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Solapur University Syllabus 2018 (BE/Bcom/Bsc/MA/Mcom/MBA) Download


Solapur University Syllabus

Solapur University Syllabus 2018: Studying in Solapur University and Want to Become a Topper in your college? Prepare from the given Solapur University Syllabus. Candidates who are enrolled in 1st, 2nd and 3rd year of UG / PG courses of Solapur University as BE /Bcom /Bsc/ MA /M.Com /MBA etc can check Solapur University syllabus from here. Aspirants can also check or download Solapur University Exam Syllabus in PDF file for preparation of exams by following the guidelines tuned below on this page.

Solapur University Syllabus

Syllabus for M.Sc Bioinformatics Part-I Semester- I

PAPER NO. Binf 101: Introduction To Bioinformatics
Section I- Introduction to Bioinformatics
 I:Introduction to Bioinformatics:
 II: Biological Databases
 III: Bioinformatics Software
 IV: Database Searches
Section II- Biocomputing
 I: Biocomputing
 II: Systems Biology
 III: Markov chains and applications
 IV: Introduction to Neural Networks
PAPER NO. Binf 102: Cell Biology And Genetics
Section I: Cell biology
 I - Biology of cells
 II - An overview of organelles
 III -Cell cycle
 IV - Cell-cell interactions and signal transductions
Section II: Genetics and DNA as genetic material
 I- Mendel’s laws
 II- Replication and Transcription
 III- Translation and Recombination
 IV- Mutation and DNA repair
PAPER NO. Binf 103: Introduction To Html & Biostatistics
Section I - Introduction to HTML
 I: Introduction to HTML
 II: Basic tags of HTML: Basic tags, Body attributes
 III: Table Frameset & Form
 IV: Introduction to MATLAB, Applications of HTML
Section II - Introduction to Biostatistics
 I–Fundamentals of Biostatistics
 II–Data representation
 III–Measures of central tendency
 IV–Random variables
PAPER NO. Binf 104: Introduction To Programming Languages And Programming Through C & C++
Section 1: Basics of C language
 I: Introduction to Programming Languages
 II: Introduction to C Programming
 III: Array, String & pointers
 IV: Functions structure & file handling
Section II- Basics of C++ language
 1: Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
 II: Classes and Objects & function in C++
 II: Polymorphism & Inheritance
 IV: Working with files, Templates
PAPER NO. Binf Pr-106: Introduction to HTML & Biostatistics and Introduction to programming languages & programming through C & C++
Design a simple web page using basic tags.
Design a simple web page using frameset.
Design a simple web page using Image tag with attributes.
Design simple login page using form with attributes.
Design simple registration form using all form tags.
Design simple website using hyperlink
Study of sampling techniques using biological data: Mean, Median, Mode, Mean deviation,
Standard deviation, Variance, Coefficient of Variance.
Graphical representation of biological data.
Study of Chi-square test.
C program using operators.
C program using If.
C program using If else.
C program using switch case.
C program using while.
C program using Do while.
C program using Break.
C program using Continue.
C program using different Pointers.
C program using Arrays.
C program using Structures.
C program using Parameter passing.
C++ program using class & object.
C++ program using constructor
C++ program using destructor
C++ program using constructor overloading
C++ program using Inheritance
C++ program using virtual function
C++ program using friend function
C++ program using operator overloading
C++ program using pointers
C++ program using template
C++ program using file

Complete Details:

M.Sc Bioinformatics, Part-1 (Semester- 2)

PAPER NO. Binf- 201: Advanced Bioinformatics
Section I- Sequence Analysis
 I - Scoring matrices:
 II - Taxonomy and phylogeny
 III - Sequence patterns and profiles:
 IV - Protein and nucleic acid properties
Section II Genomics And Proteomics
 I - Prediction of genes
 II - Basic concepts on identification of disease genes
 III - Comparative Genomics:
 IV - Structural Biology
PAPER NO. Binf-202: Microbiology And Biotechnology
Section I Microbiology
 I - Major groups of micro-organisms
 II - Bacterial classification based on 16S rRNA, cellular metabolism and fatty acids
 III - General structure of prokaryotic cell
 IV - General characteristics and classification of plant and animal viruses;
Section II Biotechnology
 I-Plant and animal cell & tissue culture
 II-Cloning vectors
 III - Application of PCR in cloning
 IV-Techniques of DNA sequencing, chemical synthesis of oligonucleotides.
PAPER NO. Binf- 203: Basic Biochemistry And Immunology
Section I Biochemistry
 I – Bioenergetics
 II - Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins
 III – Enzymes
 IV - Carbohydrates and Lipids
Section II Immunology
 I – Introduction to Immunology
 II – Antigens and Antibodies
 III – Major Histo compatability Complex
 IV – Disorders of Human Immune System

How to download Solapur University Syllabus for all streams?
  • Firstly you have to visit official website that is www.mkudde.org
  • Now go to the “Courses Offered” tab which is appearing on Menu bar of Home page.
  • Then choose right link as per your Programme level.
  • A new page will open and there you have to select proper link according to the applied course.
  • Exam Syllabus will appear in the PDF File on desktop screen.
  • You can save this file for future use.
Note: You may also download Solapur University Syllabus 2018 for all streams through Official Link.

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