answer: A

Question 18: The ratio between the length and the breadth of a rectangular park is 3 : 2. If a man cycling along the boundary of the park at the speed of 12 km/hr completes one round in 8 minutes, then the area of the park (in sq. m) is:

A.    15360
B.    153600
C.    30720
D.   307200

Answer: B

Question 19: An error 2% in excess is made while measuring the side of a square. The percentage of error in the calculated area of the square is:

A.    2%   
B.    2.02%
C.    4%   
D.   4.04%

Answer: D

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Question 20: The ratio between the perimeter and the breadth of a rectangle is 5 : 1. If the area of the rectangle is 216 sq. cm, what is the length of the rectangle?

A.    16 cm
B.    18 cm
C.    24 cm
D.   Data inadequate
E.    None of these

Answer: B


Aspirants who are preparing can plan their studying schedule accordingly as this question papers are very helpful in your preparation. Contenders can download all the important NMAT Previous Year Papers with Solutions in PDF form and also you can grab these free of cost. The dedicated team members have modified this page to provide all the essential questions along with their solutions as framed above.

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