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SSC Stenographer Previous Papers – Sample/Model Paper Questions & Answers


SSC Stenographer Previous Papers

In this session, SSC Stenographer 2017 exam is going to be held by staff Selection commission. So, those are appearing in Staff Selection Commission Steno Examination 2017, they may get help in their exam preparation through SSC Stenographer Previous Papers.

When a candidates apply for Stenographer Exam, many questions arise in his/her mind like how to do preparation for steno exam and what types of questions are asked in the exam. To get entire information about SSC Stenographer Sample/Model Paper, you need to go through this page.  Here, we have provided sample of Questions and Answers of Staff Selection Commission Stenographer Exam.

Download Sample/Model Paper here:

SSC Steno Grade "C" & "D" Exam gets conducted for those candidates, who have planned a career as Stenographer.  So, the stuff we displayed here will surely help you in your preparation for exam. You may download SSC Stenographer Previous Papers in PDF format through the link given below. From this page which is made by the team of privatejobshub.in, you may attain SSC Stenographer Previous Model Papers PDF, SSC Stenographer Study Schedule and many more. So, please have a look below...

Why you need SSC Stenographer Model Papers:

In this section, we are discussing some benefits of SSC Stenographer Questions Papers, which will help you in several ways. So, have a look……
  • With the help of SSC Steno Previous Papers, candidates may know about the entire exam pattern.
  • With the help of SSC Stenographer Previous Year Papers, you will get to know how the exam paper will be set, so you can pre plan how to solve it.
  • One can improve their efficiency and accuracy which will help you to attempt all question in fixed time.
  • Those are doing practice regularly for exams with Staff Selection Commission Steno Solved Papers, they may definitely grab good marks.
  • You should make study plan according to SSC Stenographer Question Papers, so, high scoring topics must be prepared well.
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SSC Stenographer Previous Papers

Get SSC Stenographer Previous Papers in PDF format: go for the following Links

Year 2017
SSC Stenographers Grade C & D Exam Paper held On 29.10.2017
Shift 1
SSC Stenographers Grade C & D Exam Paper held On 29.10.2017
Shift 2
Year 2016
SSC Stenographers Grade C & D Exam Paper held On 31.07.2016
Year 2015
SSC Stenographers Grade C & D 2014 Exam Paper - 2015(held on: 31-01-2016)
Year 2014
(Download) SSC: Stenographers Grade C & D 2014 Exam Paper "Held On 19.9.2014"
Year 2013
(Download) SSC: Stenographers Grade C & D 2013 Exam Paper "Held On 29.12.2013"
Year 2012
(Download) SSC: Stenographers Grade C & D 2012 Exam Paper "Held On 29.07.2012"
Year 2011
Stenographers Grade C&D Exam Paper Held On 16.10. 2011
Year 2010
Stenographers Grade C&D Exam Paper Held On 26.09. 2010

SSC Stenographer Exam Pattern:

SSC Steno Exam is divided in three parts. Those aspirants who have qualified the SSC Stenographer Exam, will be called for skill test. Here, we are providing exam pattern for written exam and interview.

General Candidates
Handicapped Candidates
Part I
General Intelligence & Reasoning
2 hours
2 hours 40 Min
Part II
Part III
English Language & Comprehension

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Stenography Skill Test:

Those candidates will be qualified in written exam, aspirants need to appear in skill test. Contenders have given one dictation for 10 minutes in English / Hindi at the speed of 100 w.p.m. for the post of Stenographer Grade –C’ and 80 w.p.m. for the post of Stenographer Grade –D’. The matter will have to be transcribed on computer only.

Skill Test Norms on Computer
Stenographer Grade ‘D’
Dictation: 10 minutes @ 80w.p.m. Transcription: 50 minutes (English) 65 minutes (Hindi)
Stenographer Grade ‘C’
Dictation: 10 minutes @ 100w.p.m.
Transcription: 40 minutes (Eng.) 55 minutes (Hindi)

SSC Stenographer Study Schedule

1 Hour
Basics of Grammar:
Verbs, Noun
Analogy: letter and word
Ancient History: Harappa
Civilization, Basic idea –
Gupta Dynasty, Cholas,
Pallavas, Rasthrakutas
Basics of Grammar:
Verbs, Noun
Analogy: number and diagram
Modern History: Revolt of 1857,
Later Mughals, Titles given to
Moderates & Extremist
Basics of Grammar:
Tenses, Articles,
Classification: pattern and word based
Polity: Indian Constitution
(Ideas taken from Constitution of different Countries E.g. US,
Canada, UK)
Basics of Grammar:
Active Passive Voice
Classification: number and figure based
Polity: Powers of President,
Vice President, Rights & Powers
of Supreme Court & High Court
(Habeas Corpus), CAG, Financial Emergencies, Lists of Union concurrent
Basics of Grammar:
Degrees of Comparison,
Adverbs & Subject Verb Agreement
Number series
Geography: Solar System,
Volcanoes, Deserts, Trees,
Soils (Fertility, Names,
Crops, Area)
Basics of Direct &
Indirect Speech
Alphabet and word series
Economics: Organizations,
Currency, National Income,
GDP (Base Year), NNP, NDP, Basic responsibilities of SEBI & RBI, Recent Government
Schemes & Policies, GST, etc.
Basics of Phrase
Idiom Meaning,
One Word
Mixed series
Basic Current Affairs (3-4 months – Sports, Award, Science & Technology, Appointments, National & International events, Recent competitions) & Revision of previous 6 days
Easy topics on
Business, Travel,
History, Moral Story
Coding decoding
Physics: SI Units, Scalar & Vector Quantities, Inventions
Coding decoding
Forces: Basics of Gravitational, Centripetal, Friction, etc. (Refer to previous years papers),
Viscosity, Cohesion, Surface Area
Direction and distance
Chemistry: Atomic Structure, Models, Noble Gases, Solutions
& types (Homogeneous,
Heterogeneous), Metalloids,
PH Indicators, *Vanderwaals, etc.
Direction and distance
Chemistry: Metals, Non-Metals & Ores, Alloys & their uses, Metallurgy, Galvanization
Blood relations : basic
Chemistry: Carbon & its Compounds, Iron, types & its Commercial forms, Vulcanization, Salts, Nuclear Fusion & Fission.
Synonyms &
Blood relations:
Biology: Human body, DNA, RNA, Glands (Largest, smallest), Veins, Artery (Pulmonary),
Ear Bones, Thorax (basics), Facts related to Human Anatomy
Vocabulary: Use of
Verb with Prepositions
Coded blood relations
Basic Current Affairs (last 3-4 months – Sports, Award, Science & Technology, Appointments,
National & International events, Recent Competitions)
Vocabulary: Completing
Phrase & Idioms
Order & ranking
Diseases: Caused by Bacteria, Virus, etc. (Cholera, Malaria & their vaccines-founders) & Nutrients, Deficiencies, Vitamins
(E.g. Night Blindness,
Berri-Berri, Rickets, Kwashiorkor)
Miscellaneous: Grammar
Logical and dictionary order
Plants, Reproduction, Pollination,  Tissue, Roots, Cells (Subsidiary, Guard Cells, Companion Cells, Stomata) & their functions
Practice Error
Word formation
Physics: Electric Components
(Resistance, Ammeter, Voltmeter, etc.) + Optics (Lens, Eye diseases, Reflection & Refraction) + Latent Heat,
Freezing & boiling points + Uses of Radar & Sonar, Satellites
Cloze Test
Jumbled words
Medieval History: Battle of Tarain, Delhi Sultan, Lodhi Dynasty, etc.
Fundamental Rights, Duties, Panchayat Raj System (Committee), Preambles, Constitution Amendments
Advanced Grammar:
direct indirect speech
Venn diagram program
Important Rivers, Cities on River Banks, Indian State, Capitals, Folk Dances, Wildlife Centuries, National Parks, Oceans, Important Line Boundaries, National Highway
Basic Grammar: Spellings
Logical diagram program
Basic Current Affairs (last 3-4 months) focusing on Sports, Award, Science &
Technology, Appointments,
National & International
events, Recent competitions
Verbal ability
Atmosphere Layers, Earth’s
composition, Longitudes
& Latitudes, Tectonic
Theories, IST
Para jumbles &
sentence jumbles
Puzzles: logical
Sound, ThermodynaPuzzles:
Escape Velocity,
Kepler’s Law, Work,
Energy, Power
Puzzles: quant
Plant Kingdom
Basics of phrase
& idiom meaning
Sitting arrangement
The Animal Kingdom
Fill in the blanks
with Synonyms
and Antonyms
Non – verbal: mirror image
Economics: Economic Survey,
Monetary Policy, Balance of Payment Taxes, Previous
years Paper Qs
Practice error
Missing number: in diagram
Sound, Thermodynamics,
Escape Velocity, Kepler’s
Law, Work, Energy, Power
Cloze test
Missing number: in matrix
Basic Current Affair (last 3-4 months) focusing on Sports,
Award, Science & Technology,
Appointments, National & International Events, Recent
Practice reading
Mirror image
Economy: all the current affairs related to RBI, economics
committee & GST
Hidden image
World History (go through the previous year Qs papers
Revise common
phrase idiom
Paper cutting
and folding
Revision: current affairs
Revise one
word substitution
completion & assemble
Articles: go through the previous articles
Revise all the
grammar rules &
practice questions
on each topic
Dice and cubes
Speed test
Counting figures
Chemistry: chemical
Verbal reasoning: statement and conclusion
Geography: territorial boundaries shared by different countries
Verbal reasoning statement and inference
Sports: sports cups, sports titles & sports related terms
Practice spellings
Verbal reasoning: statement and assumption
Festivals: various folk dances &
classical dances
Practice advanced
vocabulary and
advanced grammar (tenses/prepositions)
Verbal reasoning: statement and passage
Geography: Continents,
world map, gulfs, highest and
deepest points
Practice reading comprehension
Verbal reasoning: statement/passage
and argument
Capital and currencies,
India’s neighbouring
cloze test
Sportspersons, obituaries
and Personalities (their fields, genres & their achievements)
Attempt Full-Length Mock Test & Work on Your Weak Areas

Go Through Updated: SSC Success Planner

SSC Stenographer Sample Questions Answers Download Online

Mathematical Aptitude

Ques1: In a certain store, the profit is 320% of the cost. If the cost increases by 25% but the selling price remains constant, approximately what percentage of the selling price is the profit?

1.    30%
2.    70%
3.    100%
4.    250%

Ans 1: 70%

Ques2: A can do a work in 15 days and B in 20 days. If they work on it together for 4 days, then the fraction of the work that is left is:--

1.    1/4
2.    1/10
3.    7/15
4.    8/15

Ans 2: 8/15

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Ques3: The average of 20 numbers is zero. Of them, at the most, how many may be greater than zero?

1.    0
2.    1
3.    10
4.    19

Ans 3: 19

Ques4: In the first 10 overs of a cricket game, the run rate was only 3.2. What should be the run rate in the remaining 40 overs to reach the target of 282 runs?

1.    6.25
2.    6.5
3.    6.75
4.    7

Ans 4: 6.25

Ques5: A library has an average of 510 visitors on Sundays and 240 on other days. The average number of visitors per day in a month of 30 days beginning with a Sunday is:

1.    250
2.    276
3.    280
4.    285

Ans 5: 285
English Language

Ques 6: Despite his best efforts to conceal his anger......

1.    we could detect that he was very happy
2.    he failed to give us an impression of his agony
3.    he succeeded in camouflaging his emotions
4.    he could succeed in doing it easily
5.    people came to know that he was annoyed

Ans 6: people came to know that he was annoyed

Ques 7: Then……

1.    it struck me
2.    of course
3.    suitable it was
4.    how eminently
5.    The Proper sequence should be

Ans 7: I, IV, III, II

Ques 8: To keeps one's temper….?

1.    To become hungry
2.    To be in good mood
3.    To preserve ones energy
4.    To be aloof from

Ans 8: To be in good mood

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Ques9: To make clean breast of…..?

1.    To gain prominence
2.    To praise oneself
3.    To confess without of reserve
4.    To destroy before it blooms
5.    None of these

Ans 9: To confess without of reserve

Logical Reasoning Section

Ques10: Which word does NOT belong with the others?

1.    Tulip
2.    Rose
3.    Bud
4.    Daisy

Ans 10: Bud

Ques11: QAR, RAS, SAT, TAU, _____

1.    UAV
2.    UAT
3.    TAS
4.    TAT

Ans 11: UAV

Ques12: Georgia is older than her cousin Marsha. Marsha's brother Bart is older than Georgia. When Marsha and Bart are visiting with Georgia, all three like to play a game of Monopoly. Marsha wins more often than Georgia does.

1.    When he plays Monopoly with Marsha and Georgia, Bart often loses

2.    Of the three, Georgia is the oldest.
3.    Georgia hates to lose at Monopoly
4.    Of the three, Marsha is the youngest.

Ans 12: Of the three, Marsha is the youngest

Ques13: 589654237, 89654237, 8965423, 965423, ?

1.    58965
2.    65423
3.    89654
4.    96542

Ans 13: 965423

Ques14: If A is the brother of B; B is the sister of C; and C is the father of D, how D is related to A?

1.    Brother
2.    Sister
3.    Nephew
4.    Cannot be determined

Ans 14: Cannot be determined

Ques15: SCD, TEF, UGH, ____, WKL

1.    CMN
2.    UJI
3.    VIJ
4.    IJT

Ans 15: VIJ

General Aptitude Section

Ques16: Grand Central Terminal, Park Avenue, New York is the world's….?

1.    largest railway station
2.    highest railway station
3.    longest railway station
4.    None of the above

Ans 16: largest railway station

Ques17: Exposure to sunlight helps a person improve his health because….?

1.    the infrared light kills bacteria in the body
2.    resistance power increases
3.    the pigment cells in the skin get stimulated and produce a healthy tan
4.    the ultraviolet rays convert skin oil into Vitamin D

Ans 17: the ultraviolet rays convert skin oil into Vitamin D

Ques18: Brass gets discolored in air because of the presence of which of the following gases in air?

1.    Qxygen
2.    Hydrogen Sulphide
3.    Carbon Dioxide
4.    Nitrogen

Ans 18: Hydrogen Sulphide

Ques19; Hitler party which came into power in 1933 is known as…………?

1.    Labour Party
2.    Nazi Party
3.    Ku=Klux Party
4.    Democratic party

Ans 19: Nazi Party

Ques20:  National Income include….?

1.    Financial help to earthquake victims
2.    Pocket money of a child
3.    Winning a lottery price
4.    construction of a new house

Ans 20: construction of a new house.

Important Instructions for SSC Steno Grade ‘C’ & ‘D’ Exam:

Appearing candidates are strictly suggested to cease from bringing bags, mobile phones and prohibited items into the examination venue.

Prohibited Items:

These given items are strictly not allowed to bring in examination center:
  • Watches
  • Books
  • Pens
  • Paper chits
  • Magazines
  • Electronic Gadgets (mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, head phones, pen/buttonhole cameras, scanner, calculator, storage devices etc)

  • Pen, Pencil & paper for rough work will be available in the exam lab.
  • Electronic watch (timer) will be available on the computer screen allotted to the candidates.
  • It can be noted that no re-examination would be conducted. In case it is found that the exam was dislocated on account of instigation by the candidates.
  • Applicants are suggested to strictly adhere to the Reporting Time mentioned in their Admit Cards. They are required to reach the examination venue well in time.
  • No entry, under any circumstances, would be allowed after the entry closing time.
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Final Note:

We provide few questions with answers for preparations of SSC Stenographer Exam. You can take idea from SSC Stenographer Previous Papers which is provided on this page for the better convenience of participants.

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